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The food and agriculture industry is undergoing massive transformation. Companies face an increasingly complex operating environment, but have great opportunities for impact. Changes were already coming. COVID-19 has just accelerated the need for urgent action.

Unprecedented global economic shifts, changing consumer demands, an increasing focus on environmental stewardship, major supply chain advances and a wave of new technological disruptions are creating real opportunities and challenges for farmers and companies operating right across the food value chain.

The use of IoT and data analytics, sensors, modern biologicals and automation are showing real promise to improve food production and distribution. Coupled with this, food companies are innovating with new product lines tailored to the increasingly health and planet aware consumer who's seeking more choice and information on the nutritional value and origin of the groceries they're buying.

Reuters Events Food Chain Connect Summit will unite industry leaders passionate about challenging what’s possible and developing responsible solutions to shape the future of food.

Sponsorship opportunities

Brand awareness

Gain access to our network of Reuters Events Food and Agriculture professionals: Put your brand and expertise in front of engaged contacts on subject matter relevant to you

Thought leadership

Associate yourself with the food and agriculture industry’s most influential voices: Our content pieces will engage senior-level stakeholders changing the world of food and agriculture, share your message with theirs in our global content series


One-to-one Meeting and Networking Service: Connect with 5000+ industry leaders and potential new partners through a dedicated digital meetings platform.

Lead generation

We know that you’re looking for ROI. You need to know that your business development team will come away with enough meetings and leads. We offer bespoke opportunities for opt-in leads, to ensure you can connect and do business with the leaders searching for new solutions.

How you can get involved

15 Minute presentation Showcase your thought leadership, share case study examples and inspire a global audience with your story

Live panel discussion Participate in one of our in-depth live panels with food and agriculture leaders to showcase your thought leadership in an interactive format

Online Exhibition Generate leads with a booth in our online exhibition, showcase your latest products, build your profile and capture the industry’s most senior leaders’ attention

Virtual workshops Secure exclusive access to a targeted group of attendees, all with vested interest in your company offering

Partner with Senior Decision Makers

Deliver on your marketing objectives with value-driven thought leadership and lead generation packages


Become an exclusive webinar sponsor on a topic area chosen by you, with global reach across Reuters Events own platform and those of our partners

Virtual workshops

We can deliver an intimate workshop to 10-30 key decision makers, to give you the opportunity to engage leaders directly. We can tailor workshops to your needs and bring together an audience of your choice.

Virtual Events

We go above and beyond to deliver a Board, VP and Director level audience, ensuring your time is well spent with the key decision makers. You will gain access to 5000+ leaders to share a platform and do business with.

Partner with Senior Decision Makers

What you can expect when you sponsor

  • Your brand in front of your prospects: We will work with you to get your brand in front of the prospects and clients that can transform your business – everyone from core food producers to manufacturers to retailers and more.
  • Be seen as a thought-leader: With hundreds of food and agriculture leaders signing up for our virtual events, your company can be seen as a thought-leader in the space. Whether that be via a panel session, presentation or interactive workshop
  • Showcase your solutions: More than ever, food and agriculture companies need solutions and with the Virtual Exhibition you can share product brochures, the latest research and business cards with prospects who need it.
  • Kickstart sales cycles: Whether that be “cold” prospects or old acquaintances, the networking at a Reuters Events Summit will enable you set up meetings with food & agriculture leaders and accelerate your business development efforts.

One-to-one Meeting and Networking Service

Connect with 5,000+ industry leaders and potential new partners through our dedicated digital meetings platform.

Our meeting platform which is reserved for event sponsors and your industry prospects enables you to search by industry needs, identify clients who are looking for relevant solutions, and set-up meetings directly.

Our video-conference meeting service allows you to continue to do business, and reach clients even when working from home.

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