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Your supply chain is crucial to operational success. Put it first.

Investing in your supply chain is key to executing a digitally collaborative, value-based and customer centric operation. Reuters Events is bringing together the best supply chain leaders and specific subject matter experts that you need to hear from - and connect with - to deliver a successful evolution of your supply chain.

Given the extraordinary events set in motion by the ongoing global pandemic, historical supply chain and logistics models have been forced to adapt fast to ensure companies can still rely on them to deliver for their customers.

However, despite the impressive efforts to respond quickly, there are still huge amounts of optimization and reconfiguration needed. Old fashioned, linear supply chain models that lack a digital structure do not provide the required flexibility of operations and are not sustainable for the future. They will place your business at increased risk from impacts and shocks. A reanalysis of your partner network, digital processes and delivery capabilities is now critical.

Supply Chain Europe Virtual 2021 is the only place to set yourselves up to thrive through 2021. Bringing together retailers, manufacturers, logistics and technology leaders, the entire suite of executives will provide a 360-degree view of how to maximize your network and operations, eradicate silos and deliver a flexible and sustainable supply chain future.

Exceptional supply chain leaders directing discussions in 2021

David Boulanger - Headshot
Arla Foods - Logo

David Boulanger CSCO Arla Foods

Linzell Harris - Headshot
Astra Zeneca - Logo

Linzell Harris SVP Global Supply Chain Astra Zeneca

Ewan Andrew - Headshot
Diageo - Logo

Ewan Andrew President, Global Supply & Procurement and Chief Sustainability Officer Diageo

Karen Reddington - Headshot
FedEx Express Europe - Logo

Karen Reddington President FedEx Express Europe

Dirk Holbach - Headshot
Henkel - Logo

Dirk Holbach CSCO Laundry & Home Care Henkel

Paul Campbell - Headshot
Pepsico - Logo

Paul Campbell SVP Supply Chain Europe Pepsico

Join 3,000 virtual attendees!

The essential themes for 2021:

  • Positioning supply chain as the driving force in your business
    Learn from industry leaders how supply chain operations must take a leading role in delivering your business’ strategic aims. Explore how to realign your operations to match the huge increases in demand and reposition the supply chain function as a leading voice, to help the business navigate industry shifts and expedite the progress of operational developments.
  • Digitally enabled visibility to maximize supply chain resilience
    Learn the steps you must take to strengthen your supply chain’s flexibility to ever-evolving demands and impacts. Understand the critical requirements of establishing a centralised, digital infrastructure that provides real-time, end-to-end visibility across your operations
  • Crucial strengthening of supplier and partner relationships to protect business continuity
    Explore the most effective ways to maximize the strength of your specific supplier and partner relationships. Find out how you can deliver long term, customer-centric value propositions and establish a robust network capable of responding effectively to supply chain impacts.
  • Delivering empirical successes of sustainable supply chain excellence
    Learn how to maximize the delivery of your sustainability goals by championing initiatives from the top down, critically inspecting and adapting specific aspects of your operations. Strengthen collaboration across your entire network to realign your partnership and processes towards a sustainable future.
  • Technology innovations to power supply chain performance
    Unlock the full potential of your supply chain operations to keep pace with fluctuating demands, by embracing the competitive advantage and operational agility that technology and digitally enabled processes will deliver to your business.
  • Managing critical capacity restraints from manufacturing to logistics
    Learn how, through improved planning accuracy and innovation within your partners and operations, your supply chain can establish a sustainable model that provides the capacity required to adapt to fluctuations in cost and volume to ensure you always deliver for your customers, on time.

Why this is the must attend supply chain meeting

The world’s leading brands

From Pepsico to AstraZeneca, this meeting ensures we personally invite the most influential businesses known today

Europe’s top executives

We have carefully selected the most successful and innovative leaders from Arla Foods to FedEx to ensure you learn from the very best

Supply chain disruptors

We makes sure that the new, innovative disruptors that are changing the industry are here to help build strategies for the future

2 business critical days

The meeting is unique in that it brings together a senior network of 3000 supply chain, logistics and technology leaders from across departments, yet maintains and intimate, tailored agenda designed by and for the industry

All stakeholders. All functions. One place.

The most cross-functional supply chain event in Europe, giving you the opportunity to network with boardroom leaders, digital enablers, planning executives and more

Audience Interactivity

Live sessions with interactive polls and Q&A married together with intimate workshops to give you the full experience you need to take the best value and learning back to your company.

Join 3,000 virtual attendees!

Uniting Key Decision Makers from Across the Supply Chain Ecosystem

To succeed in the age of transition, industry must come together to understand both risk and opportunity.

Supply Chain Europe 2021 Virtual will unite key leaders from across all areas of supply chains, to provide leadership, build partnerships and shed light on the defining issue of our time.

Supply Chain Leaders from all Industry Verticals:

  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • eCommerce
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Hi-tech & Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • CPG

Senior Execs from Logistics & Transportation Providers:

  • Air Freight
  • Trucking Marketplaces
  • Digital Freight Platforms
  • Warehousing
  • Last Mile Couriers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Rail Operators
  • Terminals / Ports
  • Logistics Service providers

Technology Evangelists and Specialists including:

  • AI
  • Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • ERP
  • IOT
  • RFID
  • Robotics
  • RPA
  • TMS / WMS
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Join 3,000 virtual attendees!

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