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Dr. Ken Washington - Headshot
Ford Motor Company - Logo

Dr. Ken Washington Chief Technology Officer Ford Motor Company

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Pamela Fletcher - Headshot
General Motors - Logo

Pamela Fletcher Vice President of Global Innovation General Motors

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José Muñoz - Headshot
Hyundai Motor Company - Logo

José Muñoz Global Chief Operating Officer Hyundai Motor Company President and CEO Hyundai Motor North America

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Sajjad Khan - Headshot
Mercedes-Benz AG - Logo

Sajjad Khan Chief Technology Officer, Member of the Board of Management Mercedes-Benz AG Executive Vice President Mercedes-Benz Cars CASE

Dr. Gill Pratt - Headshot
Toyota Research Institute (TRI) - Logo

Dr. Gill Pratt Chief Executive Officer Toyota Research Institute (TRI)

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Carla Gohin - Headshot
Stellantis - Logo

Carla Gohin Research & Innovation Senior Vice President Stellantis

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Henrik Green - Headshot
Volvo Cars - Logo

Henrik Green Chief Technology Officer Volvo Cars

Michelle Avary - Headshot
The World Economic Forum - Logo

Michelle Avary Head of Automotive and Autonomous Mobility The World Economic Forum

Henrik Fisker - Headshot
Fisker Inc. - Logo

Henrik Fisker CEO Fisker Inc.

Karl Iagnemma - Headshot
Motional - Logo

Karl Iagnemma President and CEO Motional

Brian Latouf - Headshot
Hyundai Motor North America - Logo

Brian Latouf Chief Safety Officer Hyundai Motor North America

Stefan Gudmundsson - Headshot
Karma Automotive - Logo

Stefan Gudmundsson Chief Innovation Officer Karma Automotive

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Astrid Fontaine, PhD - Headshot
Bentley Motors - Logo

Astrid Fontaine, PhD Member of the Board People, Digitalization & IT Bentley Motors

Thomas Mueller - Headshot
Volkswagen - Logo

Thomas Mueller Executive Vice President ADAS, Autonomous Driving at Car Software Organisation Volkswagen

Fabrice Cambolive - Headshot
Renault Brand, Sales & Operations - Logo

Fabrice Cambolive Senior Vice President Renault Brand, Sales & Operations

Joe White - Headshot
Reuters - Logo

Joe White Global Automotive Industry Editor Reuters

Prashant Tiwari - Headshot
Toyota North America - Logo

Prashant Tiwari Director - Intelligent Connected Sytstems Toyota North America

Urska Skrt - Headshot
wbcsd - Logo

Urska Skrt Manager, Mobility wbcsd

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Oliver Cameron - Headshot
Cruise - Logo

Oliver Cameron VP Product Cruise

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Paul Rivera - Headshot
Electra Meccanica - Logo

Paul Rivera Chief Executive Officer Electra Meccanica

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Mark Rosekind, Ph.D. - Headshot
Zoox - Logo

Mark Rosekind, Ph.D. Chief Safety Innovation Officer Zoox

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Dr. Brian GU - Headshot
Xpeng Motors - Logo

Dr. Brian GU Vice Chairman and President Xpeng Motors

Chet Babla - Headshot
Arm - Logo

Chet Babla VP of Automotive Business Arm

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Friederike Kienitz - Headshot
Nissan - Logo

Friederike Kienitz Region Vice President, Legal, External Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Nissan

Jordan Greene - Headshot
AEYE - Logo

Jordan Greene Founder and VP of Corporate Development AEYE

Jeff Gilbert - Headshot

Jeff Gilbert AutoBeat Reporter WWJ Newsradio 950 and CBS Radio Network

Mahmoud Samara - Headshot
Cadillac - Logo

Mahmoud Samara VP North America Sales, Service and Marketing Cadillac

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Anupam Malhotra - Headshot
Audi - Logo

Anupam Malhotra Senior Director, Connected Services, Audi of America Audi

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David Harkey - Headshot

David Harkey President IIHS-HLDI

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Barry Napier - Headshot
Cubic Telecom - Logo

Barry Napier CEO and Chairman Cubic Telecom

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Jiajun Zhu - Headshot
Nuro - Logo

Jiajun Zhu CEO and Co-Founder Nuro

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Ian Podkamien - Headshot
Vayyar - Logo

Ian Podkamien VP and Head of Automotive Vayyar

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Başak Özer - Headshot
Motional - Logo

Başak Özer Vice President Product, User Experience and Industrial Design Motional

Robin Milavec - Headshot
Nexteer - Logo

Robin Milavec Senior Vice President, Executive Board Director, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Strategy Officer Nexteer

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Houssam Hage - Headshot
Groupe PSA - Logo

Houssam Hage Senior Vice President Supply Chain Aftermarket Groupe PSA

Sigrid de Vries - Headshot
CLEPA - Logo

Sigrid de Vries Secretary General CLEPA

Mary Joyce - Headshot
UL - Logo

Mary Joyce Vice President and General Manager, Mobility UL

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Aaron Jefferson - Headshot
Luminar - Logo

Aaron Jefferson Vice President of Product Luminar

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Patrik Björler - Headshot
Volvo Cars - Logo

Patrik Björler Director Autonomous Drive, Strategy & Business Ownership Volvo Cars

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Roger Lanctot - Headshot
Strategy Analytics - Logo

Roger Lanctot Director Automotive Connected Mobility Strategy Analytics

Maxime Flament - Headshot
5GAA - Logo

Maxime Flament CTO 5GAA

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