ESG & Supply Chains: Governance, Transparency & Private Equity

With an increasing focus from investors on governance, transparency of supply chains is fast becoming a fundamental expectation in order to secure capital inflows.

As ESG becomes the most important issue facing investors today. It is essential to discuss how today’s global supply chains can be opaque, hiding systemic yet unknown risk. With an increasing focus from investors on governance, transparency of supply chains is fast becoming a fundamental expectation in order to secure capital inflows.

Reuters Events are very excited to have brought SupplyShift, The Value Reporting Foundation and the American Investment Council to discuss this critical topic at our Free Webinar: ESG & Supply Chains: Governance, Transparency & Private Equity.

Speakers Sharing Expert Insight:

  • Jeff Cohen, Director Of Capital Markets Integration & Head Of Private Investments Initiatives, Value Reporting Foundation
  • Alex Gershenson, CEO, SupplyShift
  • Moderator: Jamal Hagler, VP Research, American Investment Council

Critical Learning Takeaways:

  • Learn why supply chains are the next frontier in ESG investing, increasing your governance and avoiding risk that you were previously exposed to
  • Grasp the business case for focusing on supply chain sustainability performance in private equity specifically, and why this presents one of the greatest opportunities for future superior returns
  • Current frameworks and tools available to help you engage your portfolio companies and their supply chains to create a low-risk portfolio and stand out to new investors
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The Evolution of ESG & Investor Relations: Proactivity, Demand & Metrics,

As ESG becomes the most important issue facing investors today, the investor relations piece becomes a fundamental tool for corporations to put their best foot forward. But questions remain, specifically on the evolution of investor relations over time, why proactivity has become so important, and the significance of non-financial metrics. 

Reuters Events are very excited to bring TD Bank, Fitch Ratings and Aflac Group to discuss this critical topic. Register below to attend our Free Webinar: The Evolution of ESG & Investor Relations: Proactivity, Demand & Metrics, Tuesday 2nd November 11am-12pm ET.

Can’t make it? All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar.

Key Thought Leaders giving expert insight:

  • Victoria Sivrais, Board Member, National Investor Relations Institute
  • Gillian Manning, Vice President & Head of Investor Relations, TD Bank
  • Andrew Steel, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Fitch Ratings
  • David Young, VP, Investor & Rating Agency Relations; ESG, Aflac Inc.

Critical Learning Takeaways 

  • How has Investor Relations evolved over time, and why is the move from reactivity to proactivity been such an important one for investors?
  • Grasp the new and increased demands in ESG from shareholders, and how you respond to this from an IR perspective, to ensure prudent investor
  • With the growing need for non-financial metrics, how can investor relations meet this shareholder need? Discover what best practice already exists to lay foundations for investors and corporates
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Making ESG Business as Usual: Integrating Responsibility at Every Level

As ESG becomes a key indicator of future risk exposure and performance, integration becomes fundamental for corporations to prove themselves to investors. But questions remain, specifically on what opportunities does ESG integration represent, how to integrate ESG, where does responsibility lie for the integration and ongoing monitoring

Reuters Events are very excited to bring together some key thought leaders to discuss this critical topic. Watch below to gain key insight into such an important topic.

Your key learning takeaways are below:

  • How does a corporate be a good citizen? With increasing focus on climate and social externalities, learn here how a corporation being a good citizen can amplify investment returns
  • How do we integrate ESG into a corporation on a BAU level, to ensure that everyday decisions take into account ESG risks and opportunities.
  • Understand how responsibility needs to extend down from the executive level, allowing ESG to genuinely be seen at all levels of the business, mitigating both micro and macro levels of risk

Thought Leaders sharing insight include:

  • Norie Campbell, Group Head and General Counsel, TD Bank Group
  • Remi Briand, Head of ESG, MSCI
  • Nan DasGupta, Managing Director & Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group
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Societal Considerations in Sustainable Investing

ESG is often thought of in terms of climate change but societal concerns have always been important factor for American investors. Without focus on the needs of society and workers, this risk can spill over into unproductivity and potential societal unrest.

Bringing together key industry speakers to discuss this important topic, Reuters Events is happy to present our webinar: Societal Considerations in Sustainable Investing

Crucial Learning Points:

  • Understand why improved healthcare benefits and workplace safety are a key proponent to managing social risk
  • Grasp how larger issues like creating a more equitable society and eliminating violence against women will have a material impact on your investments
  • Learn how regulatory and societal changes are challenging established investing, and how this creates opportunity for your portfolio


  • Dr. Chantal Line Carpentier, Chief, New York Office, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • Sarah Bratton Hughes, Head of Sustainability, North America, Schroders
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The Future of Venture Capital in Portfolio Allocation

Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic in 2020, US-based, VC-backed companies raised almost $130B in 2020, up 14% year-over-year from 2019. Global venture investing reached an all-time high in the first quarter of 2021, up 94% year-over-year and an increase of 50% quarter-over-quarter. Early-stage funding alone hit new records.

Appetite for venture investing remains strong globally:

  • In the U.S., venture backed companies raised a record $130 billion in 2020
  • In Europe, venture investing hit records levels in the second half of 2020, totaling $41 billion for the year
  • Funding for India-focused VCs hit $3 billion in 2020, up 40% from 2019
  • Fundraising for startups in Pakistan was up 13% year over year for the first half of 2020
  • SE Asian startups raised $8.2 billion in 2020 despite the pandemic, almost matching 2019 levels
  • African startups raised $1.31 billion for 2020, up from $1.27 billion in 2019

Key Industry leaders you will learn from:


  • Jane Lee, VC Journalist, Reuters


  • Christine Tsai, CEO, 500 StartUps
  • Shu Nyatta, Managing Partner, SoftBank Opportunity Fund
  • Gabriele Todesca, Head of PE Valuation, European Investment Fund
  • Tom Hodson, Co-Founder, Horizons Community
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Climate Disclosure Outlook – Toward Global Standards

Climate disclosure has emerged as a key tool in the analysis of ESG risk and opportunity. However, with many differing frameworks, standards, and guidelines - effectively comparing investments across portfolios can be challenging.

In his exclusive webinar, key industry leaders will share insight on why global climate disclosure standards will undoubtedly become a key pillar in the future of investment analysis; allowing for increased risk management and superior returns.

The expert panel:

  • Ruchi Bhowmik, Global Vice Chair, Public Policy, EY
  • Curtis Ravenel, Secretariat, TCFD & Senior Advisor to Mark Carney COP 26 Finance Advisor &UN Special Envoy
  • Alain Deckers, Head of Unit, Corporate Reporting, Audit and Credit Rating Agencies, DG FISMA,European Commission
  • Dorothy Donohue, Deputy General Counsel, The Investment Company Institute
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The Impact of The Pandemic On Executive Compensation

Identify Equity Portfolios Exposure To Governance Risks

CEO pay cuts, staff lay-offs, and volatile stock prices have become the norm in 2020. To stay ahead of the market, 'Asset Owners' and 'Asset Managers' must increase engagement with topics, such as incentive plans, to ensure they are socially responsible and aligned with performance.

  • Aniel Mahabier, CEO, CGLytics
  • Andrew Gebelin, Vice President of Research, Engagement and Stewardship, Glass Lewis
  • Glenn Davis, Deputy Director, Council of Institutional Investors
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Stranded Liabilities and Stranded Assets
  • Understand how assets that become stranded accelerate associated retirement costs, in certain cases exceeding company and industry resources
  • Examine how companies are not being transparent about valuation assumptions and how you can augment disclosed information
  • Recognise how regulatory demand for liability financial assurance is adding production cost burden and quickening the pace that assets are becoming stranded


  • Shadia Nasralla, Oil & Gas correspondent on the energy desk, Reuters

Expert Speakers:

  • Nathalie Wallace, Global Head ESG Investment Strategy, State Street Global Advisors
  • Greg Rogers, Senior Advisor, Carbon Tracker
  • Julien Halfon, Head of Pension and Corporate Solutions, BNPP AM
  • Chrysta Castañeda, Lawyer and Candidate Standing, Texas Railroad Commission
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What Mainstream Investors Must Learn From Impact Investing

The speakers will discuss:

  • Simon Jessop, Chief Correspondent for Sustainable Finance, Reuters News
  • Amit Bouri, CEO, The GIIN
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Unlocking ‘S’: Social Factors Driving Financial Returns
  • How accounting for social factors has delivered above-market returns
  • Leading social funds deliver their business cases to demonstrate opportunity identification, shareholder engagement, social impact measurement, and financial justification
  • Dispel the myth that socially mindful investment requires earning sacrifice and is exclusive to mission-aligned foundations.


  • Jessica Eistrand, Company Director, Hansa Impact Partners

Expert Speakers:

  • Mark Grovic, Founder and General Partner, New Markets Venture Partners
  • Marcus Svedberg, Investment Strategist, Fjärde AP-fonden/Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund
  • Tripp Baird, Managing Partner, The Builders Fund
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ESG Standards: The best path forward
  • Examine the merits of universal standards vs industry-led standards on ESG factors
  • Analyze the current ESG standard landscape, detailing the challenges and advantages that have arisen
  • Propose a pathway forward to develop standards that deliver transparency, clarity and usability
  • Understand the initiatives currently underway and how you can support progress and stay ahead of the market.


  • Jim Northey, ISO TC68 Technical Committee Financial Services Chair

Expert Speakers:

  • Aidan Davy, COO, ICMM
  • Bruno Bertocci, Head of Sustainable Equities, UBS Global Asset Management
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Achieving ESG Data Clarity: Practical Guidance to Maximize ESG Data Value

The speakers will discuss:

  • The key challenges our expert speakers face when using ESG data in their day-to-day roles. Hear the practical solutions and strategic thinking that resolve data challenges and improve performance.
  • Do asset managers believe they can earn alpha returns from an edge in ESG data, or do they fear to get too far ahead of peers in the market? Much is said of Mainstream ESG thinking, but how does this translate to practice and deliver meaningful Alpha returns?
  • Does Covid-19 demonstrate the growing importance of ESG data for asset managers or push it down the priority list? Insights on the current Coronavirus situation from within the data. How data can help you overcome.

Expert Speakers:

  • Joseph Lake, COO, The Climate Service
  • Abigail Dean, Head of Sustainability, Nuveen Real Estate
  • Nikita Singhal, Co-Head of Sustainable Investment & ESG, Lazard Asset Management
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ESG and Sustainable investing in the midst of Covid-19

Speakers include:

  • Veronica Chau, Partner and Director, Sustainable Investing and Social Impact, Boston Consulting Group
  • Jessica Strine, CEO & Managing Partner, Sustainable Governance Partners
  • Sacha Sadan, Director of Corporate Governance, LGIM
  • Xavier Desmadryl, Global Head of ESG Research, HSBC Global Asset Management
  • Dean Frankle, Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group
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ESG in Emerging Markets: How will Emerging Markets Countries and Companies Fight Coronavirus and Climate Change?

Speakers include:

  • Claire Meier Underhill, Director, UK Operations, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance. 
  • Fergus McCormick, Director & Head of Research, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance
  • Jahan Chowdhury, Country Engagement Director, NDC Partnership
  • Gianleo Frisari, Climate Change Economist, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
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Climate Leaders in the Investment Community

Speakers include:

  • James Davis, Partner, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Oliver Wyman
  • Christopher Greenwald, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing Research and Stewardship, MD, UBS
  • Francis Condon, Sustainable and Impact Investing Research Analyst, Executive Director, UBS
  • Eva Cairns, Climate Change Specialist, Aberdeen Standard Investments
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The Evolving Power of ESG: Generating Returns and Communicating with Clients

Speakers include:

  • JP Dallamann, CEO, ILA & Partners
  • Esa Saloranta, Head of ESG & Sustainable Technology, eQ PLC
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Taking ESG Mainstream: Unlocking Financial Materiality for Investors

Speakers include:

  • Veronica Chau, Partner and Director, Sustainable Investing & Social Impact, Boston Consulting Group
  • Andrew Parry, Head of Sustainable Investment, Newton Investment Management
  • Pedro Fernandez, Director, ResponsAbility Investments AG
  • Frank Siblesz, Head of ESG, DIF Capital Partners
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  • How the US government’s view on ESG will affect the pandemic recovery and what this means for the investment community
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ESG: Key Drivers and Actions

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  • New tools for measuring ESG – beyond the talk into data led reporting on how corporates and investors can demonstrate their ESG credentials
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