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Drive the Transition, Deliver Change, Inspire

We cannot succeed in transition alone. Delivering a sustainable energy system for the future will require collaboration and action from across the energy, business and government ecosystems. Whilst the speed and timing of the transition will vary regionally, confronting the global threat of climate change will require global solutions.

Reuters Events' Global Energy Transition unites leaders and change makers from across the public and private sectors to shed light on the defining issue of our time and tackle the energy transition head on.

Run over five days and three time zones, The Global Energy Transition will define the future of our energy system, inspire a decade of action and prepare the sector for COP26, with diverse voices from around the word bringing passion, experience and expertise to deliver a new path forward.

The Energy Transition is upon us. The time for action has arrived.

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Energy Transition: A Boardroom Discussion

A carefully curated speaker faculty that showcases board-level leaders from across the energy sector alongside senior government and investment experts shaping the future energy ecosystem

Bernard Looney - Headshot
bp - Logo

Bernard Looney Chief Executive Officer bp

Francesco Starace - Headshot
Enel Group - Logo

Francesco Starace Chief Executive Officer & General Manager Enel Group

Lynn Good - Headshot
Duke Energy - Logo

Lynn Good Chief Executive Officer Duke Energy

Tina Bru - Headshot
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway - Logo

Tina Bru Minister for Petroleum and Energy Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway

Ignacio Galán - Headshot
Iberdrola - Logo

Ignacio Galán Chairman and CEO Iberdrola

Dr. Shawn Qu - Headshot
Canadian Solar - Logo

Dr. Shawn Qu Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Canadian Solar

Calvin Butler Jr. - Headshot
Exelon Utilities - Logo

Calvin Butler Jr. Chief Executive Officer Exelon Utilities

Dr. Fatih Birol - Headshot
International Energy Agency - Logo

Dr. Fatih Birol Executive Director International Energy Agency

Claudio Descalzi - Headshot
Eni - Logo

Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer Eni

Pedro Pizarro - Headshot
Edison International - Logo

Pedro Pizarro President & Chief Executive Officer Edison International

Scott Strazik - Headshot
GE Gas Power - Logo

Scott Strazik Chief Executive Officer GE Gas Power

Anne-Marie Trevelyan - Headshot
 - Logo

Anne-Marie Trevelyan UK International Champion of Adaptation and Resilience for the COP 26 Presidency Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth

Pierre Breber - Headshot
Chevron - Logo

Pierre Breber VP & Chief Financial Officer Chevron

Pooja Goyal - Headshot
Carlyle Group - Logo

Pooja Goyal Head of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Carlyle Group

Anders Opedal - Headshot
Equinor - Logo

Anders Opedal President & Chief Executive Officer Equinor

Join 10,000+ virtual attendees!

Defining Pillars for Energy Transition 2021


The transition will demand rapid decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation of energy production, supply and consumption. How can companies navigate the most disruptive period in modern history, deliver upon their net zero goals and drive towards a sustainable low carbon energy future?


As our energy system evolves, customers, consumers and prosumers are becoming central to the transition story. What role will geopolitics and governance play in the transition, how will it affect our societies, cities, and mobility, and how can we ensure an inclusive and just transition that leaves no one behind?


The transformation of our energy system will have far reaching implications for the industrial, finance and associated business sectors. As countries continue to develop, industry represents the next frontier of decarbonisation. How can global businesses support the transition; how can the transition support global business?

Thank you to our Global Energy Transition Partners and Sponsors

Join 10,000+ virtual attendees!

Best-in-class virtual conference experience

This is not our first rodeo. In November 2020 we ran our Energy Transition Europe and North America summits over four days with 15,000+ attendees. Here’s our net promoter score (NPS) from the extensive post event survey and a small snapshot of what people thought…

Reuters Events has an NPS Score of 81.

* Company NPS scores acquired from

Join 10,000+ virtual attendees!

Who is Reuters Events: Energy Transition Community?

Energy Producers

Finance & Investment


Corporate & Industrial

Technology & Digital

Energy Value Chain

Uniting Leaders Committed to Net Zero

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Vice President
  • Minister for Energy
  • Executive Director
  • President & Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Senior Vice President
  • Head of Sustainability and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chairman for Global Energy
  • Global Head of Climate & Environment
  • Senior Managing Director
  • Head of Energy and Innovation
  • Managing Partner
  • EVP for Strategy and Sustainability
  • Corporate Partnerships Director

Why is Reuters Events the Leading Energy Transition Forum?

CEO and Fortune 500 News

Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on what progress has been made and what opportunities lie ahead.

All Stakeholders, All Assets, One Place

We cannot succeed in transition alone. Join leaders from across the energy, industrial and business ecosystems to tackle the energy transition head on.

Issue-based Workshops

Get to the crux of the key challenges facing the energy transition, with closed-door workshops on key topics under strict Chatham House Rule.

Reuters Editorial Interviews

Prepare for household names to take to the stage with direction-setting insights, through a series of live fireside chats by our leading editorial colleagues at Reuters.

Custom Live Interactivity

Join the debate through live polling, Q&A, breakout’s and networking sessions for total interactivity with those driving change through the global energy transition.

On-Demand Content

Don’t miss a thing – register for full access to all content on-demand, to connect with our leading transition partners and gain access to business-critical content in the virtual exhibition

Setting the Global Energy Transition Agenda

Reuters Events will set the business agenda for the global energy transition in 2021. Built upon our foundation of trust, breadth of scope, and deep vertical industry expertise, the summit provides a unique forum upon which to tackle the climate crisis, deliver change and tackle the transition head on.

Pre Event Day: The Great Global Energy Transition


  • “Fix the Fixture” - Delivering net zero through the great global energy transition
  • Geopolitics in transition: Climate advocacy, policy and collaboration
  • Carbon Pricing, Credits and Incentives: A quest for consensus?

A day of stand-alone panels and live interviews, tackling macro trends driving the transition and critical challenges remaining

Day 1: Energy & Net Zero


  • Decarbonisation, Leadership & Delivering Zero
  • Decentralising Energy: Sustainability, Flexibility and Diversification
  • Digital Transformation Meets Energy Transition

Day 2: Energy & Society


  • Taking the Temperature: People, Progress and a Just Transition
  • Keep it Moving: Transport, Trade and Mobility
  • Climate Front-Line: Cities and the Build Environment

Day 3: Energy & Industry


  • Recovery, Realignment and Engagement: Economics in Transition
  • Unlocking the Hydrogen Economy
  • The Next Frontier: Deep Decarbonisation and the Industry Transition


Three days of industry setting debate and dialogue, outlining the future of our energy system and delivering a definite guide to net zero

Day 4: Climate Collaboration


Invite-only Chatham House Rule workshops and roundtables to drive collaboration and action through the age of transition

Interact with 40+ sessions, 75+ executives speakers and 10,000+ attendees

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Join 10,000+ virtual attendees!

Our Vision, Purpose and Mission

It is vital that conversations around climate, decarbonisation and sustainable energy are underpinned by principles of integrity, independence, and freedom from bias. Reuters Events foundation of trust, breadth of scope, and deep vertical industry expertise provides a unique platform upon which to tackle the transition head on and guide companies through their net zero strategy. In a period that will be defined by both uncertainty and opportunity, we can, together, seize the initiative and lighten the way forward.

Set Targets, Build Partnerships, Break News

Reuters Events: Energy Transition provides a unique forum to demonstrate leadership, debate the future of our energy system and deliver real action.

Join us in June to turn rhetoric into action, drive towards a sustainable future and secure your place in the energy ecosystem of tomorrow.

Announce Targets

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to decarbonisation

Unveil the Latest Tech

Be the first to show-case technology capable of driving transition

Build Partnerships

Collaboration will be key in the age of transition

Join 10,000+ virtual attendees!

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