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A Car with a View - what drivers want from dash cams and why it matters


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Imagine you’re in the room where smartphones were conceived. Someone asks whether it’s a good idea to add a camera to the smartphone. They say that people don’t use cameras that much: that the use case isn’t clear. The same misunderstanding exists with regards to cars. Dash cams are evolving from a humble device used for insurance purposes to a new set of eyes on the road with the potential for new edge AI based applications that will create a new breed of services. Nexar data shows that the overwhelming majority of clips created by our users were NOT made to record collisions.

At 70% of all respondents, dash cams top the list of features wanted by future vehicle buyers, according to analyst AutoPacific. Consumers know why they want dash cams - and they are right - dash cams are the new “car selfie” and will unleash vision-based applications for connected cars. However, automakers should also take notice, since the sheer power and size of such raw imagery input, ingestion and compute, require management from a platform, bandwidth and AI compute angles.

A car with a camera isn’t a car with another (aftermarket) sensor. It is a new experience full of interesting applications for drivers. Cloud-based dash cams use AI to tell when and what to record and unleash new compelling applications, from navigation through detecting available parking spots, and sharing of videos, experiences and alerts across a network of drivers. Recent moves by OEMs further signal that camera powered apps are about to grow, with a strong consumer preference for safety features, as well as a recent jump in sales related to recent events and social needs.

View this workshop recording below to learn why dash cam sales are growing and what they do for drivers beyond collisions. We will share insights from our tens of thousands of users, explain the data and insights we can derive and where we see the market going, and what OEMs and aftermarket players should pay attention to. We will also discuss these dynamics and more.

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