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Orlando Serani - Headshot
Johnson & Johnson - Logo

Panelist: Orlando Serani Program Lead Advanced Cellular Therapies Supply Chain Johnson & Johnson

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Microsoft - Logo

Panelist: Dr. David Rhew Chief Medical Officer & VP Healthcare Microsoft

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Marken, a UPS Healthcare company - Logo

Panelist: Ariette van Strien President Marken, a UPS Healthcare company

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Center for Breakthrough Medicines - Logo

Panelist: Joerg Ahlgrimm President and Chief Operating Officer Center for Breakthrough Medicines

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EY - Logo

Moderator: Adlai Goldberg Global Digital, Social and Commercial Innovation Life Sciences Leader EY

There are more than 2,600 C&GT clinical trials in different modalities at different stages of maturity worldwide signalling a potential wave of 300 to 400 product approvals between 2022 and 2027. That means the groundwork for seamless cell and gene therapy care delivery needs to be laid now. There are many stakeholders involved in the complex C&GT treatment journey requiring Pharma to develop a collaborative plan, prepare a skilled workforce, and be ready to scale up rapidly.

C&GTs require a radically new delivery approach to that which we are traditionally familiar with. A complex balancing act of multi-stakeholder processes hinge on treatment advances, product availability, and the network’s ability to meet demand. And that’s before we think about scaling the delivery to more than a few thousand patients.

This webinar will bring together experts in developing cell and gene therapy manufacturing models and interconnected supply networks, as well as delivering an excellent patient experience throughout their treatment journey. Learn from the best about how you can:

  • Establish effective collaboration models within the C&GT value chain: to achieve a delivery infrastructure through rapid certification and simplified process design that means therapies are delivered seamlessly and effectively
  • Develop a robust and agile manufacturing model: that can scale up the complex processes – as well as materials, capacity, human and transport requirements - required to service your entire patient population with ease
  • Operate a responsive digital network: which can adapt to integrate new technical innovations as they emerge, and respond dynamically to shifts in patient preference or availability

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