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Panelist: Udo Panenka President ATS Industrial Automation

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Panelist: Robert Lane EVP Manaflex

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Panelist: Martin Starkey Managing Director Ricardo Performance Product

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Moderator: Jim Motavalli Author and Journalist

There is a lot of complexity in today’s growing and ever-shifting EV market, from battery cell to battery pack to final battery assembly and testing. With an expected 12 EV million vehicles by 2025, a growing tsunami of battery module design and battery module assembly projects are occurring, and they are all running in parallel. 

Join us for our FREE webinar " Addressing the Battery Challenge” on Wednesday 14th (11am ET), as we discuss the complex game of EV Battery Module Packs and Assembly.

This discussion will delve into:

  • How companies can ready themselves and be ready to produce a quality battery module and pack in months.
  • How applying continuous process improvements leveraging monitoring and analytics can improve quality controls.
  • The relationship between OEM, supplier, and manufacturer is a crucial element for success.