Webinar - The Future of Venture Capital in Portfolio Allocation

Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic in 2020, US-based, VC-backed companies raised almost $130B in 2020, up 14% year-over-year from 2019. Global venture investing reached an all-time high in the first quarter of 2021, up 94% year-over-year and an increase of 50% quarter-over-quarter. Early-stage funding alone hit new records.

Appetite for venture investing remains strong globally:

  • In the U.S., venture backed companies raised a record $130 billion in 2020
  • In Europe, venture investing hit records levels in the second half of 2020, totaling $41 billion for the year
  • Funding for India-focused VCs hit $3 billion in 2020, up 40% from 2019
  • Fundraising for startups in Pakistan was up 13% year over year for the first half of 2020
  • SE Asian startups raised $8.2 billion in 2020 despite the pandemic, almost matching 2019 levels
  • African startups raised $1.31 billion for 2020, up from $1.27 billion in 2019

Reuters Events are excited to deliver our upcoming webinar: The Future of Venture Capital in Portfolio Allocation, Thursday 15th July 9-10am PST.

Key industry leaders will share insight on why Venture Capital will undoubtedly become a key pillar in the future of portfolio construction, how to assess VC risk & opportunity across the stages, and why this matters when allocating based upon that risk.

Key Industry leaders you will learn from:


  • Jane Lee, VC Journalist, Reuters


  • Christine Tsai, CEO, 500 StartUps
  • Shu Nyatta, Managing Partner, SoftBank Opportunity Fund
  • Gabriele Todesca, Head of PE Valuation, European Investment Fund
  • Tom Hodson, Co-Founder, Horizons Community

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