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June 16-17, 2021

  • 1000+Attendees
  • 40+Speakers
  • 25Live Sessions
  • 15On Demand Sessions
Sukanya Soderland Blue Cross Shield
Sukanya Soderland
SVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Cross Shield
Dan Roth Trinity Health
Dan Roth
VP and Chief Clinical Officer, Trinity Health
Erik Lefkosky Tempus
Erik Lefkosky
Founder and CEO, Tempus and
Co-Founder, Groupon
David Nash Jefferson College of Population Health
David Nash
Founding Dean Emeritus, Jefferson College of Population Health
Alisahah Cole CommonSpirit Health
Alisahah Cole
SVP Population Health, CommonSpirit Health
Renee’ Buckingham Humana
Renee’ Buckingham
President Care Delivery Organization, Humana
Rajeev Ronanki Anthem
Rajeev Ronanki
SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Anthem
Sarah London Centene Corporation
Sarah London
EVP, President & CEO, Health Care Enterprises, Centene Corporation

Reuters Events: Digital Health - 2021 Agenda

Live sessions and panel discussions will be broadcast into 3 different time zones: SGT, GMT and EST.

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  • Day 1: Population Health & Value Based Care
  • Day 2: Building a Virtual Care Ecosystem
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Day 1: June 16 - Population Health & Value Based Care

FIRESIDE CHAT: The broken healthcare system and what covid showed ss about how to fix it
  • Lesson learned from Covid-19 and the unstoppable wave of health data
  • The power of urgency and how a crisis mindset fuels collaboration, innovation and investment
  • Explore the role of big tech in a changing healthcare ecosystem with new patient expectations

Erik Lefkosky
Erik Lefkosky Founder and CEO Tempus and Co-Founder, Groupon Americans

Kathi Giusti
Kathi Giusti Chief Mission Officer MMRF

Jamie Harding
In conversation with Jamie Harding Head of Healthcare Reuters Events

PRESENTATION: From sick care to health care: Shift care upstream with preventative healthcare models
  • Build systems and process to develop deep and accurate population data, to better understand the social determinants of health enabling you to shift care upstream through greater identification and prevention mechanisms
  • Understand the technologies, tools and techniques that can effectively empower patients to take a proactive approach to managing self-health
  • Capitalize on the regulatory, cultural and technical developments in interoperability to collaborate with other stakeholders to build business models that can deliver preventative care

Matt Eyles
Matt Eyles Chief Executive Officer America’s Health Insurance Plans

  • Session details coming soon
PRESENTATION: Enabling a Hybrid care model
  • Asses the  new patient-provider relationship, moving beyond sick care to true healthcare
  • Streamline patient pathways to both telehealth and in-person care, with a range of care options
  • Understand the implications on patient and provider workflows, and the requiring training and upskilling to deliver effective hybrid care

Lindsay Jubelt
Lindsay Jubelt Chief Population Health Officer Mass General

PRESENTATION: Health Disparities
  • Session details coming soon

Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, M.D.
Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, M.D. Director of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) National Institutes of Health (NIH)

PANEL: Understand population health to deliver cost effective value-based care
  • Examine disparities in health equity and learn how social determinants of health (SDoH)  - including gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation – impact on mental health and chronic condition prevention, treatment, and management
  • Identify and address specific SDoH challenges - though AI and stakeholder collaborations - to make sure that all populations are cared for in this new digital-first era
  • Explore how community collaboration can help to both identify conditions in which people can best remain healthy and assist the provision of care that promotes health and wellness of the population
  • Understand the importance of improving the health of seniors through a value-based care bringing simplicity and connectivity to the patient experience

Alisahah Cole
Alisahah Cole SVP Population Health CommonSpirit Health

Von Nguyen
Von Nguyen SVP, Chief Medical Officer Blue Cross NC

Renee’ Buckingham
Renee’ Buckingham President Care Delivery Organization Humana

Deepak Sadagopan
Deepak Sadagopan SVP Value Based Care & Population Health Informatics Providence St Joseph

John Lumpkin
John Lumpkin President of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation and Vice President of Drivers of Health Strategy Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

David Nash
Moderator: David Nash Founding Dean Emeritus Jefferson College of Population Health

FIRESIDE CHAT: Care in the digital era: The right way, in the right place at the right time
  • Session details coming soon

Stephen Morgan
Stephen Morgan SVP and Chief Medical Informatics Officer Carilion Clinic

Shannon Muchmore
In Conversation with Shannon Muchmore Healthcare Dive

  • Session details coming soon
PRESENTATION: Move care upstream with preventative health
  • Better utilize data as the key to more targeted intervention programs that can increase engagement and improve health outcomes
  • Ensure you are collecting and using quality self-reported health and lifestyle data
  • Improve standardization of quality measures and their importance on an effective population health programme

Paul Fu
Paul Fu Chief Medical informatics Officer City of Hope

FIRESIDE CHAT: Digital Behavioural Health: Using technology to engage with patients
  • Understand the marketplace for digital therapeutics - evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a specific disease or disorder – and assess future opportunities
  • Review the real life experiences of using online coaching and technology augmented engagement with patients
  • Understand how digital therapeutics and telehealth can provide better access to care, overcoming the unmet needs around mental health by circumnavigating social stigma and financial constraints (while saving time and costs for patients, providers, and payers)

Manish Sapra
Manish Sapra MD, Psychiatry Northwell Health

Jamie Harding
In conversation with Jamie Harding Head of Healthcare Reuters Events

PANEL: The consumerization of health and the importance of patient experience
  • As consumers increasingly shop around for healthcare, understand the importance of patient experience to protect your patient relationship
  • Address costly inefficiencies in the patient journey such as hospital throughput to get patients from the start to finish of their journey in the most expeditious and safest way possible to improve both cost and clinical quality
  • Seamlessly connect experience across channels (and across providers) to be more than just a ‘digital front door’, removing friction from patient pathways like scheduling and billing

Victor Reiss
Victor Reiss VP, Consumerism UNC Health

Bimal Desai
Bimal Desai AVP and Chief Health Informatics Officer Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

John Nguyen
John Nguyen Chief Marketing Officer SSM Health

Esther Schorr
Moderator: Esther Schorr EVP, Remedy Health Media SSM Health

PANEL: Leverage AI for predictive and preventative care
  • Place ethics at the centre of your data strategy to make sure that AI and ML learning and predictive models are unbiased and that data-driven healthcare is a force for greater health equity
  • Explore how solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the reality of revolutionizing the way healthcare data is analyzed and delivered
  • Understand how AI can AI and ML can positively enhance efficiencies, reduce risk, increase value, improve outcomes and reduce clinical variation

John Brownstein
John Brownstein Chief Innovation Officer Boston Children’s Hospital

Dan Roth
Dan Roth Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer Trinity Health

Jeri Koester
Jeri Koester Chief Information Officer Marshfield Clinic

Jon D. Morrow
Jon D. Morrow SVP and Physician Executive MDClone

Daniel Kraft
Moderator: Daniel Kraft Founder and Chair Exponential Medicine

Improving Patient Care through User Designed Disease Registries
  • Understand the importance of using data and end user input when developing new digital tools
  • Review the process of developing a home-grown tool to fit provider and patient needs and connecting it to digital health
  • Explore how a home-grown tool improves patient care can better meet patient and provider needs than an out of the box solution

Wendy Korthuis-Smith
Wendy Korthuis-Smith Executive Director Virginia Mason Institute

  • Session details coming soon
WORKSHOP: Best Practice for developing and delivering value-based care
  • Share insights with counterparts in a behind-closed-doors workshop and join forces to benchmark your value-base care strategy
WORKSHOP: Implement telemedicine within population health Management
  • Alongside 8-10 industry peers, collaborate on how to implement a virtual cate component within population health
WORKSHOP: Leverage wearable technology
  • Assess the tools, tactics and technologies designed to help patients become active partners in managing their health and wellness

Day 2: June 17 - Building a Virtual Care Ecosystem

FIRESIDE CHAT: Care Across the continuum
  • How value-based purchasing scoring will directly impact revenue received
  • Leverage technology to foster solid communication, including faster information exchange between hospitals and post-acute providers
  • Effectively coordinate care with greater collaboration, going beyond merely sharing information

Rajeev Ronanki
Rajeev Ronanki SVP & Chief Digital officer Anthem

David Nash
In conversation with David Nash Founding Dean Emeritus Jefferson College of Population Health

  • Session details coming soon
PRESENTATION: Effective stewardship of patient data
  • Build a data governance model with privacy and security at the heart to earn the trust of the patient and the retention of the patient relationship, while simultaneously earning better access to data for research, trials and preventative care purposes
  • Understand the importance of value exchange with example from leading patient-centric businesses, such as ecommerce leaders, to empower patients by making their data more accessible and transparent
  • Establish confidentiality and patient information protection to ensure compliance, build better data-driven operations and improve clinical care

Barb Jacobsmeyer
Barb Jacobsmeyer EVP and President Inpatient Hospitals Encompass Health

PRESENTATION: The future of digital health - considering the questions we havnt yet asked
  • Session details coming soon

Daniel Kraft
Daniel Kraft Founder and Chair Exponential Medicine

PANEL: Expanding telehealth across care settings
  • Assess the extent to which consumer behavior will continue to trend toward digital health beyond the pandemic and the opportunities to expand the virtual care ecosystem
  • Beyond primary care and ambulatory care, rethink how to deploy telehealth solutions to positively impact clinical settings such as oncology, heart disease, diabetes, behavioural health and other chronic conditions
  • Drive adoption among clinicians and patients to ensure remote health isn’t a temporary fix, but designed as scalable, sustainable model that meets the needs of payers, providers and patients alike

Sukanya Soderland
Sukanya Soderland SVP, Chief Strategy Officer Blue Cross Shield

Kori Kreuger
Kori Kreuger Chief Quality Officer Marshfield Clinic

Todd Dunn
Todd Dunn VP, Innovation Atrium Health

Moderator: Andrew Schorr
Moderator: Andrew Schorr EVP, Remedy Health Media Atrium Health

PRESENTATION: Unlock the value of healthcare at home
  • Treat the patient where they are to combat the consequences of social distancing and isolation of vulnerable populations
  • Embrace the home as a primary destination for care, leveraging consumer technology and connected devices to manage costs of the most expensive elements of care including chronic conditions and polypharmacy
  • Maximize the opportunity for wearables and connected devices by encouraging self-health and empowering patients to better manage their own healthcare by building in adoption and retention strategies to gamified home wellness solutions
  • Unearth the ability to uncover social determinants of health through care in the home

Susan Diamond
Susan Diamond President, Home Business Humana

  • Session details coming soon
PRESENTATION: Self-health and how tech transforms healthcare at home
  • Analyze the critical moments of every patient’s journey and how to improve digital interactions to elevate care and improve patient satisfaction
  • Explore the use of telecommunications and IoT technology to enable long-distance healthcare and wellness services
  • Leverage technologies like connected smart home devices, wearables, AR/VR, and predictive AI to transform access to health and wellness in the home

Sarah London
Sarah London EVP, President & CEO, Health Care Enterprises Centene Corporation

FIRESIDE CHAT: The future of digital Health
  • Analyse how the pandemic has influenced health system digital health innovation priorities
  • Develop and deploy digital health tools that are proving most instrumental in supporting health systems as they build new models of care outside the hospital setting
  • Asses the the long-term outlook for digital tools as health systems return to a “new normal”

Marty Bonick
Marty Bonick Chief Executive Officer Ardent Health

PANEL: Hybrid Health: Align physical and digital channels to build a seamless, omnichannel patient journey
  • Leverage interoperability to unify a flexible and expanded consumer experience that seamlessly integrates physical and digital pathways including appointment booking, triage, and patient communication
  • Lessons from outside health: How tech and ecommerce have perfected the multichannel experience, aligning internal systems with consumer facing operations
  • Explore hybrid models of patient-physician interaction (that are both in-person and remote), such as 'procedural telemedicine' offerings that allow specialists to provide remote support to surgical teams in the operating room

Albert Chan
Albert Chan Chief of Digital Patient Experience Sutter Health

Thomas MacMillan
Thomas MacMillan Chief Information Officer Emblem Health

Karen Murphy
Karen Murphy Chief Digital Officer Geisinger

Rebecca Pifer
Rebecca Pifer Healthcare Dive

PANEL: Remote Health: Monitoring, illness detection and prevention
  • Capitalize on wearable technologies to continuously monitor and detect illness through real time patient-generated data analysis
  • Collaborate with industry counterparts including academic medical researchers, patient organizations and pharma - to lead research and pioneer approaches to cancer treatment, weight loss and more
  • Assess remote and centralized monitoring tools to ensure data quality, site support and patient safety

Laura Smith
Laura Smith Chief Information Officer Unity Point Health

Amy Perry
Amy Perry CEO of Hospitals Atlantic Health

Martin Doerfler
Martin Doerfler SVP, Clinical Strategy and Development Northwell Health

FIRESIDE CHAT: Ensure virtual health is a force for equality (not inequality)
  • Ensure that digital health solutions do not leave any patients behind by identifying potentially vulnerable populations and building patient pathways that are inclusive to all patients regardless of their access to technology
  • Identify the ways in which community-based care provide greater proximity to patients and greater coordination of the overall care continuum
  • Evaluate the impact of digital technologies on the healthcare workforce, implementing effective training to ensure digital literacy and digital equality among care providers 

James E. Fanale
James E. Fanale, MD President and CEO Care New England Health System

Kim Dixon
In conversation with Kim Dixon Healthcare Dive

WORKSHOP: Implement hospital telemedicine programs
  • Take part in an intimate networking session to get best practice and avoid pitfalls when implementing your hospital telemedicine strategy
WORKSHOP: Applying AI and machine learning to the healthcare context
  • Join peers for an intimate idea sharing session to explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied to manage physician burnout, while improving efficiency and outcomes
WORKSHOP: Health data interoperability
  • Join industry experts to discuss what’s is needed to break down the barriers that keep patient health information locked in digital silos, not only for compliance, but to unleash the untapped potential of data-driven healthcare
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