An agenda written by Automakers for Automakers

The Reuters Events: Automotive 2021 is the most talked about OEM meeting of the year. As we plan for 2021, pre-order your brochure for the agenda on release

Global CEO Day Breaking Car Boundaries Zero Emissions and Supply Customer First
  • The EV Battle – what does it take to win?
  • Zero Emissions, Circular Economy, and Sustainable Decision Making
  • Creating a Futureproof Supply Chain 
  • Digitization of the Automotive Industry- How are OEMs changing their business model?
  • Convenient and Connected. Pushing the boundaries of personalization, connectivity, and data
  • Data Ownership, Management and Monetization
  • V2X, AI, 5G and more
  • Embrace OTA to Maintain Performance and Safety
  • Connectivity, Data and Security
  • The Road to Autonomous Vehicles
  • Scaling Electric Vehicles
  • Making Consumers Love EVS – what does it take?
  • Delivering a Sustainable End-To-End Carbon Footprint
  • Preparing your Supply Chain for EVs
  • Creating the Omnichannel Customer Journey
  • Digitization of the Car Buying Experience
  • The Changing Role of Brick and Mortar
  • Data-Driven Customer First Marketing
  • Creating an inclusive retail experience