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  • The pathway to realising the promise of digitalisation of healthcare
  • Realise data-driven healthcare with digitalised patient records
  • Leverage virtual and remote care
  • Address the European health workforce crisis
  • Improve patient access to care
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Keynote Sessions: The pathway to realising the promise of digitalisation of healthcare

Presentation: Looking ahead to 2022: a vision for European healthcare after COVID-19

  • Understand the healthcare provider priorities in Europe- including bolstering staffing support and data driven decision making- to effectively allocate your resources and navigate our way out of the pandemic
  • Learn how to build upon the enhanced pan-European collaboration we saw during the pandemic through increased sharing of health data and processes, to ensure health outcomes across Europe only continue to improve
  • Capitalise on a unique moment of digital acceleration in European healthcare, to provide more patient centric care and address the gaps in care so brutally exposed by the recent crisis

Hans Kluge
Hans Kluge Regional Director for Europe WHO

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Presentation: The EU’s Digital Europe Programme: capitalise on healthcare’s digital acceleration

  • Upgrade your digital infrastructure by understanding how to access the new funding available to you through the EU’s latest digital capability building project
  • Better integrate AI and mHealth technology into your organisation with learnings from the many ‘digital innovation hubs’ emerging across Europe
  • Utilise the EU’s cross-border data strategy to expand your levels of population data and collaborate with European counterparts to enable better healthcare decision making

Ioana Gligor
Ioana Gligor Head of Digital Health Unit European Commission

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Presentation: The ultimate Estonian-inspired guide for the advancement of health data use in Europe

  • Discover how Estonian unique digital identities allow the patient unprecedented control over their health data and make the Estonian clinician the most well-informed in Europe
  • Employ blockchain technology in the correct way to ensure advanced security of personal data
  • Learn what the future holds for Estonia and what developments are imminent in the digital health space

Anett Numa
Anett Numa Digital Transformation Adviser E-Estonia

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Fireside chat: More than just a ‘payer’: discussing the integral role of the insurer in providing digital whole health products and services for European patients

  • Optimise the provider-insurer relationship to empower your patients with readily available digital tools that promote wellness and reduce the footfall to your clinics and practices
  • Inform your prevention strategy with the knowledge of the digital health products that are set to be most widely consumed by patients in the next 12 months
  • Understand the payer desire to drive the ‘whole health’ movement and provide products that consider the full range of patient needs

Arjan Toor
Arjan Toor CEO Cigna Europe

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Strategic Sessions: Realise data-driven healthcare with digitalised patient records

Panel: Leverage your EHR platform to provide patient-centric care and improve operational efficiency

  • Effectively gauge performance across all departments from the data provided by your EHR to ensure that a more equal quality of care is available
  • Patients are not a homogenous group; use the data to comprehend what type of care is necessary for certain types of patient in a certain setting
  • Better utilise resources by using the data to pinpoint which of the various treatments and technologies you employ are providing value and which are not

Heyo Kroemer
Professor Heyo Kroemer CEO Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Xose Fernandez
Xose Fernandez Chief Data OfficerInstitut Curie

Suzanne Gaunt
Suzanne Gaunt CEOICHOM

Michael Strübin
Michael Strübin Director of Digital HealthMedTech Europe

Presentation: The pathway to health data interoperability: improve efficiency and collaboration across your organisation whilst protecting your data’s integrity

  • Understand the different interoperability frameworks in place in Europe currently and how accordance to these is the key to collaboration and progress
  • Ensure your data sharing process protects the interest of your patient and keeps their information secure without hindering its value as an indicator in improving patient outcomes
  • Analyse the incentives in place for furthering progress in interoperability in Europe and learn which of these we need to focus on to sufficiently accelerate advancement

Annemieke Ålenius
Annemieke Ålenius Director, National Coordination and Strategy Department The Swedish eHealth Agency

Fireside Chat: Install policy that sufficiently increases patient and healthcare staff comfort with sharing data

  • Establish confidentiality and patient outcome transparency through thorough consent processes to ensure trust and convince populations that their data is safeguarded
  • Use the mediums that most effectively communicate the benefits of data collection to your patients and staff
  • Understand the need for the implementation of outcome standards in a multi-stakeholder framework, including outcomes that matter to patients

Professor Tanja Stamm
Professor Tanja Stamm Head of the Institute for Outcomes Research, Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics, and Intelligent Systems Medical University of Vienna

MR Excellence and its transformative power towards better patient experience and increased operational efficiency

  • Understand how stringent data analysis streamlines the MRI process and improves operational workflows
  • Improve patient satisfaction by making your MRI screening process less time consuming and more comfortable for the patient
  • Harness an effective standardization and regulatory process to see that the quality of your MRI service remains the same across your various sites

Zisis Sotiriou
Zisis Sotiriou Senior Vice President and Regional COO Affidea

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Strategic Sessions: Leverage virtual and remote care

Panel: Care outside the hospital setting: install a remote monitoring strategy that provides high quality care to your patients from their homes

  • Put into practice policies which help with patient adherence to remote patient monitoring
  • Don’t succumb to alert fatigue; properly collect and take care to regularly analyse the quality data provided by your patient
  • Design an effective patient selection process to ensure not only sufficiently motivated patients engage in remote monitoring

Yolima Cossio
Yolima Cossio Director of Information Systems Vall d'Hebron University Hospital

Helene Westerlind
Helene Westerlind CEO Zurich LiveWell

Michael Rosenstock
Michael Rosenstock Head of Sana Digital Sana Kliniken

Dr Trish Greenhalgh
Dr Trish Greenhalgh Professor of Primary Care Oxford University

Presentation: Intergrade remote devices into the physician-patient relationship

  • Gain unique insight into the functionality of the available smart home devices, wearables, AR/VR, and predictive AI that enable the policy of prevention
  • Improve patient digital interactions in order to effectively analyse the critical moments of every patient’s journey in real time
  • Gain insight into the reliability of the device readings from afar to prevent the need for multiple patient in-hospital screenings and tests

Anna Erat
Anna Erat Medical Director Hirslanden

Presentation: Open and retain vital lines of communication between patients and clinicians through all encompassing, interconnected virtual platforms

  • Increase patient safety and health literacy through interconnected platforms that ensure that there are multiple sources of accurate, timely medical information for your patients
  • Improve patient access to a wider variety of care offerings remotely including rehabilitation and behavioural health services
  • Slash your organisations’ health expenditure through integrated patient data centers that prevent duplication of tests, scans etc. and the occurrence of medical error

Michael Kaldasch
Michael Kaldasch CEO and founder Aimedis

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Strategic Sessions: Address the European health workforce crisis

Panel: Mission possible: improve staff retention rates and the attractiveness of the healthcare industry to new employees

  • Discover how to provide opportunities for upskilling, and the most favourable working conditions for your healthcare staff to improve attraction rates
  • Understand the most effective ways in which we can reduce the burdens on our healthcare staff, including the impact that AI can have in this regard
  • Discuss how we can award greater flexibility to our healthcare staff post-pandemic to further drive retention

Martin Hirsch
Martin Hirsch CEO Greater Paris University Hospitals

Clayton Hamilton
Clayton Hamilton Regional Adviser for Digital Health WHO

Brandon Mitchener
Brandon Mitchener Chief Executive Health First Europe

Fireside Chat: Prevent burnout and maintain wellbeing within your healthcare team

  • From improved working flexibility to discounted exercise and /gym classes; learn which wellbeing initiatives work best in which scenarios
  • Utilise Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) applications as an on-demand tool to provide solutions for often overlooked mental health issues, such as stress
  • Understand the effectiveness of chatlines and support groups in helping address mental health issues

Fireside chat: Improve the transformation skills of your healthcare staff

  • Empower your workforce with transformation capabilities to address the challenges and opportunities posed by a changing - and increasingly digitalised - healthcare landscape.
  • Equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge needed to drive transformation from within your organisation.
  • Educate healthcare professionals in skills such as digitalisation, innovation management, leadership development, precision medicine and high value care - all in the context of their everyday work.

Åse Lundh Gravenius
Åse Lundh Gravenius Innovation manager Karolinska University Hospital

Anna Thies
Anna Thies Innovation Manager / Service Designer, Center for Innovation Karolinska University Hospital

Presentation: AI in data analysis and diagnostics; free up your overburdened staff

  • See the potential of AI to free up more time for your clinicians and nurses to focus on actively consulting and caring for your patients
  • Leverage AI to drastically reduce the time it takes to attain a diagnosis and put in place a care plan for your patient
  • Reduce cases of misdiagnosis by removing the negative human elements that affect data analysis accuracy

Alessandro Roncacci
Alessandro Roncacci Senior Vice-President, Chief Medical Officer Affidea

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Strategic Sessions: Improve patient access to care

Panel: The blueprint for hybrid care: overcome long-standing accessibility issues to cater for all patients

  • Use virtual primary care appointments to make care easily accessible for your patients with tight work schedules
  • Help address health inequity by providing quality care for your more isolated and immobile patients – how to manage insights to balance your virtual and in-person engagements
  • Overcome the obstacles to the success of hybrid care, such as a lack of connectivity for all patients, poor EHR integration, and reimbursement designed for new models of care delivery

Paul Sanford
Paul Sanford CEO of Primary Care HCA Healthcare UK

Visa Honkanen
Visa Honkanen Chief Digital Officer HUS

Toralf Schnell
Toralf Schnell Chief Digital Officer Universitätsmedizin Greifswald

Fireside chat: The pandemic-induced patient revolution; what patients want to see in their provision of care moving forward

  • Build an effective care strategy based on invaluable insight from one of the largest European-based patient forums that represents the views of patients from across the continent
  • Improve the timeliness and flexibility of your care provision using information collected from comprehensive wide reaching patient polls
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of patient attitudes to the major trends in contemporary healthcare including remote care, health data sharing and virtual consultations

Donna Walsh
Donna Walsh Executive Director EFNA

Presentation: How the German Digital Healthcare Act can provide a blueprint for providing our patients with the best medical devices available in the market

  • Enable quick and easy patient access to the newest and most innovative DIGA devices via learnings on the Digital Healthcare Act courtesy of BfArM
  • Understand how this process is possible in conjunction with a thorough safety vetting, that ensures the products you provide do not risk your patient’s health
  • Learn of the effect the policy that has on innovation in digital therapeutics and the opportunity it provides to have the most transformative devices available anywhere to your nation’s patients

Wiebke Lobker
Wiebke Lobker Head of Unit Innovation Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices Germany

Dr Wolfgang Lauer
Dr Wolfgang Lauer Head of Medical Device Department Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices Germany

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