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Dr Anthony Fauci

Dr Anthony Fauci

Director, NIAID

Dr Francis Collins

Dr Francis Collins

Director, National Institute of Health

Lloyd Dean

Lloyd Dean

CEO, CommonSpirit Health

Dr. Vivek H. Murthy

Dr. Vivek H. Murthy

Surgeon General of the United States

Dr Vas Narasimhan

Dr Vas Narasimhan

CEO, Novartis

Dr Rod Hochman

Dr Rod Hochman

President and CEO, Providence St Joseph

Kristen Helton

Kristen Helton

GM, Amazon Care

Kim Keck

Kim Keck

President and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Reuters Total Health agenda

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  • Day 1: Data & Collaboration
  • Day 2: Digital Health
  • Day 3: Health Security
  • Day 4: Breakthrough Medical Innovation
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Day 1: Data & Collaboration

We are at a rare and exciting intersection in healthcare. Data, that has been accumulating, meets computational resources that can handle it. As such, breaking down the barriers that keep patient health information locked in digital silos is critical, not only for compliance, but to unleash the untapped potential of data-driven healthcare.

Panel: Combat stress, fatigue and burnout within your healthcare organisation
  • Culture: Develop accessible employee assistance programmes with accredited counsellors and wellbeing resources to support employees and prevent burnout
  • Retention and resilience: Provide the working conditions and incentives that are most effective in attracting and retaining healthcare staff
  • Technology: Learn of the transformative potential AI manage workload an liberate medical staff time to dedicate for patients

Anne Klibanski
Dr. Anne Klibanski President and CEO Mass General Brigham

Clay Holderman
Clay Holderman President and CEO UnityPoint Health

Nancy Howell Agee
Nancy Howell Agee President and CEO Carilion Clinic

Speaker TBC Sodexo

Kim Dixon
Moderator: Kim Dixon Lead Editor Healthcare Dive

Fireside chat: Reimagining a New Model of ‘Health Caring’ through Equity and Affordability
  • Harness the power of education, partnership and community-based programming to confront health disparities—this is not a one-dimensional problem and there is not a one-dimensional solution
  • Advocate for public policies at the state and federal levels to improve access to health coverage and support efforts to address racism as a public health threat
  • Examine how the intersection of data and technology can help address the root causes of health inequities and create a more equitable, affordable healthcare system

Kim Keck
Kim Keck President and CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Blake Dodge
Blake Dodge Healthcare Reporter Business Insider

Fireside chat: Reuters News in Conversation with NIH Director Francis Collins

Reuters News in Conversation with NIH Director Francis Collins – Applying Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic to the Future of Biomedical Research.

Dr Francis Collins
Dr Francis Collins Director National Institute of Health

Julie Steenhuysen
Julie Steenhuysen Health and Sconce Correspondent Reuters

Panel: Taking action to eliminate disparities and advance health equity
  • Learn about the innovative models, tools and partnerships that leaders across the country are creating to meet their patients’ needs to ensure equity in access to services and care
  • Develop effective partnerships and community-based solutions for advancing health equity, creating a common vision and value, increasing the community's capacity to shape outcomes, and foster multi-sector collaboration
  • Collaborate with multiple different stakeholders - such as public health agencies, hospitals, or federally qualified health centers - to champion and implement health equity programs

David Holmberg
David Holmberg CEO Highmark Health

Dr Penny Wheeler
Dr Penny Wheeler CEO Allina Health

Dr Gary Kaplan
Dr Gary Kaplan Chairman and CEO Virginia Mason

Dr. Patti Doykos
Dr. Patti Doykos Executive Director of Healthy Equity BMS

Stacy Hurt
Moderator: Stacy Hurt The Patient Voice

Presentation: Eliminating Health Disparities FOR ALL: Embracing the Power of Data, Collaboration and Social Impact Amidst a Global Pandemic
  • Utilizing technologically advanced tactics, such as data-driven Geographic Information System (GIS) Maps, to break down barriers to COVID-19 testing and treatment in our most vulnerable communities
  • Maximizing the value of public-private partnerships to deliver high-impact supplies and services, such as masks and vaccines, to guarantee every person – no matter their race, color or creed – receives protection from COVID-19
  • Executing a robust social impact strategy to support those affected by the health inequity crisis facing our nation through initiatives to combat food insecurity, homelessness and job access of their communities

Eugene A. Woods
Eugene A. Woods President and CEO Atrium Health

Panel: Health data interoperability exchange
  • Enable information systems to work together within and across organizational boundaries in order to advance the effective delivery of care
  • Examine the impact of interoperability on care delivery and re-imbursement models to understand the opportunities to improve care cost, efficiency and quality in your organization
  • Set the tone for interoperability between systems and its alignment with financial incentives in the era of in value-based care and relationship between population health and financial performance

Murielle Beene
Murielle Beene Chief Health Informatics Officer Trinity Health

Valerie Leschber
Dr. Valerie Leschber Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer Cone Health

Devon Valencia
Devon Valencia Chief Information Officer Caresource

Rebecca Pifer
Moderator: Rebecca Pifer Reporter Healthcare Dive

Reuters News In Conversation With Kristen Helton, GM, Amazon Care

Kristen Helton leads Amazon Car, a care model offering that includes both virtual and in-person care, with telemedicine via app, chat and remote video, as well as follow-up visits and prescription drug delivery in person directly

Kristen Helton
Kristen Helton GM Amazon Care

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Day 2: Digital Health

The adoption of telehealth continues to rise rapidly, requiring seismic shifts in the approach to patient pathways and care across the continuum. Re-invent the site of care to make access a problem of the past and drive down organizational costs.

Presentation: The Benefit of Integrated of Systems Care

One of the major developments over the past few decades is growing consolidation resulting in the growth of large health systems. This has fueled criticism by some academics and policy makers. This presentation will argue the opposite that large systems:

  • Advance quality and access
  • Are positive contributions to community health
  • Are essential to responding in times of crises, as evidenced by COVID

Michael Dowling
Michael Dowling President and CEO Northwell Health

Presentation: Combine social risk data with clinical insights to drive targeted, tailored intervention
  • Predictive: Integrating social determinants of health data into intervention design and delivery through powerful machine learning algorithms
  • Improve diversity: Leverage data to work with local clinicians and community partners to develop culturally targeted practices aimed at supporting underserved populations
  • Community connections: Hear best practice models of care for patients with complex health and social care needs

Michael Neidorff
Michael Neidorff Chairman, President and CEO Centene

Presentation: Everywhere You Are: Patient-Centered Care When and How You Need It
  • Reimagine a virtual care landscape that meets patients where they are, whether that’s in a local doctor’s office, an urban apartment, a rural home or even at their office.
  • Explore patient experience offerings that seamlessly synthesize traditional brick-and-mortar care with virtual care, empowering leaders to expand access and care value in ways that keep patients at the center of every decision.
  • Infuse patient-centered care into the fabric of virtual care. From virtual visits to wearables and health devices, the future of care is where patients are.

Carl Armato
Carl Armato President and CEO Novant Health

Panel: Lessons learned from the pandemic: Create financial sustainable model of healthcare
  • Evaluate the challenge of financial sustainability in healthcare and the potential impact of remote health on cost and access to care
  • Discuss the roadmap for reimbursement of telemedicine in the digital care era
  • Assess the evolution of the payer-provider-patient relationships and a new financial model of healthcare

Dr Susan Turney
Dr Susan Turney President and CEO Marshfield Clinic

Carlos A. Migoya
Carlos A. Migoya President and CEO Jackson Health

Pat Geraghty
Pat Geraghty CEO Guidewell and Florida Blue

Andrew Schorr
Moderator: Andrew Schorr EVP Remedy Health Media

Fireside chat: Beyond the Pandemic: The Urgency to Innovate Faster
  • Enabling healthcare decision making with aggregate data
  • Hear how new technologies, will catapult health care into the future and improve health outcomes
  • What providers will need to innovate and adapt even more rapidly to thrive in a post-COVID world

Dr Rod Hochman
Dr Rod Hochman President and CEO Providence St Joseph

Mandi Bishop
Mandi Bishop Vice President, Analyst Gartner Healthcare

Fireside chat: The Next Normal: Re-Imagining Our Nation's Health

What do we want to keep and lose from the pandemic? What did the pandemic teach us about how we value our health and wellbeing? The Nation's Doctor, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy will participate in a fireside chat about reimagining and reinventing our nation's health in this next phase of the pandemic. Listeners will walk away with key questions they can ask themselves and their communities about living meaningfully in the next normal.

Dr Vivek Murthy
Dr Vivek Murthy United States Surgeon General

Panel: Value-based care and the emergence of the payvider model
  • Assess the move form volume-based and to value based-care and the alignment of incentives
  • As value-based healthcare becomes more common, identify what models, partnerships and structures insurers and providers can take to increase the quality of care and minimize their financial risks
  • Learn how to successfully integrated systems, data, workforce and culture to develop seamless, cost effective payvider operations

Luisa Charbeau
Luisa Charbeau CEO Braven Health

Dr Jaewon Ryu
Dr Jaewon Ryu CEO, President and CRO Geisinger Health

Dr Lindsay Jubelt
Dr Lindsay Jubelt Chief Population Health Officer Mass General Brigham

Moderator: David Nash
Moderator: David Nash Founding Dean Emeritus Jefferson College of Population Health

Reuters News in Conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci

Reuters News interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Dr. Fauci is widely acclaimed for his leadership in the defence against coronavirus.

Dr Anthony Fauci
Dr Anthony Fauci Director NIAID

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Day 3: Health Security

Build health systems, not sickness systems: Leverage real world data to identify social determinants of health to build predictive, preventative and personalized, value-based care for populations.

Fireside chat: The power of the partnership

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown us an undeniable power in partnership and community to collectively find solutions to advance patient care

  • Explore how the future of health care is collaborative and requires innovation that is not solely about technology, but rather innovative approaches in how organizations work together
  • Learn how partnerships enable health systems to expand access and bring social support to patients outside of the traditional hospital setting 
  • Beyond health care, strategic academic partnerships are helping build the workforce of the future by addressing health disparities and access to culturally competent care

Lloyd Dean
Lloyd Dean CEO CommonSpirit Health

Dr David Nash
Dr David Nash Founding Dean Emeritus Jefferson Collage of Population Health

Fireside chat: A Vision for Healthcare After COVID-19
  • Explore how we build upon the tremendous innovation spurred by the pandemic while addressing gaps and current health system failures that have left so many behind
  • Re-imagine how medicine is delivered through greater adoption of telehealth and the extension of healthcare into the home
  • Re-orient the care delivery system from one that treats illness to one that adapts to adapted to prevent disease and keep patients out of harm's way

David Entwistle
David Entwistle President and CEO Stanford Health

Christina Farr
Christina Farr Principle Investor Omers Ventures

Panel: Health Security: Shifting the care paradigm with predictive and preventative health
  • Health Assurance: Place greater emphasis on intervention to tackle the route cause, not just the symptoms in public health
  • Start early: Understand the role of early detection as part of a compensative population health strategy
  • Predictive and preventative: Increasing surveillance to identity SDOH and tackle health concerns before they advance to the stage of needing a diagnosis or treatment

Karen Ignagni
Karen Ignagni President and CEO EmblemHealth

Nate Favini
Nate Favini CMO Forward

Jim Skorgsbergh
Jim Skorgsbergh CEO Advocarte Aurora

Moderator: Samantha Liss
Moderator: Samantha Liss Reporter Healthcare Dive

Fireside chat: Cross-industry data sharing to enable better public health

Details coming soon.

Marc Harrison
Dr Marc Harrison President and CEO Intermountain

Kathy Giusti
Kathy Giusti Founder MMRF and Co-Chair HBS Kraft Accelerator

Presentation: The Pandemic of 2030: Is There an Avatar in the House?
  • Healthcare at any address: used technology to reduce health disparities
  • Care in the right way: Moving from sick care to a model of Health assurance

Dr Stephen Klasko
Dr Stephen Klasko President and CEO Jefferson Health

Panel: Data-driven population health management
  • Uncover actionable insights in your population health data to inform patient pathways, care solutions and community care investment
  • Hear how leading organizations have embraced the new value-based care model and integrated population health management into process, work culture and technology systems
  • Improve diversity and inclusion in your patient monitoring processes and better understand social determines of health to reduce inequities and disparities in care

Dr Roberta Capp
Dr Roberta Capp Vice President of Clinical Operations and Innovations Blue Cross NC

Kate Berry
Kate Berry SVP, Clinical Affairs and Strategic partnerships AHIP

Dr James Fanale
Dr James Fanale CEO Care New England

Speaker TBC Health Catalyst

David Nash
Moderator: David Nash Founding Dean Emeritus Jefferson College of Population Health

Linguamatics Workshop

Session details TBC

Speaker TBC Linguamatics

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Day 4: Breakthrough Medical Innovation

The pandemic showed us the power of a crisis mindset to fuel collaboration, innovation, investment and speed. Leverage new ways of working to break down barriers and build therapeutics of tomorrow.

The era of consumerism in health
  • Understand how consumerism has evolved significantly over the past 20 years, in health care and in the rest of our lives
  • Develop success in meeting consumer needs, to benefit not only consumers but the health care system overall – for example, people using mobile and online transparency resources are more likely to select health care providers rated on quality and cost-efficiency, while paying less than non-users
  • Build a better understanding of what consumers are demanding to inform the development of treatments and approaches to care

Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson CEO UnitedHealth Group

Presentation: Beyond mRNA: The promise of siRNA and other technologies in the future of health
  • The history of RNA in therapeutics—how RNA proved hard to harness, hard to make specific and useful in therapeutics
  • The ways the scientific community came together to realize the power of mRNA after decades of research at a time when humanity needed it most—to tackle COVID-19
  • A look forward at the future beyond mRNA, such as siRNA, and the ways RNA therapies could help reimagine medicine, including for treating chronic diseases like CVD, and improve human health globally.

Dr Vas Narasimhan
Dr Vas Narasimhan CEO Novartis

Fireside chat: Protecting Human Health through Biotechnology Breakthroughs and Platforms

Details coming soon.

Stephane Bancel
Stephane Bancel CEO Moderna

Panel: A new era of community collaboration to drive human health outcomes
  • Understand how health and quality of life are inextricably connected to key social factors, such as food insecurity, health disparities, behavioral and mental health
  • Address today’s needs in local communities through expanded access to all by creating community-based collaborations that leverage the capabilities and capacities of community partners
  • Blend clinical data with input from community members to identify a health challenges to address and develops a coordinated, community-based strategy

Dr Shantanu Agrawal
Dr Shantanu Agrawal Chief Health Officer Anthem

Brian Gragnolati
Brian Gragnolati President and CEO Atlantic Health

Robert Stone
Robert Stone CEO City of Hope

Anne Quinn Young
Anne Quinn Young Brand President MMRF

Fireside chat: Biopharmaceutical Innovation and the Promise of the ‘Biocentury’
  • Assess how biopharmaceutical innovators are leveraging digital technologies and human genetic data to deliver better patients outcomes though methods including gene sequencing
  • Develop specialized biomanufacturing technologies and procedures that are more environmentally sustainable, promote economic and societal equity, and help meet growing demand for innovative treatments
  • Head off a post-COVID surge of chronic disease by investing in predicting who is at highest risk of chronic disease and preventing those people from experiencing life-altering health events

Bob Bradway
Bob Bradway Chairman and CEO Amgen

Health recovery solutions presentation

Session details coming soon

Speaker TBC

Fireside chat: Maintaining the “Long-Game” Through a Pandemic: Staying Focused and Tackling Challenges Head-on
  • How a business and R&D transformation with a focused yet nimble mindset helped Takeda navigate a complex global environment and deliver results contributing to both short and long-term growth  
  • Why sourcing innovation from public/private collaborations accelerates transformative solutions for patients in need and enables the organization to maintain overall focus
  • How AI and technology are advancing business strategies, workforce engagement and ultimately, global health
  • Understanding “what’s next” for R&D, as we continue to address global public health issues, but keep true to our purpose and delivering life-transforming treatments to patients worldwide

Christophe Weber
Christophe Weber President and CEO Takeda

Panel: Redefining behavioural healthcare with digital technology
  • Understand the marketplace for digital behavioral health products including evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a specific disease or disorder – and assess future opportunities
  • Review the real life experiences of using online coaching and technology augmented engagement with patients
  • Understand how digital therapeutics and telehealth can provide better access to care, overcoming the unmet needs around mental health by circumnavigating social stigma and financial constraints (while saving time and costs for patients, providers, and payers)

Manish Sapra
Manish Sapra MD, Psychiatry Northwell Health

Sarah Adler
Sarah Adler Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences Stanford Hospital and Clinics

Stuart Archer
Stuart Archer CEO Oceans Healthcare

Moderator: Esther Schorr
Moderator: Esther Schorr EVP Remedy Health Media

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