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2021 is the year where OEMs and Dealers prioritize their customer journey, removing friction points and creating a seamless end-to-end experience.

Statistically it has been proven that a customer’s experience will impact their loyalty, spend and sentiment towards a brand… so now it is time for auto to take on the ‘Amazon’ effect.

Join this live webinar as OEMs and Dealers share how they are creating a 360-degree view of the customer to deliver the most connected experience both online and offline, from shop and explore to service.

In this webinar, we will unite industry marketers to share how they are developing new models, thinking outside of the box and adjusting to the customer of 2021 and beyond.

Change is happening … and this webinar will kick start the year with how…

About Modal

Modal is the premier automotive e-commerce solution that enables leading brands and dealerships to deliver a world-class customer experience through a seamless, complete end-to-end online buying process saving time and driving transaction values that are often more profitable than just standalone traditional car deals. Whether at home, on mobile, or on the showroom floor, we enable dealers to sell more cars in less time, at a higher profit, with greater levels of customer satisfaction and with our rapid-fire implementation we get dealerships up in rolling in hours or days vs our competitors weeks or months.

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