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Opening CEO & Executive Keynotes


Is the Energy Transition Failing?

With the timeframe for emission reduction shrinking, what are our hopes of decarbonising energy within the next two decades? Is it possible? What action are leaders in the Energy industry calling for?

Alex Schneiter CEO & President Lundin Energy

John Pettigrew Chief Executive National Grid

Andy Kinsella Group CEO & Executive Director Mainstream Renewable Power

John Keppler Chairman and CEO Enviva


Reuters News In Conversation with Christiana Figueres

Axel Threlfall, Editor-at-Large of Reuters interviews Christiana Figueres, Founding partner of Global Optimism and former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Widley acknowledged as the architect of the Paris Agreement of 2015, for this achievement Ms. Figueres’ has been credited with forging a new brand of collaborative diplomacy.

*Please note: This interview is conducted by Reuters Editorial, which operates independently from the Reuters commercial operations. Reuters journalists have the sole right to determine who they interview and the questions they ask, with no regard to sponsorship and in keeping with the Trust Principles of integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.

Christiana Figueres Founding Partner Global Optimism Former Executive Secretary UNFCCC

Axel Threlfall Editor-at-Large Reuters


The Geopolitics of Energy Transition

Ending societal reliance on hydrocarbons will radically reshape the old energy order. What is not known is how fossil-fuel rich countries will react to the transition. Could overseas assets be at risk? Which areas are most vulnerable to transition?

Kingsmill Bond Energy Strategist Carbon Tracker


The Bursting Bubble, Stranded Assets & Pivot Portfolios

The exhaustion of the global ‘carbon budget’ has already had serious consequences for coal asset evaluation. Are we sitting on a similar hydrocarbon bubble? How will incumbents create pivot portfolios and build new partnerships whilst servicing the needs of the O&G community?

Pratima Rangarajan Chief Executive Officer OGCI Climate Investments

Franck Bruel EVP, supervising UK, LATAM and NORAM ENGIE

Governance & Cooperation


The European Energy Transition in the light of the economic recovery

The Green Deal puts the EU on a path to climate neutrality by 2050, through deep decarbonisation of all sectors of the economy. The energy system is crucial to delivering on these goals. Is today’s energy system up to the task, how can value chains adapt and will a new integrated energy system provide the building block for economy recovery in the aftermath of Covid-19?

Klaus-Dieter Borchardt Deputy Director-General European Commission


Anticipating International Action in the shadow of Aberdeen

Countries across the globe were are expected to announce more ambitious climate pledges at COP26, including the possibility of a global carbon price. What impact will its unfortunate, yet necessary, postponement have upon international measures and how can we ensure that we don’t press pause on climate action?

Deirdre Michie OBE Chief Executive OGUK


The Decade of Paris Policy Making: Translating Targets into Action

The 2020s will be defined by nations, regions, and cities translating net-zero targets into regulation and targeted funding. Ascertaining which policies will be enacted and where the funding will be allocated is critical for energy companies across Europe. We explore the implications of likely policy and investment scenarios, outlining how they will inform company strategy.

João Paulo Costeira Director, Renewables & CDO Repsol

Tom Greenberg Co-Head of O&G and Head of ESG Advisory, Investment Banking and Capital Markets Credit Suisse

Leonardo Moreno SVP & Chief Operations Officer AES Corporation


Accelerating Energy Transition in Europe Post Pandemic

How effective has EU energy transition planning been and how has this been translated into policy post COVID-19? Explore what governance hurdles, innovation models, and technological options exist to transition Europe to an all-purpose 100% renewable energy system, featuring comparative analysis from Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, the UK and more

Professor Peter Strachan Professor Robert Gordon University

Financing the Energy Transition


Financing the Energy Transition

The OECD estimates that limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees will require $6.9 trillion worth of infrastructure spending. The EU’s Green Deal plans to “crowd-in” private investment through careful spending and regulation. We explore whether this will be the model that other economic blocks and nations will follow, explaining how companies can benefit from the lucrative contracts that will be on offer.

Olivier Warnan Investment Director, Energy Transition Capital BNP Paribas

Osmar Abib Chairman of Global Energy Credit Suisse

Alex Brierley Co-Head Octopus Renewables

Abyd Karmali OBE Managing Director, Sustainable Finance Bank of America


Investor Engagement, ESG, and Aligning with Paris

The last 12 months have seen a rapid transformation in the asset management industry. Climate change has become a defining factor in what many are calling a fundamental realignment of the investor sector. We outline how company alignment with the Paris climate accords and the setting of stringent science-based targets, as agreed through board and investor ‘climate partnerships’, is allowing companies the stable long-term finance that they need to adapt to the future energy system.

Fiona Reynolds Chief Executive Officer United Nations PRI

Joern Hackbarth EVP Sonnedix

Andrew Grant Head of Oil, Gas and Mining Carbon Tracker

Opening CEO & Executive Keynotes


First Mover or Fast Follower? Your Role in the Energy Transition…

Low-carbon energy supply and consumption will need a radical overhaul of infrastructure. As well as revamping the old, we’ll need entirely new assets and new systems of energy de-livery. Where will this money be spent, who will spend it, and how can we prepare for the future energy mix, today?

Joost Bergsma CEO & Managing Partner Glennmont Partners

Michael F.H. Bonte-Friedheim Founding Partner & Group CEO NextEnergy Capital

Martyn Link Chief Strategy Officer Wood Group


Scaling Sustainability within the New Energy Ecosystem

Low-carbon energy supply and consumption will need a radical overhaul of infrastructure as well as the current energy business system. As well as revamping the old, we’ll need entirely new assets and new systems of energy delivery. Where will this money be spent, who will spend it, and how can we prepare for the future energy mix, today?

Nick Boyle Group CEO Lightsource bp

Gwenaëlle Avice-Huet Executive Vice President, responsible for Renewables & North America ENGIE

Paddy Padmanathan President & CEO ACWA Power


Digital Transformation Meets Energy Transition

With the future energy system set to be highly digitalised and interconnected, energy companies face an increasing necessity to become more digitally expert and agile organisations. See what companies are doing now to prepare for the future energy system, including out of HQ innovation centres and workforce ‘digital license’ enforcement.

Chris Peeters CEO Elia Group

Paolo Gallo CEO & General Manager Italgas

Joana Freitas Executive Board Member EDP Produção

New Energy Infrastructure


The Hydrogen Economy: H 2 NH3?

Hydrogen has long been touted as a crucial energy carrier in a clean energy system. Is Hydrogen a crucial part of the future energy system or is it another round of hype? Can ammonia, produced with green or blue hydrogen, be the fuel of the future? Understand what companies are doing now to prepare for a potential hydrogen boom in the 2030s in terms of R&D, strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

Pierre-Etienne Franc VP, Managing the Hydrogen Energy World Business Unit Air Liquide

David Burns VP Clean Hydrogen Linde

Paul Bogers VP Hydrogen Shell


Carbon Capture & Storage: Crucial Solution or Pipe Dream

For areas of heavy industry where sourcing clean energy is not to yet technologically achievable, CCS will be fundamental to mitigate carbon emissions. Despite this, CCS companies received less venture capital spending last year than Dog Apps. We evaluate whether there will ever be an economically viable form of CCS, whether it can be scaled, and whether companies should invest in CCS now in anticipation of a change in circumstances.

Guloren Turan General Manager Global CCS Institute

Alan Baker Global Head of Power Societe Generale

Declan Burke Director – Clean Power Strategy & Deployment BEIS


Capitalising on Energy Efficiency: The Low Hanging Fruit of Decarbonisation

Energy efficiency is considered the ‘first fuel’ for decarbonisation and will likely be the first regulatory lever pulled by policymakers. The key question is, how do companies make money out of an ‘efficiency market’? Digitalisation expertise? Insulation provider? District Heating? Green gas?

Dr. Arnt Baer Head of General Affairs & Public Affairs Gelsenwasser

Sara Vaughan Political & Regulatory Director E.ON


Supply-Chain Readiness: What does the data say?

New data prepared by the EIC reveals secrets about energy supply chain capability, not just in existing energy technologies, but also our readiness to expand into new transition technologies. What are the implications of this new data to policy, investment, exports and is the supply-chain ready accelerate the achievement of net zero?

Stuart Broadley CEO Energy Industries Council


The Future of Power Distribution

Much of the renewable development rests on solving the problems of intermittency. Whilst new technologies in power production, transmission, storage and consumption represent a huge new infrastructure investment opportunity, they threaten to alter the incumbent power industry ecosystem as we know it. Understand how this impacts your company as the grid becomes smarter, democratised and decentralised.

Sven Kaiser Deputy Director – Electricity E-Control

Business Model Innovation


Aberdeen: A City in Transition

As a city widely regarded as Europe’s Energy Capital, Aberdeen has long been renowned for technological developments and innovative solutions. But what progress has been made in developing sustainable wind and hydrogen projects, how can the city continue to support the O&G community and what does it really mean to be a city ‘in transition’?

Barney Crockett Lord Provost Aberdeen City Council


The New Energy Ecosystem

The future energy system will mark a radical overhaul of the current energy business ecosys-tem, with the traditional industry dividing lines set to be blurred. Understand why incumbents will need to pivot portfolios and create new partnerships and services to capitalise from the $Trillion transition opportunity. Anticipate who the new disruptors will be and plan your next move; partner, acquire, compete?


Roundtable Target Setting in the Age of Transition

Explore in-depth with peers, clients, corporate leaders and industry regulators on what progress we have made, what needs to happy next, and what’s realistic. Through debate, discussion and live polling, we will allow industry to set their own targets and climate benchmarks under strict Chatham House Rule.