What time zone is the event held in?

The event will run in Eastern Standard Time (EST). For the full agenda please click here

When will I receive my login?

You will receive your login for the virtual site 24 hours before the live event starts.

Please look out for an email from virtual@reutersevents.com and check your junk/spam folder if you cannot see it in your inbox. If you have still not received your logins, please email virtual@reutersevents.com

Where can I watch the virtual content?

The site will be open from 8:30am EST on Wednesday November 11th. Please ensure you are running the correct website.

If you have registered and are attending, you will receive your login details and the link to the site 24 hours prior, via email. This will come from virtual@reutersevents.com

I registered today but I have not received my login. Will I miss today’s content?

Registering on day 1 will mean you only have access for day 2 of the conference. However, with the executive pass option, all content is available on-demand so you can catch up on any missed sessions

I have registered however, cannot log in to my account

Please ensure you have activated your account using the activation link within the email. After ensuring you have checked your junk/spam inboxes, please email virtual@reutersevents.com if you are still having issues

Can anyone register?

Anyone can register for the free Taster Pass or can upgrade to the Executive Pass. However OEM/Automakers and Dealers Executive Pass holders as well as the event sponsors get access to the networking function

How long will I be able to access the presentations, panel discussions and interviews?

The platform will remain open for 2 weeks after the virtual event

Are the presentations available to download? When is the on-demand content available until?

Presentations are NOT available for download however are available on-demand for 2 weeks after the virtual event

I have unsubscribed myself from marketing in the run up to the event - does this mean I now won’t receive login details?

Correct. You will not receive your login if you have unsubscribed. Please re-engage with us here

How do I get access to the networking platform?

If you are a delegate, you will receive an email from Hello@swapcard.com containing your login credentials 2 weeks prior to the conference starting.

If you are a sponsor, once you have submitted your pass names to Client Services you will receive an email containing your login credentials from hello@swapcard.com 2 weeks prior to the conference starting.

For more information and how to maximize the networking platform, please visit this page


The watch live content is not available

The live event will start at the following times on each day:

Wednesday November 11 - 10am EST

Thursday November 12 - 9:15am EST

Friday November 13 - 9am EST

Monday November 16 - 9:30am EST

I have advertising banners across my screen that prevent me from watching the content

We recommend using google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge for optimal viewing without advertising banners

I cannot hear or see the live stream

See the link here for troubleshooting advice. Please also ensure you have used the ‘click to unmute’ button to hear the live stream


I have a banner included in my sponsorship package, what are the dimensions for my banner?

600 L x 160 W (vertical NOT horizontal)

Some registration is free on the event website, some is paid. What are we paying for/what is the difference?

The conference passes included in a virtual sponsorship package include access to the networking platform. As well as access to all sessions live and on-demand across the event

I cannot access the networking platform

Please double check that you have submitted your pass names to our Client Services team as they will grant access once submitted. If you are still having issues, please contact Manni Pattar

Where does the business card submission data go?

This will get sent directly to the inbox of the sales contact that you provided to us. Please ensure you have completed the ‘Your Key Contacts’ compulsory form on XPOBAY in order for this to be set up to go to your correct sales contact. If you have already submitted through XPOBAY and need to change the contact, please email Jenna Gottscho