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April 2022, California

  • 300+Attendees
  • 40+Speakers
  • 25Live Sessions
  • 15On Demand Sessions
Sukanya Soderland Blue Cross Shield
Sukanya Soderland
SVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Cross Shield
Dan Roth Trinity Health
Dan Roth
VP and Chief Clinical Officer, Trinity Health
Eric Lefkofsky Tempus
Eric Lefkofsky
Founder and CEO, Tempus and
Co-Founder, Groupon
David Nash Jefferson College of Population Health
David Nash
Founding Dean Emeritus, Jefferson College of Population Health
Alisahah Cole CommonSpirit Health
Alisahah Cole
SVP Population Health, CommonSpirit Health
Renee’ Buckingham Humana
Renee’ Buckingham
President Care Delivery Organization, Humana
Rajeev Ronanki Anthem
Rajeev Ronanki
SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Anthem
Kieran Murphy GE Healthcare
Kieran Murphy
President & CEO, GE Healthcare

This is a decisive moment for healthcare

The cat is out of the bag… The pandemic has exposed fundamental flaws in the healthcare system and critical concerns around cost, access and equity.

But there has never been - and we will never again see - a greater opportunity to leverage Digital Health to provide virtual, predictive, preventative care. This moment must not be lost.

We cannot revert to the pre-pandemic status quo of an unsustainable system with insurmountable cost and unacceptable inequities.

We are at an inflection point as digital care delivery models rapidly evolve around new patient expectations and regulatory imperatives.

At Reuters Events: Digital Health 2021, Healthcare leaders, join forces to collaborate on new models of virtual, predictive, value-based, data-driven and accessible healthcare.

As the new normal approaches, capitalize on this unique opportunity to connect with 1000s of stakeholders virtually to scale digital health

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Uniting key decision makers


Take a leading role on defining new digital, patient-centric care delivery models that deliver greater value-based care


Drive the digital health agenda to increase access and quality of healthcare through technological innovation, whilst driving organization efficiencies


From consumer devices, to medical services, medical devices and healthcare marketplaces Big Tech innovators and Health Tech start-ups re-imagine the business of health in the digital age


Collaborate with stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum to better understand the patient, generate real world evidence and define the future of digital health and therapeutics

Patient Advocates & Policy Makers

Represent the voice of the patient, ensuring that patient value is front and centre in all future healthcare developments

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Tackle your biggest digital health challenges

We are at a rare and exciting intersection in healthcare. Data, that has been accumulating, meets computational resources that can handle it, the adoption of telehealth continues to rise rapidly, and incentives shift from volume based-care to value-based care.

Seismic shifts are required in the approach to care across the continuum. Io this light, Reuters Events: Digital health 2021 addresses your most pressing challenges, including:

Scale Remote Health across care settings

Explore how and where virtual and remote care capabilities can be best applied across multiple clinical settings to further improve patient access, cut costs and improve clinical efficiency

Hybrid care: Sure up care across the continuum

Unify a flexible and expanded consumer experience that seamlessly integrates physical and digital pathways including appointment booking, triage, and patient communication

Unlock the value of healthcare at home

Embrace the home as a primary destination for care, leveraging consumer technology and connected devices to manage costs of the most expensive elements of care including chronic conditions and polypharmacy

Apply Big Data and AI to complex health settings

Explore how solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the reality of revolutionizing the way healthcare data is analyzed and delivered

Health security and preventative care

Leverage real-world data to identify health determinants and illness at an individual patient level to build predictive, preventative and personalized care models

Understand population health to deliver cost effective value-based care

Get a better understanding of the social determinants of health and accountability for the total cost of care and plan for how value-based purchasing scoring will directly impact revenue received

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Speakers include:

Sukanya Soderland

Sukanya Soderland
SVP, Chief Strategy Officer
Blue Cross Shield

Dan Roth

Dan Roth
VP and Chief Clinical Officer
Trinity Health

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky
Founder and CEO, Tempus and
Co-Founder, Groupon

David Nash

David Nash
Founding Dean Emeritus
Jefferson College of Population Health

Alisahah Cole

Alisahah Cole
SVP Population Health
CommonSpirit Health

Renee’ Buckingham

Renee’ Buckingham
President Care Delivery Organization

Rajeev Ronanki

Rajeev Ronanki
SVP & Chief Digital Officer

Matt Eyles

Matt Eyles
Chief Executive Officer

Bimal Desai

Dr Bimal Desai
Assistant Vice President and Chief Health Informatics Officer
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Sarah London

Sarah London
EVP, President & CEO, Health Care Enterprises
Centene Corporation

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Our Mission

Unite Healthcare Innovation, Digital, Telemedicine, Medical, Clinical and Informatics leaders to build a digital health industry that cuts the cost of care, improves access and delivers health equity.

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Delivering an excellent virtual event experience

Anthony Fauci
Watch Live

Watch presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions from top industry thought-leaders all day, every day!


Comment and question in real time. Spark conversations with your fellow attendees and build those relationships with instant chat, video calls and discussion groups.


Get in-depth answers in real-time with our live Q&A sessions with every presentation and panel speaker!

Arianna Huffington

Missed a session? Catch-up in your own time through our on-demand service for 2 weeks. Imagine Netflix but the best of healthcare thought leadership.


Create your own conference agenda and export it to your calendar, so you don’t miss business critical sessions.


Meet and build relationships with fellow attendees who share the same challenges and interests as you with our Intelligent Networking platform (pharma, biotech, payer, providers and sponsors only)

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Continue to build your network - even in isolation.*

We know that a virtual event doesn’t always deliver on the “chance encounters” that can be so valuable from a physical conference, but with the networking and messaging suite at Reuters Events: Digital Health, you’ll be guaranteed a service that allows you to connect with and meet attendees who are relevant to your business, interests and challenges.

* pharma, biotech, payer, providers attendees, sponsors and Premium Pass holders only

Connect with the right peers

With 5,000+ attendees, it can be hard to know who to connect with on the virtual platform but with Intelligent Networking, you’ll be recommended peers to connect with, based on the same interests and challenges you face.

Build relationships

With instant chat, video calls and discussion groups all within the Reuters Events: Digital Health virtual platform, you can build relationships with speakers, attendees and sponsors

Dig deep into the topics that matter to you

With private and public discussion groups on specific topic areas, you’ll be able to connect with attendees that care about the things you do, and discuss solutions and future opportunities.

How will it work?

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Why 300+ digital health leaders come to Reuters Events Digital Health:

Practical Case Studies

The ONLY forum to deep-dive into case studies in the healthcare space including remote monitoring, practical applications of AR / VR or the use of increased patient data!

Team Learning Experience

Attend as a team and build culture, insights and knowledge together - and save. Click here to find out more about our group and corporate rates.

Breaking News

Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on what progress has been made and what opportunities lie ahead

All Stakeholders In One Place

We cannot succeed in transition alone. Join leaders from across the healthcare spectrum form Providers, Payers, Pharma, Patient Advocacy Groups and Tech to tackle digital health transformation head on!

Reuters Editorial

Reuters editorial will lead live fireside chats onstage with the biggest names in digital health. Prepare for household names to take to the stage with direction-setting insights and industry leading analysis

Industry-Driven Agenda

Our bespoke agendas are crafted by industry, for industry with carefully selected themes and discussions to provide a conclusive guide to your patient-centric digital health strategy

1:1 Networking Services

You cannot succeed in healthcare transformation alone. Join us for 2+ days of bespoke 1-2-1 networking through our matchmaking and meetings services for total interaction

"I have joined many conferences and honestly, I would put yours down as the best one. You did a great job of integrating all the key players across the ecosystem"

Kathy Giusti

Founder, MMRF and Co-Chair, HBS Kraft Accelerator

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Attended by healthcare innovators from

Flatiron Health
Merck KGaA
Benevolent AI
ViiV Healthcare
Vifor Pharma
Napp Pharma
Daiichi Sankyo
LEO Pharma
Galapagos pharma
Oxford University
Babylon Health
Gedeon Richter
Caribou Biosciences
Reckitt Benckiser
Helsinn healthcare
Proteus Digital Health
Boston Scientific
Representatives include:
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Data
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Digital
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Medical Informatics
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Innovation
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Technology
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Information
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Clinical
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Telemedicine
  • C-suite, VP, Director and Heads of Quality


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Who attends

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5 reasons why you should attend the Healthcare Forum

1. CEO and board level news

Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on the future of healthcare and what is next

2. The ‘Davos’ for Healthcare

This is the meeting to shape healthcare’s future, set precedence, improve patient satisfaction, deliver lifechanging solutions and make world change

3. Practical Case Studies

The ONLY meeting to focus and delve deep into practical case studies across medical Innovation, remote and virtual care, AI in healthcare and more

4. Exclusive ‘Chatham House Rule’ Discussions

For industry experts who are ready for open and honest conversations to address real solutions

5. Business-to-Business Setting

We stay away from ‘fluff’ to cover hard-hitting topics, push boundaries, and deliver useful and practical takeaways

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Maddie Sheard
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