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Today’s best GCs take a proactive role in guiding the strategic direction of their organisations and mitigating risk.

The Reuters Events: Legal Leaders Case Study Compendium details how leading in-house counsel have translated governmental, technological, and regulatory developments into practical implementations which have tangibly improved how their organisations operate.

Download Volumes 1 - 4 to learn from case studies including:
  • How One Legal Department Found the Metaverse
  • Driving Business Change to Succeed in Highly Regulated Industries
  • Legal and Compliance Radar
  • Corporate Legal Shared Services – A Success Story
  • Reframing the narrative: from corporate shield to business partner
Learn from expertise imparted by all 16 contributors to date including:
  • Rishi Varma, General Counsel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Leanne Geale, General Counsel, Corporate Governance & Compliance, Nestlé
  • Pablo de Carvajal, General Counsel & Regulatory Affairs, Telefónica
  • Matthew Lepore, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, BASF
  • Dorian Daley, General Counsel, Oracle
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Stefan Mullan
Head of Legal Events
Reuters Events