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New year, new outlook – the software-defined car needs new models for success


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Technology-laden cars are increasingly evolving into consumer electronics on wheels. And consumer appetite for new features and connected services is outpacing traditional automotive development cycles. Exponentially increasing cost and complexity of building and re-building IVI systems every few years and integrating them with evolving online content and services is preventing automakers from capitalizing on the connected car opportunity.

As we emerge out of these challenging times, it’s good to reevaluate how we can do better across the board, including in the automotive industry. Clearly the industry needs new models for design, development and monetization of digital features and services, starting with in-vehicle infotainment (IVI).

In this webinar below the speakers will discuss:

  • What’s broken with the current model for deploying IVI software and services
  • How software platforms lead to sustainable and continuous IVI innovation
  • And, how they allow OEMs and tech innovators to come together to deliver delightful UX to customers

Speakers include:


Sal Dhanani Co-Founder and CCO Telenav


Prateek Kathpal CTO Cerence


Roger Lanctot Director, Automotive Connected Mobility, Global Automotive Practice Strategy Analytics