A Look at which World Leading Executives will be Sharing Insight

Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald - Headshot
UBS Global Wealth Management - Logo

Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald Vice Chairman UBS Global Wealth Management

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Mike Freno - Headshot
Barings - Logo

Mike Freno CEO Barings

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Saker Nusseibeh, CBE - Headshot
Federated Hermes International - Logo

Saker Nusseibeh, CBE CEO Federated Hermes International

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Anne Simpson - Headshot
CalPERS - Logo

Anne Simpson Director, Board Governance & Strategy CalPERS

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Peggy Foran - Headshot
Prudential Financial - Logo

Peggy Foran Chief Governance Officer Prudential Financial

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Dave Zellner - Headshot
WesPath - Logo

Dave Zellner CIO WesPath

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Hervé Duteil - Headshot
BNP Paribas - Logo

Hervé Duteil Chief Sustainability Officer BNP Paribas

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Leslie Samuelrich - Headshot
Green Century - Logo

Leslie Samuelrich CEO Green Century

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Kirsty Jenkinson - Headshot

Kirsty Jenkinson Sustainable Investment and Stewardship Strategies (SISS) Investment Director CALSTRS

Anthony Minopoli - Headshot
Knights of Columbus - Logo

Anthony Minopoli President & CIO Knights of Columbus

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Mindy Lubber - Headshot
CERES - Logo

Mindy Lubber CEO CERES

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Martin Whittaker - Headshot
JustCapital - Logo

Martin Whittaker CEO JustCapital

Catherine Howarth - Headshot
ShareAction - Logo

Catherine Howarth CEO ShareAction

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Lanaya Irvin - Headshot
Coqual - Logo

Lanaya Irvin CEO Coqual

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Erika Karp - Headshot
Pathstone - Logo

Erika Karp Chief Impact Officer Pathstone

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Emily Kreps - Headshot
CDP - Logo

Emily Kreps Global Director, Capital Markets CDP

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Jenn Kenning - Headshot

Jenn Kenning CEO Align Impact

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David Levine - Headshot
American Sustainable Business Council - Logo

David Levine President American Sustainable Business Council

Wim Van Hyfte - Headshot
Candriam - Logo

Wim Van Hyfte Global Head of ESG Candriam

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Celia Ouellette - Headshot
Responsible Business Initiative for Justice - Logo

Celia Ouellette CEO Responsible Business Initiative for Justice

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Amanda Rebello - Headshot
DWS - Logo

Amanda Rebello Head of Passive Income DWS

Dr. Patrick Welton - Headshot
Welton Investment Partners - Logo

Dr. Patrick Welton CIO Welton Investment Partners

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Barbara Oldani - Headshot
Emerging Markets Investor Alliance - Logo

Barbara Oldani Director, Asset Manager & Asset Owner Emerging Markets Investor Alliance

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Jeff Cohen - Headshot
SASB - Logo

Jeff Cohen Director of Capital Markets Integration & Head of Private Investments Initiatives SASB

Vikram Ghandi - Headshot
Harvard Business School - Logo

Vikram Ghandi Professor Harvard Business School

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Sarah Bernstein - Headshot

Sarah Bernstein Managing Principal Meketa Investments

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Herman Kamil - Headshot

Herman Kamil Head of the Debt Management Office Ministry of Economy and Finance in Uruguay

Isabelle Braly-Cartillier - Headshot
Inter-American Development Bank - Logo

Isabelle Braly-Cartillier Senior specialist, financial markets division Inter-American Development Bank

Patrick O'Connell - Headshot

Patrick O'Connell Emerging Market Credit Analyst AllianceBernstein

SupplyShift - Logo

TBA TBA SupplyShift

RepRisk - Logo


ISS - Logo


Dr Bronwyn King - Headshot

Dr Bronwyn King CEO Tobacco Free Portfolios

Sarah Bratton-Hughes - Headshot
Schroders - Logo

Sarah Bratton-Hughes Head of Sustainability, North America Schroders

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Milena Stojceska - Headshot
Tobacco Free Portfolios - Logo

Milena Stojceska Senior Manager Tobacco Free Portfolios

Daniel Botterill - Headshot

Daniel Botterill CEO Ditto Sustainability

Inter-American Development Bank - Logo

TBA TBA Inter-American Development Bank