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Global Economic Turbulence; ESG Remains Key For Investors

Global investors have long since moved away from the idea that ESG requires a financial trade off. The evidence is assured, ESG is a serious tool for delivering higher, and more secure returns.

The global economy is currently going through a seriously tough time. As the stock market declines, we run the risk that mainstream portfolio managers will turn their attention away from ESG. Investment leaders are clear, that can not be allowed to happen. The rapid increase in materiality of ESG factors continues to grow during this troubled period. 2020 remains a crucial year in which the investment community must equip itself with the tools necessary to survive and thrive in the coming decade of unprecedented change.

That is why Reuters Events has launched the ESG Investment Summit North America. It was clear that a new type of event was needed. One that pushes the narrative beyond the hype to deliver the practical strategies, data frameworks and case studies that will tackle the crucial issue; how can you translate ESG into financial returns?

To answer this question, we have assembled a new kind of speaker line-up that not only showcases the best ESG experts and regulators but also the C-Suite investment executives, who’ll outline how ESG can be mainstreamed across all investment institutions.

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The only conference to give you the ESG strategy of the world’s biggest asset managers directly from the C-Suite.

The Biggest Line of ESG & Responsible Investment Leaders:

A carefully curated speaker faculty that showcases the both the investment community’s most senior leaders and the key ESG experts shaping the future of the industry.


At the ESG Investment North America Summit, our mission is to remove the blue sky and deliver actionable insights and honest, frank and open discussions on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Keynotes: ESG Gamechangers - The Leaders of the 2020s
Investment-led Leadership in the ERA of ESG Major Stakeholders, investors and clients come together to drive forward the ESG agenda. Recognise the fundamental changes investors are making to deliver financial and sustainable returns. Reuters Editorial Live Interviews Reuters News conduct live on-stage interviews and panel discussions with the key newsmakers that are making the headlines and affecting change.
Theme 1: Data Driven ESG Investing Theme 2: Corporate Reporting & Transparency Theme 3: ESG Asset Management Strategies
Get practical with your ESG data. Understand the in-house skills, the external partners, and the latest AI technologies transforming ESG data into core decision-enabling insights. Take the initiative as a core stakeholder to initiate progress on key issues that are both ‘financially material’ and ‘globally significant’. Learn strategies to direct collaboration between peers, clients and asset owners. ESG is not the preserve of the Chief Sustainability Officer. Understand how ESG can be incorporated into the decision-making process of all mainstream CIOs and portfolio managers. Equip all teams with the skills required to extract financial returns.
Deep-Dive Roundtables:
A practical look at materiality of ESG within specific sectors. Discuss in-depth with peers, clients, corporate leaders and industry regulators the key drivers of change transforming your sector (incl. energy, technology, infrastructure). Learn what factors are material in your industry and how to collectively instill long-term thinking and sustainable practices that deliver sound returns for your investments.

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Be the first to receive all the details on speakers, program and networking for the two-day event

One Pass, Two events: ESG Investment Summit + Responsible Business Summit New York

Attendees at the ESG Investment Summit North America will enjoy full access to Reuters Events’ leading Responsible Business Summit North America.

The Responsible Business Summit NY attracts 750+ corporate CEOs, heads of sustainability, sourcing and communications teams to discuss how they’re looking to deliver a new blueprint for sustainable business in the 2020s.

This is an amazing opportunity to meet 750+ corporate stakeholders to understand their ESG strategies and build relationships and knowledge around key issues such as reporting and governance.

2020 Speakers Include:

Sheldon Whitehouse
Sheldon Whitehouse

U.S. Senate


Rebecca Marmot
Rebecca Marmot


Chief Sustainability Officer

Gerald Evans
Gerald Evans



Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer


President and CEO

Mary Jane Melendez
Mary Jane Melendez

General Mills

Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer; President, General Mills Foundation

Anna Pot
Anna Pot

APG Asset Management

Head of Responsible Investment Americas

Tom Kinisky
Tom Kinisky


Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

Devina Rankin
Devina Rankin

Waste Management

Chief Financial Officer

Marilyn Ceci
Marilyn Ceci

JP Morgan

Managing Director, Head of Green Bonds

Karoliina Loikkanen
Karoliina Loikkanen


Head Of Sustainability

Michael Viehs
Michael Viehs

Hermes Investment

Head of ESG Integration

Brad Lich
Brad Lich


Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

The Only Event that Brings Together ALL the Key ESG Stakeholders:

To achieve the transformation required to make ESG a central pillar of all investment strategies, all key stakeholders must collaborate to create the data frameworks that will enable materiality, transparent and impactful investments. ESG Investment North America 2020 will unite senior leaders from across the ecosystem:


Hear from your peers, including asset owners, managers and private equity firms on how to leverage available ESG information to inform your decisions


Demonstrate ESG leadership and learn from investors what data and practices and performance disclosures they require to drive their investment decisions

Data Providers

Aggregate ESG information - through public reports, private research and company requests – to provider investors with the granular data they need to underpin long-term decisions

Standard Setters

Provide detailed guidelines that support companies in understanding what ESG related information they should disclose


Help investors and companies to understand the best manner of ESG reporting to place ESG alongside traditional annual reporting practice


Offer advice on how ESG data should be publicly disclosed and offer assurance on publicly disclosed non-financial information


Set the agenda for the ESG requirements placed on investors and companies; incl. local, national and supranational governments, financial regulators, and stock exchanges

NGOs &

Bringing together ESG stakeholders to help to understand how to benchmark and report on ESG performance

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5 Reasons to Attend the ESG Investment Summit North America:

1The most forward-thinking investment-industry leaders in attendance:#ESGinvestEU brings together senior decision-makers from major and innovative boutique asset management firms, banks, pension and wealth funds, government, regulators and leading market influencers! Advance your ESG strategy with the guidance of the whole industry

2Practical Approach:This is not just another talking-shop. Industry leaders outline their methodologies, get candid with ESG data and discuss the key steps that must be taken in 2020. All sessions feature live polling and interactive questions, enabling you the opportunity to source the information and the partners you need

3Where ESG becomes Mainstream: No Longer the preserve of Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact Investors; ESG has proven its self-capable of delivering serious value financially. By bringing together leaders from both mainstream and ESG specific roles, we facilitate a conversation that breaks down knowledge silos and gives practical guidance to support decision-makers across all portfolios

42-for-1! Co-located event with the Responsible Business Summit:Situated in the same venue at the same time, Reuters Events junior brand ‘Ethical Corporation’ is hosting its 19th Annual RBS NY event. This industry leading event brings 750+ corporate leaders to discuss ‘How to Lead the Decade of Action’. This co-location enables cross-networking and learning between ESG Investment North America’s Investment Community and RBS NY’s Corporate Community

5Reuters News Led Sessions: Our chief correspondents are keen to involved in forwarding the discussion and so have invited their news making contacts onto the stage for live fireside chats. Prepare for household names to take to the stage with direction setting insights and industry leading analysis

Goldman Sachs
Newton Investment Management
BNP Paribas
DIF Capital Partners
Climate Bonds Initiative
Innocent Drinks
Coca Cola Company
M and G investments
Asahi Europe
Global Sustain
Pepsi Co
European Investment Bank

Attendee Job Titles Include:

  • CEO
  • Chairman – Asset Management
  • Deputy Global Head of Sustainability
  • Director & Head of Capital Markets
  • Director ESG
  • Director of Operations
  • Global Head of ESG
  • Global Head of Sustainability
  • Head of ESG
  • Head of Responsible Capitalism
  • Head of Responsible Investments
  • Head of Sustainable Finance Committee
  • Head of Sustainable Investment
  • Managing Director and Partner
  • President – Asset Management

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