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Quarter 1 January – March
WebinarCX 2021: Key Trends & Opportunities
WebinarUnleash the Full Potential of Your Support Agents
WebinarThe Customer Service Leader of the Future
WebinarAsynchronous Messaging & The Importance of Self Service
WebinarThe Future of Service is Conversational
WorkshopCX Leadership
WorkshopRevisiting the Customer Journey in 2021
WorkshopMessaging & How to Use AI to Your Advantage
ReportGearing up for 2021: Durable Service & Digital Growth
InfographicState of CX 2021
Quarter 2 April – June
WebinarPersonal Customer Service at Scale
WebinarBuilding the Ultimate Contact Centre
WebinarLet Messaging & Conversational CX Lead the Way
WebinarImproving Agent Experience & Productivity with AI
WebinarRediscovering the Human Touch in the Age of Digitalisation
WorkshopStaying Customer-Experience-Obsessed in an Ever-Changing World
WorkshopKickstarting Your Customer-Centric Culture
WorkshopCreating a Seamless, Omnichannel Experience That Boosts Loyalty & Drives Opportunity
ReportState of CX 2021

On Demand

Meeting Consumer Demands for Frictionless Mobile Support Experiences

In the age of digitalization, loyalty is fleeting - Consumer demands are constantly evolving, and 2020 has seen a reinvigorated demand for digital and mobile experiences. As consumers spend more time and money via digital channels, it is imperative that your business does not neglect these channels and ensures top-class mobile & in-app support.

Synchronize Channels for a Seamless Mobile Experience - Leverage real-time data for a personalized experience, and fully embed self-serve, social, and chat into your mobile customer service offerings.

Remove friction, bolster retention & revenue, and eliminate bad user experience by providing dedicated, mobile-optimized support services.

Discover how to deliver a better mobile experience which will delight your users – Explore the opportunities for automation, asynchronous messaging & AI

Panelists include:

  • Paul Teshima, Chief Client Experience Officer, Wealthsimple
  • Matt Stein, VP of Products, Metromile
  • Sarah Feldman, Head of Customer Care, Visible
  • Janice Le, Chief Market & Product Officer, Helpshift


  • Nicholas Zeisler, Principle & Founder, Zeisler Consulting
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Voice of the Customer: Creating a Seamless, Personalized Experience That Boosts Loyalty
  • With the rise in demand for digitalization seen in 2020, personal engagement with consumers via digital channels is more crucial than ever – Listen to your customers & learn from them in order to create a seamless experience that boosts loyalty & drives revenue
  • Learn to leverage technology in order to analyze, summarize and act on customer feedback across channels, geographies, customer segments, etc.
  • Real-time insights are a crucial piece of the puzzle - Understand the importance of the 'Voice of the customer' as a key driver for services delivery strategy & actions

Speakers include:

  • Jasmine Kim, Chief Marketing Officer, Sutter Health
  • Ana Pia Guzman-Briley, Director Customer Engagement & Loyalty, TGI Fridays
  • Carol Tran, Former Head of Growth, Dolby
  • Martijn Atell, CEO & Founder, VoteBash
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Boost Efficiency By Connecting With Customers More Easily

Providing world class service is worthless if you cannot reach your customer in their time of need. In this webinar we will discuss how new approaches to engaging your customers can improve response rates, reduce costs and increase trust and satisfaction scores.

  • Increase service output. Boost efficiency by contacting your customer on their preferred channel at the right time.
  • Improve answer rates. Eliminate unsuccessful exchanges and phone tag to keep your agents focused on service, boosting efficiency and CSAT.
  • Protect your company’s reputation and get more calls answered. In today’s world in which consumers are being bombarded with nuisance calls and messages it is vital that you have a strategy to cut through the noise.

Speakers Include:

  • Pete Poul-Graf, VP Global Service Desk, DHL
  • Scott Ballantyne, Caller ID Reputation
  • Nicholas Zeisler, Principal, Zeisler Consulting
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Building the Ultimate Customer Service Workforce – Train, Motivate & Empower Agents

Reuters Events are excited to announce our next free webinar: Building the Ultimate Customer Service Workforce – Train, Motivate & Empower Agents. Join over 1000 customer care professionals and tune into this hour-long webinar which will provide you with crucial insights into the future of customer service from senior leaders at some of America’s biggest brands.

In an era where the customer is king, support agents are your most important resource - It is more important than ever to evaluate, improve and inspire agent performance. To ensure you are providing the ultimate customer experience, it is vital to have the strategies and processes in place which will allow your agents to thrive across all channels.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Boost your customer service team’s performance - Optimize your quality operations and empower your agents by giving them visibility and real-time feedback on what they can improve. Keep them trained and updated.
  • Centralize and automate your entire QA process - Ensure quality performance is always being monitored, measured, trained, recognized and rewarded to drive agent improvement & productivity
  • Optimize agent performance across channels - Evolve your CRM to empower your agents with a more actionable understanding of your customers, no matter the touchpoint.

Speakers Include:

  • Colin Crowley, VP Customer Experience, Freshly
  • Emily Gray, VP Customer Success, Playvox
  • Donald Hicks, VP Global Ops & Customer Experience, Twitter
  • Doug Kramon, Senior Director Fan Support & Customer Care Ops, ESPN
  • Nicholas Zeisler, Principal, Zeisler Consulting
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The Customer Service Leader of the Future

It has never been more important to understand that customer expectations are rising and must be met head on by providing truly exceptional customer experience. A leader of the future that can identify the strategies that will lead your business towards a best-in-class customer service is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Empower your agents with the tools they need to deliver a radically personal experience on any channel, reduce resolution times and build lifelong conversations.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Arm your agents with the tools they need so that they can go beyond basic customer insights and provide a radically personal experience tailored to a customer’s history
  • Go beyond omnichannel to any channel – Deliver a seamless experience that allows you to build meaningful relationships wherever your customer is
  • Future-proof the base of your tech-stack to support the adoption of advancing technology and ensure your department stays ahead


  • Mike Kuenne, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Extended Stay America
  • Nigel Henry, Director of Customer Experience, Pizza Hut
  • Mike McCarron, VP of Customers, Gladly
  • Nicholas Zeisler, Principal & CX Strategist, Zeisler Consulting
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Transform the Way Your Business Responds to Customers Through Personalised, AI-Driven Interactions

AI-driven technology is changing the way brands interact with their customers and allowing for more accurate, well-informed responses. With the importance of customer service and experience departments highlighted in the past few months, it is expected there will be a sharpened focus on ways to maximise efficiency.

What innovations will make the difference? Is greater emphasis on automation the key to meeting customers’ expectations?

We at Reuters Events have brought together CX leaders from Starzplay, LoveHoney, and Sodexo for an exclusive free webinar

Speakers include:

  • Debbie Bond, Chief Commercial Officer, LoveHoney
  • Danny Bates, Chief Commercial Officer, Starzplay
  • Martin Ratolístka, Chief Order Processing Officer,
  • Trevor Gordon, Global Omnichannel Director, Sodexo
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