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Reuters Events is at the centre of industry conversations with the most senior executives across the world. We are committed to bringing you the most senior collection of global energy transition leaders, who are ready to share in-depth exclusives and business critical learnings with you. Our content library delivers market defining discussions to thousands of energy, business and government executives globally.

files-folders/large/paper-2 Created with Sketch. Whitepaper: Value in the Cloud, Technology Innovation, Digitalisation & the Electrical Utility Transition

Reuters Events upcoming whitepaper, produced with support from Infor, will investigate the misconceptions and fears around cloud-based technology and explore how utilities can drive the energy transition through smooth implementation of digital transformation technology

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technology/large/laptop-1 Created with Sketch. Zeroing In [Ep.4]: The Future Fuels Debate

Whilst the energy transition promises a shift to a low-carbon economy, the debate as to what will fuel this clean energy future remains open. Episode five of our digital series will Zero In on this debate and explore the dual challenge posed by growing energy demand and the wider transition. How can we displace existing fuels efficiently and cost-effectively? Are biofuels a sustainable alternative? How can we realise a clean hydrogen economy? Grey, Green, Blue, Purple?

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technology/large/laptop-1 Created with Sketch. Zeroing In [Ep.3]: What Green Recovery?

With renewable energy industries proving resilient in spite of recent market shocks, low-carbon market share looks set to continue an upward trajectory. That said, recent data published by Energy Policy Tracker suggested that 53% of stimulus promised by the worlds 29 leading economies was committed to carbon-intensive sectors, with just 35% to clean energy. Episode three will explore this paradox, ask how renewable energy sources can continue to grow market share and usher in a new energy order for the decade to come.

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technology/large/laptop-1 Created with Sketch. Zeroing In [Ep.2]: The Industry Transition – Deep Decarbonisation in Hard to Abate Sectors

As countries around the world continue to develop, the industry transition represents the next frontier on climate action. How can we ensure deep decarbonisation in hard to abate sectors, create carbon-free industrial clusters and reset the balance on global carbon output?

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Zeroing In [Ep.1]: Setting the Strategy – Net Zero Leadership in a Defining Decade

With the energy sector accounting for more than two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions, the success of the transition will be pivotal in global efforts to tackle climate change. Is enough being done to drive towards a low-carbon future, how can we unlock new carbon efficiencies and deliver a sustainable decarbonised energy mix?

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Webinar: Finding an Optimal Path to Accelerate Decarbonisation

Sharing Insights: Ville Rimali, (Growth & Development Director, Africa and Europe, Wärtsilä) Energy, Kate Bragg, (VP & Head of Strategy Development, Statkraft) and Jane Dennett-Thorpe, Deputy Director Decarbonisation & Energy Transition, Ofgem

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Reshaping Energy: Business Model Innovation in the Context of Transition

Who, When How? The future energy system will mark a radical overhaul of the current energy business ecosystem, with the traditional industry diving lines set to be blurred. Speed and timing will be crucial for those looking to stay on the right side of the transition. But what does it mean to be a company ‘in transition’ and how can companies continue to service the needs to an increasingly energy hungry population whilst navigating the road to net-zero?

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Fuelling Net-Zero: What Next for Clean-Tech?

The past twenty years of ‘phase one’ renewables development has been widely regarded a resounding success, with renewable's now accounting for third of global power capacity (IRENA). But what next for clean-tech and what innovations hold the greatest potential to drive towards net-zero?

Join Reuters Events alongside Dolf Gielen (Director, IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre), Jonathan Carling (CEO, Tokamak Energy) and David Burns (VP, Clean Hydrogen, Linde) as we explore which technologies may hold the key to delivering a low-carbon and sustainable future.

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The Build Back Better Symposium

Explore how we can ensure that climate recovery is placed at the forefront of plans for economic revival post Covid-19, with CEO’s and Senior executives from ENGIE, Snam, CEEW, bp, World Resource Institute, Dell, Carbon Trust, Sonnedix, CCS Institute, Mainstream Renewable Power and Fore!

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The Global Hydrogen Economy: Fuelling a Low-Carbon Future

Hydrogen has long been touted as a crucial energy carrier in a clean energy system. But what role will it really play within the energy mix, can fuel cells be commercialised at scale and how does the hydrogen economy of tomorrow, look today?

Join Pierre-Étienne Franc (VP Hydrogen Energy, Air Liquide), Sae hoon Kim (SVP, Head of Fuel Cell Centre, Hyundai) and Andy Marsh (President & CEO, Plug Power) to unpack the global hydrogen economy and explore how companies are positioning themselves for the hydrogen boom!

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Oil & Gas in Transition: The Road to Net-Zero

Oil and gas companies face a dual challenge; to reduce operational emissions they need to increase both asset performance and lifetime. Understanding how E&P and service companies alike can adapt technologies and business models to achieve this is vital to success through transition.

Charlotte Howlett, Head of Oil & Gas, Reuters Events chairs a discussion featuring Martyn Link (Chief Strategy Officer, Wood) and Alex Budden (VP Corporate Affairs, Lundin Petroleum)

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Financing the Energy Transition

The OECD estimates that $6.9 trillion of investment in decarbonisation is needed annually up until 2030 to stick within the Paris targets. This session explores the trillion dollar question: where’s the money going to come from?

Join Head of ESG at Reuters Events, Dominic Grocott, as he hosts a panel featuring Joost Bergsma (CEO and Fanaging Partner, Glennmont Partners), Olivier Warnan (Investment Director, BNP Paribas) and Stuart Broadley (CEO, Energy Industries Council)

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New Energy Infrastructure in the Age of Energy Transition

New energy infrastructure represents the greatest opportunity within the energy transition, with the EU alone planning to ‘crowd-in’ €1 trillion between 2021-2027.This session will explore the imminent and unprecedented scaling of renewables over the next 10 years, pinpoint opportunities and deep-dive into the investment case for asset and infrastructure types.

Join Owen Rolt, Head of Energy Transition, Reuters Events as he hosts a panel including Jan De Groof (Head of Asset Management & Procurement, Engie) Stefan Müller (Co-founder & COO, Enerparc) and Serkan Bahçeci (Partner & Head of Research, Arjun Infrastructures)

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files-folders/large/paper-2 Created with Sketch. Whitepaper: A New Model for Bridging the Chasm of Scale

Reuters Events latest whitepaper, produced in collaboration with Halliburton Labs, explores the challenge of scaling crucial low-carbon technology innovations, confronts the barrier of time and offers a new model for bridging the chasm of scale.

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Energy Transition Status Report: What Next for Net-Zero?

What impact has the pandemic had on the transition and how can we ensure that we build back better?

Including Insights On

  • Fossil Fuel Vulnerability
  • Renewables Momentum
  • Technology Enablers
  • Impact of Covid-19

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