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Recently Confirmed 2020 Attendees Include…

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There is great disruption in the travel industry. 21st century CX isn’t waiting. Legacy data systems won’t satisfy guests’ desire for personalization. Customers won’t bring you the direct bookings you need unless you bring them authentic, contemporary experiences first.

If you want to guarantee the next decade of bookings, our focused, executive-led agenda is your best starting point. We can help you revolutionize your CX strategy, revamp your data architecture and revive your loyalty initiatives. Use our strategies to get to the heart of your customer and ensure you are capturing the bookings of the next decade of travellers.

All of the largest travel brands are here – from MGM Resorts, Airbnb, IHG, Hilton, Marriott and more. The Travel Summit’s 50% C-Level/VP Level demographic means you won’t miss a single opportunity to network and profit from your investment.

Join us in San Diego, June 1-2. Don’t miss the flight.

Logo - USAA The brands that survive and continually thrive will be those that provide great, rewarding and engaging guest experiences. It’s that simple. – Jeff De Korte, VP eCommerce, Caesars Entertainment

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Hear from the most senior travel executives in the industry

From discovery and booking to loyalty and retention (and everything inbetween) – meet the industry executives that are changing the travel landscape and redefining 21st century CX

Atif Rafiq
Atif Rafiq

MGM Resorts

President, Commercial & Growth

Bill Walshe
Bill Walshe

Viceroy Hotels & Resorts


Christine Kettmer
Christine Kettmer


Senior Director, Global Brand Management

Jeff DeKorte
Jeff DeKorte


VP eCommerce

Nayana RenuKumar
Nayana RenuKumar


Head of Experiences Policy, Americas and APAC

Jason Fudin
Jason Fudin



Philippe Garnier
Philippe Garnier


VP Third Party Distribution

Steve Sickel
Steve Sickel

Room Key


Erin Sheehan
Erin Sheehan

San Diego Padres

Senior Director, Guest Experience

Gerald Belton
Gerald Belton


VP, Data Architecture

John Maguire
John Maguire



Jody Young
Jody Young

Edmonton Oilers

VP, Fan Experience

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A Way to Maximize Bookings at Every Stage of the Traveller Journey

Discovery and Booking

  • Expand Your Customer Acquisition Channels and Circumvent SEO Reliance
  • Understand Customer Behavioural Data Through In-App Booking and Win the Guest in the Platform Economy
  • Re-think your 3rd Party Distribution Strategy and Maximize your Customer Outreach
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Optimizing the Post-Booking Window

  • Adopt Luxury as the Next Tool for Engaging Your Guest and Expand your Experiential Offering
  • Utilize Data to Keep Connecting with Your Customers Throughout Their Traveller Journey
  • Enter the Omni-Channel Era and Provide Value-Add to Your Product with Tours and Other Experiential Offerings
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The Onsite Experience

  • Go Beyond the Concierge Desk: Monetize the Guest Quest for Tours & Activities
  • Break Down Barriers: Create Frictionless & Personalized Experiences for your Guest that are Personalized and Data-Driven
  • Inspire Your Guest with Authentic Local Experiences: Profit from Sustainable Tourism
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Loyalty and Retention

  • Utilize Data Architecture to Re-Engage Legacy Guests
  • Learn from Guest Experience Experts in the Professional Sports Industry
  • Reinvent Guest Experiences with Lessons from Alternative Lodging Innovators to Deliver Personalized Journeys that Retain Loyalty
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Get the full recordings, all slides and the post event report here!

How the Travel Summit 2020 will radically enhance your customer’s journey:

5 key takeaways you will gain from our conference, no matter where you are in the travel industry.


Reinvigorate Direct Bookings and Loyalty Initiatives: Develop new channels, luxury experiences and predictive AI to boost your distribution without the middle man


Personalize Your Product: Use practical tech and savvy strategies to convert your customer’s intent into dollars


Levy Powerful Partnerships: Build symbiotic relationships throughout the industry that will vastly increase your acquisition channels


Create Authentic Experiences: Maximize tours & activities potential by involving personalized CX and the local community. Hear from experts who utilize these tools to broaden their offering and profit from a flood of new customers


Discover Cutting Edge Tech that will harness occupancy data and customer preferences to streamline your CX and maximize revenue potential by personalizing at scale

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Get the full recordings, all slides and the post event report here!

The Four Core Job Titles waiting for you to Join Them

Analytics & AI Digital Marketing Customer Experience and Loyalty Digital Product

Chief Data Officers, Machine Learning Engineers, SVPs of Analytics, Heads of AI and Principal Data Scientists will tackle how to be super-predictive for unrivalled customer service and loyalty. Join this group to master machine learning for internal company success and cost cutting

Chief Technology Officers, Heads of Mobile, SEM experts and leaders in Brand will address how to truly know the multi-channel customer for the best conversion rate. Sit alongside them to discover how to drive AI-assisted CRM and CS to achieve loyalty and stop brand erosion dead in its tracks

Chief Customer Officers, Heads of CX, Marketing and Loyalty will utilize automation and analytics to unlock the time required to surprise and delight the customer. Join these CX innovators to achieve a personalized and frictionless customer journey and win loyalty.

Heads of Digital Product, UI & UX specialists and mobile leaders will translate mobile UI into loyalty, VR and AR into conversions and explore how the NDC will create unique product differentiation. Join these luminaries to awaken innovative products in your organization and get revenues moving.

Your Weekly Round-Up:

  • Exclusive CX trends whitepaper! Don’t ignore the wave of travel-tech and personalization technology – download our free whitepaper with insights from WhyHotel, Caesars, Xanterra, FlightCentre and many more. Get the brand new whitepaper here!
  • Brand new group rates – You asked for more ways to bring your team with you to The Travel Summit this year and we answered – contact for exclusive tailored group packages and kick off the decade by forging long lasting partnerships in San Diego.
  • New speaker announcements! We are proud to welcome new speakers from Airbnb, Hilton, The Edmonton Oilers and The San Diego Padres to The Travel Summit lineup!

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Get the full recordings, all slides and the post event report here!

The industry’s leaders under one roof, discussing the things that matter most to your company.

With 76% of attendees being decision makers, EyeforTravel North America 2020 is the event which will see you walk away with the data and tech strategies and partnerships from the most bold and senior in travel.

Decision Makers in Attendance

Decision Makers in Attendance: Manager at 24%; Director at 27%; VP/SVP at 21%; C-Level/MD/President at 27%;

Dominated by Travel End User Brands

Dominated by Travel End User Brands: Hotels at 28%; Airlines at 18%; OTAs at 14%; Cruise at 4%; Tours & Activities at  19%; Vendor at 19%; Academic/Other at 2%; Ground Transportation at 5%; DMO at 4%;

Network with your peers

  • Over 20 hours of networking giving you time to meet the connections that will see your business excel
  • Face to face access to C-Level individuals including Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Digital Officers and Chief Executive Officers
  • A networking party like no other – an informal reception creating the perfect environment for you to meet career-changing individuals
  • Our pre and post conference networking app anchors you and your connections to a physical space at the event, giving you direct and certain access to the best in the travel business

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The industry’s chosen themes that see you own the customer

Meet with senior product, digital marketing, analytics & AI decision-makers from the world’s leading travel companies


Don’t just take our word for it – see what your peers said about our previous event

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Highlights from our previous event:

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Get the full recordings, all slides and the post event report here!

Want to be involved or just have a question? Get in touch below

Christian Jackson

Christian Jackson

Event Director
EyeforTravel by Reuters Events

Phone: +44 (0) 207 375 7197 (Global)

Phone: +1 855 3727 500 7197 (US)



Ellie Brolly

Head of Sales and Sponsorship

Phone: +44 (0) 207 375 7224 (Global)


Purchase the post-conference materials

Get the full recordings, all slides and the post event report here!