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Confirmed Executive Speakers Who Are Setting the ESG Agenda and Driving a Decade of Action

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Jeff Ubben - Headshot
Inclusive Capital Partners - Logo

Jeff Ubben Founder, Managing Partner Inclusive Capital Partners

John Studzinski CBE - Headshot
PIMCO - Logo

John Studzinski CBE Managing Director and Vice Chairman PIMCO

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Naïm Abou-Jaoudé - Headshot
Candriam - Logo

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé CEO Candriam & Chairman New York Life Investments International

Martin Whittaker - Headshot
JUST Capital - Logo

Martin Whittaker CEO JUST Capital

Waqas Samad - Headshot
FTSE Russell - Logo

Waqas Samad CEO FTSE Russell

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Henry Fernandez - Headshot
MSCI - Logo

Henry Fernandez CEO MSCI

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Leslie Samuelrich - Headshot
Green Century Funds - Logo

Leslie Samuelrich President Green Century Funds

Martina Cheung - Headshot
S&P Global Market Intelligence - Logo

Martina Cheung President S&P Global Market Intelligence

Heather Bergman Ph.D - Headshot
Allianz Global Investors - Logo

Heather Bergman Ph.D Vice President, Portfolio Manager Allianz Global Investors

Brandon Rees - Headshot
AFL CIO - Logo

Brandon Rees Deputy Director, Corporations and Capital Markets AFL CIO

Divya Mankikar - Headshot
CalPERS - Logo

Divya Mankikar Investment Manager CalPERS

Andrew Collins - Headshot
San Francisco Employee Retirement System (SFERS)  - Logo

Andrew Collins Director of ESG and Responsible Investing San Francisco Employee Retirement System (SFERS)

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Andrew Siwo - Headshot
New York State Common Retirement Fund - Logo

Andrew Siwo Director of Sustainable Investments and Climate Solutions New York State Common Retirement Fund

Hervé Duteil - Headshot
BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking - Logo

Hervé Duteil Chief Sustainability Officer, Americas BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking

Audrey Choi - Headshot
Morgan Stanley - Logo

Audrey Choi Chief Sustainability Officer Morgan Stanley

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Henrike Kulmann - Headshot
UBS - Logo

Henrike Kulmann ESG Analyst UBS

Sarah Bratton - Headshot
Schroders - Logo

Sarah Bratton Head of Sustainability, North America Schroders

Amy O’Brien - Headshot
Nuveen - Logo

Amy O’Brien Global Head of Responsible Investing Nuveen

JJ Wilczewski - Headshot
DWS - Logo

JJ Wilczewski Head of Client Coverage, Americas DWS

Luke Oliver - Headshot
DWS - Logo

Luke Oliver Head of Index Investing, Americas DWS

Rebeca Minguela - Headshot
Clarity AI - Logo

Rebeca Minguela Founder and CEO Clarity AI

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Joseph Lake - Headshot
The Climate Service - Logo

Joseph Lake COO The Climate Service

Wim Van Hyfte - Headshot
Candriam - Logo

Wim Van Hyfte Global Head of ESG Investments and Research Candriam

Adi Divgi - Headshot
Catalina U.S. Insurance Services LLC - Logo

Adi Divgi Head of Alternative Investments, Director of Portfolio Management Catalina U.S. Insurance Services LLC

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Sudhir Roc-Sennett - Headshot
Vontobel Quality Growth - Logo

Sudhir Roc-Sennett Head of Thought Leadership & ESG Vontobel Quality Growth

Rilwan Meeran - Headshot
MassMutual - Logo

Rilwan Meeran Portfolio Manager, Head of Impact Investing MassMutual

Daniel Hennessy - Headshot
NEPC - Logo

Daniel Hennessy Senior Consultant NEPC

Will Martindale - Headshot
UN PRI - Logo

Will Martindale Director of Policy and Research UN PRI

Sean Gilbert - Headshot
The GIIN - Logo

Sean Gilbert Director of Member Engagement The GIIN

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Jeff Cohen - Headshot
SASB - Logo

Jeff Cohen Director of Capital Markets Integration, and Head of Private Investments Initiatives SASB

Lanaya Irvin - Headshot
Coqual - Logo

Lanaya Irvin President Coqual

Vikram Gandhi - Headshot
Harvard Business School - Logo

Vikram Gandhi Professor Harvard Business School

Robert G. Eccles - Headshot
Saïd Business School - Logo

Robert G. Eccles Visiting Professor of Management Practice Saïd Business School

Giorgio Carlino - Headshot

Giorgio Carlino CFA

Paritosh Bansal - Headshot
Reuters News - Logo

Paritosh Bansal Editor, Financial Industry and Financial Markets Reuters News

Naomi English - Headshot
MSCI - Logo

Naomi English Executive Director, Head of ESG Solutions MSCI

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John Pileggi - Headshot
Uncommon Giving Corporation - Logo

John Pileggi Chief Investment Officer Uncommon Giving Corporation

Ross Kerber - Headshot
Reuters News - Logo

Ross Kerber Correspondent Reuters News

Dave Burt - Headshot
DeltaTerra Capital - Logo

Dave Burt Founder and CEO DeltaTerra Capital

Bruce Simpson - Headshot
McKinsey - Logo

Bruce Simpson Senior Partner McKinsey

Sean Kane - Headshot
McKinsey - Logo

Sean Kane Partner McKinsey

Liam Healy - Headshot
Diligent - Logo

Liam Healy SVP, Entity Management and Managing Director Diligent

David Czupryna - Headshot
Candriam - Logo

David Czupryna Head of ESG Development Candriam

Shahnawaz Malik - Headshot
Cornerstone Capital Group - Logo

Shahnawaz Malik Managing Director and Senior Investment Advisor Cornerstone Capital Group

Terry Heymann - Headshot
World Gold Council - Logo

Terry Heymann CFO World Gold Council

Julie Gorte - Headshot
Impax Asset Management - Logo

Julie Gorte SVP, Sustainable Investing Impax Asset Management

Suzanne Fallender - Headshot
Intel Corporation - Logo

Suzanne Fallender Director, Corporate Responsibility Intel Corporation


Ajata "AJ" Mediratta Managing Partner, President, Portfolio Manager Greylock Capital

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Speaking at ESG Investment Europe 2020

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Asoka Woehrmann - Headshot
DWS - Logo

Asoka Woehrmann CEO DWS

Euan Stirling - Headshot
Standard Life Aberdeen - Logo

Euan Stirling Global Head of Stewardship and ESG Standard Life Aberdeen

Sheila Patel - Headshot
Goldman Sachs - Logo

Sheila Patel Chairman, Asset Management Goldman Sachs

Suni Harford - Headshot
UBS - Logo

Suni Harford President Asset Management UBS

Janine Guillot - Headshot
Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SASB) - Logo

Janine Guillot CEO Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SASB)

Meaghan Muldoon - Headshot
BlackRock - Logo

Meaghan Muldoon Managing Director, EMEA Head of Sustainable Investing BlackRock

Huw van Steenis - Headshot
UBS - Logo

Huw van Steenis Head of Sustainable Finance Committee UBS

Ben Constable-Maxwell - Headshot
M&G Investments - Logo

Ben Constable-Maxwell Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing M&G Investments

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Randeep Somel - Headshot
M&G Investments - Logo

Randeep Somel Fund Manager and Impact Analyst M&G Investments

Aniel Mahabier - Headshot
CGLytics - Logo

Aniel Mahabier CEO CGLytics

Steffen Hoerter - Headshot
Allianz Global Investors - Logo

Steffen Hoerter Global Head of ESG Allianz Global Investors

Neha Coulon - Headshot
JP Morgan - Logo

Neha Coulon Global Head of ESG Solutions JP Morgan

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Ian Simm - Headshot
Impax Asset Management - Logo

Ian Simm Founder & CEO Impax Asset Management

Maria Lombardo - Headshot
Invesco - Logo

Maria Lombardo European Head of ESG Client Strategies Invesco

Ingrid Holmes - Headshot
Federated Hermes - Logo

Ingrid Holmes Head of Policy & Advocacy Federated Hermes

Eila Kreivi - Headshot
EIB (European Investment Bank) - Logo

Eila Kreivi Director & Head of Capital Markets EIB (European Investment Bank)

Mikko Venermo - Headshot
EBRD - Logo

Mikko Venermo Lead Adviser, Environment and Sustainability EBRD

Helena Viñes-Fiestas - Headshot
BNP Paribas Asset Management - Logo

Helena Viñes-Fiestas Deputy Global Head of Sustainability, Global Head of Stewardship and Policy BNP Paribas Asset Management

Cindy Rose - Headshot
Majedie Asset Management - Logo

Cindy Rose Head of Responsible Capitalism Majedie Asset Management

Stephanie Pfeifer - Headshot
IIGCC - Logo

Stephanie Pfeifer CEO IIGCC

Will Goodhart - Headshot
CFA Society of the UK - Logo

Will Goodhart CEO CFA Society of the UK

Catherine Howarth - Headshot
ShareAction - Logo

Catherine Howarth CEO ShareAction

Tom Rivett-Carnac - Headshot
Global Optimism - Logo

Tom Rivett-Carnac Co-Founder Global Optimism

Sean Kidney - Headshot
Climate Bonds Initiative - Logo

Sean Kidney CEO Climate Bonds Initiative

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Jake Otto - Headshot
Wellington Management - Logo

Jake Otto CFA, Vice President and Investment Specialist Wellington Management

Jean-Hugues de Lamaze - Headshot
Ecofin - Logo

Jean-Hugues de Lamaze Managing Director and Senior PM Ecofin

Kris Atkinson - Headshot
Fidelity International  - Logo

Kris Atkinson Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Funds – Sustainable Reduced Carbon Bond Fidelity International

Justin Kew - Headshot
Carmignac - Logo

Justin Kew ESG Analyst Carmignac

Gavin Smith - Headshot
QMA, a PGIM business - Logo

Gavin Smith Managing Director, Head of Equity Research QMA, a PGIM business

Dimitri Kyriakou - Headshot
FactSet - Logo

Dimitri Kyriakou Senior Content and Technology Specialist, Europe FactSet

Damiano de Felice - Headshot
Access to Medicine Foundation - Logo

Damiano de Felice Director of Strategy and Member of the Management Team Access to Medicine Foundation

Daisy Streatfeild - Headshot
IIGCC - Logo

Daisy Streatfeild Investor Practices Programme Director IIGCC

Dr. Rory Sullivan - Headshot
London School of Economics (LSE) - Logo

Dr. Rory Sullivan Visiting Professor London School of Economics (LSE) CEO Chronos Sustainability

Yannis Salavopoulos - Headshot
Global Sustain GmbH - Logo

Yannis Salavopoulos Managing Director Global Sustain GmbH

Victor van Hoorn - Headshot
Eurosif - The European Sustainable Investment and Finance Forum - Logo

Victor van Hoorn Executive Director Eurosif - The European Sustainable Investment and Finance Forum

Ilaria Calabresi - Headshot
J.P. Morgan Private Bank - Logo

Ilaria Calabresi Sustainable Investing Lead EMEA and Asia J.P. Morgan Private Bank

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Lupin Rahman - Headshot
PIMCO - Logo

Lupin Rahman Head of EM Sovereign Credit PIMCO

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Saker Nusseibeh CBE - Headshot
Federated Hermes - International - Logo

Saker Nusseibeh CBE CEO Federated Hermes - International

Oscar Ardila - Headshot
AshmoreAVENIDA - Logo

Oscar Ardila Head of Investor Relations and Responsible Investing AshmoreAVENIDA

Sasja Beslik - Headshot
J. Safra Sarasin - Logo

Sasja Beslik Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Finance J. Safra Sarasin

Richard J Tomlinson - Headshot
Local Pensions Partnership Investments - Logo

Richard J Tomlinson Chief Investment Officer Local Pensions Partnership Investments

Erin Blanton - Headshot
Columbia University - Logo

Erin Blanton Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy Columbia University

Arjun Murti - Headshot

Arjun Murti

Ben Ratner - Headshot
Environmental Defense Fund - Logo

Ben Ratner Senior Director Environmental Defense Fund

Speaking On-Demand at ESG Investment 2020

Marcus Svedberg - Headshot
Fjärde AP-fonden / Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund - Logo

Marcus Svedberg Investment Strategist Fjärde AP-fonden / Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund

Bruno Bastit - Headshot
S&P Global Ratings - Logo

Bruno Bastit Director, Senior Corporate Governance & Sustainable Finance Specialist S&P Global Ratings

Christopher Greenwald - Headshot
UBS - Logo

Christopher Greenwald Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing Research and Stewardship MD UBS

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Francis Condon - Headshot
UBS - Logo

Francis Condon Sustainable and Impact Investing Research Analyst Executive Director UBS

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Xavier Desmadryl - Headshot
HSBC Global Asset Management - Logo

Xavier Desmadryl Global Head of ESG Research HSBC Global Asset Management

Sacha Sadan - Headshot
LGIM - Logo

Sacha Sadan Director of Corporate Governance LGIM

Abigail Dean - Headshot
Nuveen Real Estate - Logo

Abigail Dean Head of Sustainability Nuveen Real Estate

Nikita Singhal - Headshot
Lazard Asset Management - Logo

Nikita Singhal Co-Head of Sustainable Investment & ESG Lazard Asset Management

Andrew Parry - Headshot
Newton Investment Management - Logo

Andrew Parry Head of Sustainable Investment Newton Investment Management

Frank Siblesz - Headshot
DIF Capital Partners - Logo

Frank Siblesz Head of ESG DIF Capital Partners

Pedro Fernandez - Headshot
responsAbility Investments AG - Logo

Pedro Fernandez Head of Sustainability responsAbility Investments AG

Aidan Davy - Headshot
ICMM (International Council on Mining and Metals) - Logo

Aidan Davy COO ICMM (International Council on Mining and Metals)

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Mark Grovic - Headshot
New Markets Venture Partners - Logo

Mark Grovic Founder and General Partner New Markets Venture Partners

Tripp Baird - Headshot

Tripp Baird Managing Partner The Builders Fund

Gianleo Frisari - Headshot
Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) - Logo

Gianleo Frisari Climate Change Economist Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

Esa Saloranta - Headshot
eQ PLC - Logo

Esa Saloranta Head of ESG & Sustainable Technology eQ PLC

Jim Northey - Headshot
ISO - Logo

Jim Northey ISO TC68 Technical Committee Financial Services Chair ISO

Jessica Strine - Headshot
Sustainable Governance Partners - Logo

Jessica Strine CEO & Managing Partner Sustainable Governance Partners

Amit Bouri - Headshot
The GIIN - Logo

Amit Bouri CEO The GIIN

Mark Campanale - Headshot
Carbon Tracker - Logo

Mark Campanale Founder & Executive Chairman Carbon Tracker

Rob Schuwerk - Headshot
Carbon Tracker - Logo

Rob Schuwerk North America Director Carbon Tracker

Veronica Chau - Headshot
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - Logo

Veronica Chau Partner and Director Sustainable Investing and Social Impact Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Dean Frankle - Headshot
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - Logo

Dean Frankle Partner and Managing Director Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

James Davis - Headshot
Oliver Wyman - Logo

James Davis Partner Corporate & Institutional Banking Oliver Wyman

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Jessica Eistrand - Headshot

Jessica Eistrand Company Director Hansa Impact Partners

Claire Meier Underhill - Headshot
Emerging Markets Investors Alliance - Logo

Claire Meier Underhill Director UK Operations Emerging Markets Investors Alliance

Fergus McCormick - Headshot
Emerging Markets Investors Alliance - Logo

Fergus McCormick Director & Head of Research Emerging Markets Investors Alliance

Jahan Chowdhury - Headshot
NDC Partnership - Logo

Jahan Chowdhury Country Engagement Director NDC Partnership

JP Dallmann - Headshot
ILA & Partners - Logo

JP Dallmann CEO ILA & Partners

Sandy Boss - Headshot
BlackRock - Logo

Sandy Boss Global Head of Investment Stewardship BlackRock

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