Integrating ESG Strategy to Identify Opportunities, Mitigate Risk, Create Scalable Investment Products and Tactically Manage Forward-Looking Portfolios

  • 3,000+Attendees
  • 30+CEO & Executive Speakers
  • 15Live and Recorded Panel Discussions
  • 5Intimate Invitation Workshops
  • 2Days of Interactive Discussion

The Leading Institutional Investor ESG Investment Summit

ESG Investment North America 2021 is the largest forum for mainstream institutional asset owners, asset managers, regulators, standard setters and ESG experts to discuss core investment strategy.

The agenda enables strategic direction-setting and practical guidance. The ESG conversation has moved from ‘WHY´ to ’HOW’ and NOW is the critical juncture for mainstream investors and asset owners to accelerate their integration plans, scale innovative sustainable and social products, access verified ESG data, and refine engagement strategy.

  • Learn key tools and understanding through open platform discussions alongside 3,000+ leading industry executives.
  • Discuss your challenges and solutions alongside your peers during intimate 30 attendee workshops and discover the network connections that will assist you to develop and refine your strategic ESG plans.

The ESG Investment North America Summit is open for partnerships

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We are currently recruiting speakers for 2021, please see our fantastic speaker line-up from the 2020 event:

Jeff Ubben - Headshot
Inclusive Capital Partners - Logo

Jeff Ubben Founder, Managing Partner Inclusive Capital Partners

Sandy Boss - Headshot
BlackRock - Logo

Sandy Boss Global Head of Investment Stewardship BlackRock

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé - Headshot
Candriam - Logo

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé CEO Candriam & Chairman New York Life Investments International

Sarah Bratton - Headshot
Schroders - Logo

Sarah Bratton Head of Sustainability, North America Schroders

Martin Whittaker - Headshot
JUST Capital - Logo

Martin Whittaker CEO JUST Capital

Waqas Samad - Headshot
FTSE Russell - Logo

Waqas Samad CEO FTSE Russell

Leslie Samuelrich - Headshot
Green Century Funds - Logo

Leslie Samuelrich President Green Century Funds

Martina Cheung - Headshot
S&P Global Market Intelligence - Logo

Martina Cheung President S&P Global Market Intelligence

Heather Bergman Ph.D - Headshot
Allianz Global Investors - Logo

Heather Bergman Ph.D Vice President, Portfolio Manager Allianz Global Investors

Brandon Rees - Headshot
AFL CIO - Logo

Brandon Rees Deputy Director, Corporations and Capital Markets AFL CIO

Divya Mankikar - Headshot
CalPERS - Logo

Divya Mankikar Investment Manager CalPERS

Andrew Collins - Headshot
San Francisco Employee Retirement System (SFERS)  - Logo

Andrew Collins Director of ESG and Responsible Investing San Francisco Employee Retirement System (SFERS)

Andrew Siwo - Headshot
New York State Common Retirement Fund - Logo

Andrew Siwo Director of Sustainable Investments and Climate Solutions New York State Common Retirement Fund

Hervé Duteil - Headshot
BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking - Logo

Hervé Duteil Chief Sustainability Officer, Americas BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking

Lanaya Irvin - Headshot
Coqual - Logo

Lanaya Irvin President Coqual

The ESG Investment North America Summit is open for partnerships

Get involved to share your thought leadership, network with peers and generate leads – please enquire here:

The Six Key Themes for 2021 in Detail:

Investment has Evolved. Will You?

The Evolving Global Policy and Trade Landscape
  • Looking to the investment horizon, we anticipate the US Biden administration to advocate further ESG integration through the creation of a regulatory environment that is favourable to greater reporting, disclosure, and shareholder resolutions surrounding ESG issues. This will bring the US further in line with Europe on ESG.
  • The Biden administration also favours multilateralism for international policy issues and re-entry to the Paris climate accord will give a sharp boost to global environmental efforts ahead of COP26.
  • Joining Japan and South Korea, China’s recent move to pledge carbon neutrality by 2060 signifies greater regional policy action on environmental issues that will rapidly increase the ESG engagement of ASIA PAC investors and private companies.
  • Britain, as it negotiates post-Brexit trade deals has the opportunity to promote the reduction of trade restrictions for green goods and services. The Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability (ACCTS) offers a model for future global green markets.
Shareholder Engagement, Activism, Resolutions and Proxy Voting
  • Greater alignment on data disclosure, international reporting standards, and taxonomy has converged research methodologies and enabled mainstream investors to assess risks and opportunities through the lens of ESG. Opportunities for differentiation arise through shareholder engagement that delivers positive transition ESG alignment and best practices.
  • Asset managers are redefining their engagement strategies by developing specialist ‘ESG engagement teams’ whilst also partnering with activist NGOs to define best practice and set targets for improvement. We will look at engagement best practice for both actively managed and passive portfolios.
  • With the ESG financial materiality argument won, NGOs and consultancies will experience increased enthusiasm by corporates. The engagement of consultancies within corporate partners will increase the accuracy and scope of disclosed data. Asset Managers must work with NGOs to refine metrics and targets on specific issues.
  • Investors’ rhetoric will be held to account during the proxy voting season. The failure to support positive words with meaningful action will be increasingly highlighted and derided by media and activists.
Data Analysis, Ai, Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • We will tackle the ‘data’ question from two angles: sourcing, and application.
  • The increase of more advanced data mining and technology-aided spatial analysis as tools will enhance disclosed information, yet the useability of alternative sources still needs to convince mainstream investors.
  • Refining of due diligence strategies will accelerate the integration of 3rd party sourced information and lead to efficient, trusted, and holistic insights. Solution providers must demonstrate how we can achieve transparency and trust whilst protecting IP and proprietary data analysis methodology.
  • We will explore the technology horizon for data mining, machine learning, and AI-enabled analysis.

Pledges, Alliances and Coalitions – Making Public Commitments for Action
  • In Europe, and with increasing propensity in North America, investors are announcing public commitments on their 20XX Net Zero targets. Meanwhile, the impetus to join ‘action-orientated’ investor, corporate, or asset owner affiliations has become an important strategy.
  • Defining methods for the accountability of pledges will increase in the run-up to COP26 as policymakers look to refine what net-zero means. Likewise, investor and corporate coalitions will come under greater pressure to advance progressive targets and provide more than ‘tick-box’ engagement.
  • Investor navigation around the innumerous causes championed by activists and NGOs must become clearer. Materiality will play a central role, but so too will investment philosophy as clients signal intent to make a positive impact.
“Impact”: Developing Metrics and Defining Intent
  • Many mainstream investors say they have moved past ESG and are now looking at ‘Impact’, yet defining impact remains ambiguous between firms.
  • If we define ‘ESG’ as the understanding of risks and opportunities identified through non-financial factor analysis, we can define ‘Impact’ as the understanding of real-world outcomes as a result of ESG integration, engagement and action plans.
  • Or, should impact go beyond metrics and encompass intent? Mainstream clients are increasingly moving towards incorporating impact targets within initial investment philosophy. We will dissect the ‘intent’ question alongside the pursuit for impact (real-world outcome) data through new disclosure standards, regulation and data mining.
ESG Product Building and Tactical Portfolio Management
  • Demand for ESG aligned investment opportunities will continue to grow significantly throughout the decade, thus demanding a rapid response from the investment community. Significant investable ESG opportunities will increase across the full spread of asset classes.
  • ESG issues and fund houses must rise to the challenge, offering new products to expand the ability of investors to build their preferred asset allocations. Scalability is crucial, and innovation is required to incorporate social and environmental considerations into new successful products.
  • Diverse teams make better decisions, and thus deliberate efforts must be made to change the procedures that determine which asset managers are selected. Opportunities must be opened for new and diverse asset managers, including women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of colour) managers.

Reuters News Editorial Led Interviews and Panels

Alongside Reuters Events, senior correspondents and editors from Reuters News will host live panel discussions and 1-1 in-depth interviews creating news in real time.

In 2020 our Journalists Brought ESG Investment North America Exclusive Interviews Including:

  • Jeff Ubben, Founder, Managing Partner, Inclusive Capital Partners
  • Martin Whittaker, CEO, JUST Capital
  • Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, CEO, Candriam & Chairman, New York Life Investments International
  • Waqas Samad, CEO, FTSE Russell
  • Henry Fernandez, CEO, MSCI
  • Leslie Samuelrich, President, Green Century Funds
  • Martina Cheung, President, S&P Global Mark
  • Divya Mankikar, Investment Manager, CalPERS
  • Audrey Choi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Morgan Stanley
  • Lanaya Irvin, President, Coqual
  • Dave Burt, Founder and CEO, DeltaTerra Capital
  • Asoka Woehrmann, CEO, DWS

Learn from the 60+ Senior Leaders Setting the North American Investment Agenda.

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shopping/large/mobile-touch Created with Sketch. Audience Interactivity We know that opportunities to interact with your peers are what make events special. That’s why wherever possible and using the latest technology we will continue to deliver live Q&As, breakout sessions & workshops and audience polls.

The ESG Investment North America Summit is open for partnerships

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Why ESG Investment North America is THE Must Attend Strategic Investment Summit for Professional Investors

The Whole Investment Community

Bringing together leading stakeholders from across the investment community to provide practical insights to advance your ESG journey. Reuters Events ESG Investment Europe is the industry’s central hub providing voice to the ESG conversation.

Unrivalled Agenda at North America’s Leading ESG Event

A two-day agenda featuring the key topics, delivered by industry experts at the forefront of the ESG movement. Combining strategic direction setting with practical guidance – this agenda is designed to give the investment professional the future clarity and the core skills needed to operate in the rapidly evolving market.

The Most Influential Industry Names

Combining global powerhouse names, with leading innovative boutiques. Mainstream asset owners with mission driven foundations. State, federal and pan-national regulators. Leading stakeholders, activists and academics. This event draws from the collective wisdom of the whole ESG conversation to present exclusive insights you won’t hear anywhere else.

One-to-one Meeting and Networking Service

Connect with all your fellow attendees and potential new partners through a dedicated virtual meetings platform. Bespoke and facilitated, these are power meetings that matter.

On-Demand Insights – Watch Now!

Get a taste of what’s to come via our on-demand insights centre. Our latest webinars, whitepapers and more are available free of charge. Want to know the effect of Covid-19? Whats happening with ESG in Emerging Markets? The best practice for standard setting? Access it all, exclusive and free now.

The Digital Exhibition

Search through over 20+ exhibitors from your own desk. You’ll be able to find the latest services and technology solutions delivering ESG insights.

The ESG Investment North America Summit is open for partnerships

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The ESG community includes: Corporates > Data Providers > Technology Providers > Consultancies > Assurers > Framework Developers > Standard Setters > NGOs/Associations > Investor Coalitions > Asset Managers > Banks > Asset Owners > Regulators > Government

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President, Asset Management
  • Chairman, Chair of the Board
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Trustee, Board of Trustees
  • Head of ESG
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Head of Responsible Investing
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Capital Markets
  • Head of Social Impact
  • Investment Strategist
  • Client Strategies, Engagement
  • Analyst, ESG/Portfolio

The ESG Investment North America Summit is open for partnerships

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Mission Statement

Reuters Events ESG Investment will provide the professional investment community with exclusive insights demonstrating best-practice alongside forward-thinking strategy and understanding. Targeting the professional investment community, we will seek to bridge the knowledge gap between those in ESG specific roles and mainstream professionals by promoting practical guidance. Looking forward, we will challenge convention and push ESG pioneers to solve the challenges that currently inhibit truly effective use of ESG as tool to drive financial value and positive change.

5 reasons why you should attend the Summit

  1. Plan your 2021 strategy with speaker keynotes sharing insights on how we can deliver a clean and inclusive global recovery
  2. Takeaway valuable lessons from the live panel and Q&A sessions on the latest strategies and innovations in ESG strategy, data, regulation, communication and more.
  3. Learn from examples with confirmed case studies form the asset managers, and asset owners leading towards a financial, environmental and socially sustainable future
  4. Don’t miss a thing – your registration gives you access to the sessions from ESG Investment North America and ESG Investment Europe and make sure to connect with leading solution providers in the digital exhibition
  5. Stay safe at home with all the business-critical insights free-of-charge to view at your leisure and help you plan your transformational investment strategies

The ESG Investment North America Summit is open for partnerships

Get involved to share your thought leadership, network with peers and generate leads – please enquire here:

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