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During this time, we want to encourage the oil & gas industry to continue collaborating and sharing best practices, from the comfort of your own home.

For 2020 we are developing our Reuters Events Oil & Gas Digital Library, to unite thousands of leaders in one place to discuss the essential topics of the year.

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On-Demand Webinars

Integrated Campaign Solutions for Decommissioning

During the current oil & gas climate, operators and vendors alike are striving to move forward with the most cost efficient and simplified projects. Understand how the offshore decommissioning industry can move forward in spite of the market, and how integrated campaigns can simplify operations and optimize scope execution. Executives sharing insight on this market leading panel session include:

  • Dave Sinclair, Snr Decommissioning Advisor, Total E&P
  • Bart Joppe, Well Abandonment Leader, Baker Hughes
  • Will Rowley, Interim Managing Director, Decom North Sea
  • Owen Plowman, Vice President Business Development, Actenum
  • Keith Caulfield, Operations Advisor, Endeavor Management

Composite Analysis Extending the Life of Offshore Assets

In this webinar we will discuss the benefits that composite repairs can bring to offshore asset owners, including cost optimized asset life extension due to no hot work permits and lost production due to shut ins, the limited impact on deck load capacity related to little change in the center of gravity for the floating vessels and increased salt-water resistance due to the non-metallic nature of composites. Executives sharing insight on this market leading panel session include:

  • Vastan Tchokoev, Director Business Development, Offshore, ABS Group
  • Aaron Kline, Sr. Director, Engineering and Risk Management, ABS Group

Webinar Series:
Upstream Oil & Gas combats COVID-19 and the 2020 Oil Price Crash

Episode 3: The Future of the Oilfield

Though the oil industry has been through price crashes before, the unusual environment in which oil companies are having to work in has likely shifted the industry indefinitely. This final episode will examine the value of experience and why employers are now looking for quality of experience over quantity. The panellists will explore which jobs will be most valuable off the back of the 2020 crash, as well as how to train a diversified workforce and communicate technology solutions to different levels of ability across the company.

  • Jim Claunch, Senior Digital Transformation Advisor, Bain & Company
  • Sha-Chelle Manning, VP Technology & Innovation, Cimarex
  • Hani Elshahawi, Digitalization Lead, Shell
  • Rob Kelly, Head of Upstream Digital, BP

Episode 2: How Working Remotely Has Changed the Face of the Industry

Using less hands to produce more had been in the pipeline for many operators already; now decision-makers are being forced to put these solutions into action. This episode will explore what working from home means for the upstream industry. Is this a permanent change moving forward or just a temporary challenge? How can the production engineer work from home effectively? Will remote operations and minimum-manning become the new normal?

  • Jim Claunch, Senior Digital Transformation Advisor, Bain & Company
  • Daniel Hunt, Upstream Advisor, Digital Innovation & Acceleration, Chevron
  • Jarle Husebo, Leader Digital Business Solutions, Equinor

Episode 1: Driving Short-Term Efficiencies

The oil price crash is upending global markets, and the industry is being forced to optimize efficiencies - and fast. Experts say oil prices will remain volatile for at least 6 months after the pandemic. The first episode of this 3-part series focuses on how you can drive the most value from your existing wells and facilities in a low oil price environment without additional costs. The panellists will also discuss why digital is no longer the expensive add-on but the business-saving essential and explain how you can get to scale using less people and more data.

The Upstream team at Reuters Events brings you an industry-leading panel, including:

  • Jim Claunch, Senior Digital Transformation Advisor, Bain & Company
  • Dave Hartell, EVP Developments, Operations & Production, New Age Ltd.
  • Rick O’Brien, Project Manager Digital Transformation, Marathon Oil

The Global Hydrogen Economy - Fuelling a Low-Carbon Future

Hydrogen has long been touted as a crucial energy carrier in a clean energy system. But what role will it really play within the energy mix, can fuel cells be commercialised at scale and how does the hydrogen economy of tomorrow, look today?

In collaboration with the Hydrogen Council, Reuters Events brings you an industry leading panel:

  • Pierre-Étienne Franc, VP Hydrogen Energy, Air Liquide
  • Saehoon Kim, Senior VP, Head of Fuel Cell Centre, Hyundai
  • Andy Marsh, President & CEO, Plug Power
  • Owen Rolt, Head of Energy Transition, Reuters Events

Energy Disruption How Great People and Organizations Innovate in Times of Rapid Change

During this 1-hour session we explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in the Energy industry.

Featuring insight from: Jose Pires, Founder & President, Global Excellence & Innovation.

Including specific case study insight looking at how a Fortune 100 energy company:

  • Identified, prioritized and successfully executed more than 2,000 innovations yielding over $1 billion in additional earnings within 18 months
  • Increased market value 18-fold by engaging all employees and implementing idea meritocracy systems for business excellence and innovation execution
  • Transformed its business on the face of technological disruptions to win multiple global excellence and innovation awards, and be ranked the #1 US company for leaders and leadership development
Oil and Gas in Transition: The Road to Net-Zero

Oil and Gas in Transition: The Road to Net-Zero

Oil and gas companies face a dual challenge; to reduce operational emissions they need to increase both asset performance and lifetime. Understanding how E&P and service companies alike can adapt technologies and business models to achieve this is vital to success through transition.

The Energy Transition team at Reuters Events brings you an industry leading panel, including:

  • Martyn Link, Chief Strategy Officer, Wood Group
  • Alex Budden, VP Corporate Affairs, Lundin Energy
  • Andrew Grant, Head of Oil, Gas and Mining, Carbon Tracker
  • Charlotte Howlett, Head of Oil & Gas, Reuters Events
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Doubling Down on Digital to Optimize Operations

This webinar shares insight on how the upstream industry can leverage digital to reduce price p/barrel and optimize workflows

Featuring insight from:

  • Dave Hartell, EVP Operations and Production, New Age Limited
  • Naser Tamimi, Data Scientist, Shell
  • Chaired by: Tony Edwards, CEO, Stepchange Global

Key takeaways:

  • Understand which digital strategies can reduce price per barrel and optimize production in your company
  • Get the low-down on how cloud computing and intelligent Edge solutions can streamline and reinvent complex workflows
  • Get real-life examples of how asset performance and probability has been improved by managing consolidated real-time data metrics across various sub-systems

Automated Decision Making in Directional Drilling

This webinar discusses how to move forward with digital solutions and includes lessons learned from representatives at leading E&P companies.

Featuring insight from:

  • Kelsey Prestidge, Chevron
  • Dingzhou Zao, WPX Energy
  • Mark Anderson, Anderson & Spilman LLC

The team discuss:

  • How automated decision-making in DD enables engineers to guide multiple wells from a single location
  • How algorithms leverage data analytics, real-time drilling dynamics and economic modelling to cut out the middleman
  • How turn-by-turn downhole bit navigation guidance can balance drilling costs with production impact without human intervention

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Should It Stay or Should It Go? Facilities Removal, Rigs-to-Reefs, and the Energy Transition

In collaboration with Lloyds Register, this webinar debates the costs of removal vs. situ, evaluate the progress of Rigs-to-Reefs programs and discuss the potential of platform repurposing.

Featuring insight from:

  • Jamil Panter-Brick, Executive Operations Readiness & Assurance, PETRONAS
  • James Wiseman, Exploration Engineering Manager, Noble Energy
  • Jacqueline Vaessen, General Manager, NexStep
  • John Cox, Decommissioning Manager, Worley
  • Julie Copland, Head of Production Technology, Lloyd's Register

Listen today and come away with your definitive guide to facilities decommission:

  • Should it stay or should it go? Evaluate the business cases for facilities removal or leaving in situ and debate the cost and environmental implications of contrasting approaches
  • Deep-dive into Rigs to Reef and get updated on both past project success as well as the potential for programs to be rolled out in emerging decommissioning markets
  • Realize the potential of repurposing, understand the potential for alternative platform use and debate the role of decommissioning for the energy transition

Beyond Cement - Seeking P&A Alternatives

Beyond Cement - Seeking P&A Alternatives, discusses the potential of alternative plugging materials and shares case study insights into the latest technologies.

Featuring insight from:

  • Henry StAubyn, VP Advisory US, PACE
  • Paul Carragher, CEO, BiSN
  • Phil Grant, Founder & Director, Panda-Seal
  • Prof Richard D. Neilson, Centre Director, National Decommissioning Centre

Listen today and come away with your definitive guide to alternate plugging materials:

  • Evaluate alternatives to traditional cement and bridge plug abandonment
  • Get in the know on the latest tech developments and understand the potential for new materials to ensure both cost efficacy and environmental safety
  • Hear how a state-of-the-art barrier verification chamber has the potential to transform the development of cost-effective P&A technologies

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Strategizing Methods of Decommissioning Cost Reduction

In collaboration with Lloyds Register, we strategize methods of effective benchmarking, debate the notion of a step-change in incremental cost reduction and assess environmental impacts of such approaches.

Sharing insights:

  • Joe Leask, Decommissioning Manager, Oil & Gas UK
  • Amber Sparks, Co-Founder, Blue Latitudes
  • Emily Hazelwood, Co-Founder, Blue Latitudes
  • John Cox, Decommissioning Manager, Worley
  • Steve Gilbert, SVP Operations, Lloyds Register
  • Owen Rolt, Director - Global Projects, DecomWorld (host)

Listen today and come away with your definitive guide to cost reduction:

  • Realize the value of benchmarks, establish the business case, and discuss how industry should develop performance metrics from the hard data collected to date
  • Discuss the hard data, gain insights into the natural of incremental cost reduction and assess the notion of a step-change in efforts to slash costs in light of the OGA’s 35% cost reduction aim.
  • Deep-dive into subsea decommissioning and understand the impact that efforts to reduce cost have can have on the environment

Strategizing Methods of Late Life Asset Optimization

DecomWorld's latest webinar hosts industry experts for a 60 minute discussion on late-life optimization of offshore O&G assets.

Featuring insights from:

  • Luis Batalla, Decommissioning Manager, Repsol-Sinopec
  • Neil Pickering, Global Service Line Director Asset Management, Bureau Vertias
  • Owen Rolt, Global Project Director, DecomWorld (host).

Listen today and come away with your guide to optimizing your late-life assets:

  • Get proactive: understand the future value proposition and realize methods of effective late life management to unlock savings post CoP
  • Realize the importance of asset integrity for decommissioning efficacy and how breaking silos between decom and operations teams can drive end of life optimization
  • Harness the power of digitalization and understand the potential for digital twin technologies to transform asset knowledge and performance in late-life

In-Depth Whitepapers

Whitepaper: Improving Upstream Operational Outcomes Through Advanced Analytics and Decision Support Systems

Reuters Events' latest white paper details business-critical benefits, applications, and efficiencies that can be gained from operations research/managment science - ultimately improving operational outcomes and providing a lifeline for O&G companies to stay afloat in this time of crisis.

Get the full report here

2020 Market Report: Global Decommissioning Roadmap

DecomWorld has put together a brand-new whitepaper - Supply-chain decommissioning roadmap: Pinpointing contractual opportunities and mobilizing resources across global decommissioning markets.

What you can expect in the report:

  • Pinpointing opportunities: project pipelines - get a list of assets poised to embark on decommissioning within the next 1-2 years across both the GOM and North Sea
  • AsiaPac - Valued! Get regional market values for decommissioning expenditures across the globe, including AsiaPac and Norway, with insight being shared on when contracts will roll out and when tenders will begin
  • Global Market Deep Dives: Critical analysis on 6 international markets, including UK, Norway, Thailand and GOM, investigating market value, project pipelines, and market characteristics
Get the full report here

Digital in Action - 2020 Data-Driven Upstream Market Outlook Report

The upstream O&G sector is bringing digitalization to the fore.

As such, technology and data-driven implementations are leveraging results and optimizing efficiencies, however the challenge remains in understanding which digital systems will guarantee ROI in YOUR organization.

Download Upstream Intelligence’s latest report to learn more on:

  • Digital in Action - Company Case Studies: Get a snapshot of Marathon Oil and Occidental Petroleum Corporation’s digital activities, including details of some of the key opportunities and challenges the companies faced when adopting digital technology into their operations.
  • Digital O&G - Technology Deep-Dive: Get an assessment of the current status of digitalization within O&G and examine the various digital solutions applicable to the upstream.
  • Industry Overview & Key Trends: Identify and discuss the key trends in the global Oil & Gas sector that are helping to both drive and facilitate the digital transformation of the industry.
  • Resistance to Adoption: Understand the major challenges facing the digital transformation and discuss the approaches industry stakeholders are taking to overcome them.
Get the full report here

Embedding AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Upstream O&G

60% of respondents from a recent survey expect their organization to increase its digital spend over 2019 - compared to 39% over 2017 (DNV GL, 2019). Upstream operators are investing in data-driven technologies, with a huge focus on AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

That’s why, Upstream intelligence have just put together their latest whitepaper: Embedding AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Upstream O&G

What to expect from the whitepaper:

  • Flocking to the Cloud; Moving to the Edge: How moving to the edge of the cloud can leverage actionable insight in real-time
  • Cloud Based Assets: AI, ML and DL: Elevate your data-driven business decisions through automation or semi-automation of workflows, achieve closed-loop workflows – example from Repsol and NetApp
  • AI Investments, partnerships and early-use cases: Who’s forming partnerships and investing? Hear about the latest collaborations, including Schlumberger, Chevron and Microsoft!
Get the full report here

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