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2021 Agenda - Presentations and board panels

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  • Day One: November 30, 2021
  • Day Two: December 1, 2021
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Day One: November 30, 2021

9:00-9:45 (45 mins)

Incentivizing Supply and Demand

  • Explore policies that enable scale and investment to advance the hydrogen economy
  • Learn about the DOE Earthshot Initiative and the projections it sets for North American hydrogen economy
  • Address the need for 50% cost reduction in production to balance costs for distribution, application, and infrastructure
  • Understand how enabling large-scale electrolysis manufacturing and affordable electricity can create an economy of scale

Linde Neil Beup Head of Global Government Affairs Linde

EDPR Ana Quelhas Managing Director - Hydrogen EDPR

9:45-10:00 (15 mins)

The Path to Net Zero by 2050 and Clean Grid by 2035

  • Explore the role of fuel cells for peak power and their impact in critical infrastructure (hospitals, urban and microgrid configuration), as well as the maritime industry
  • Find out more about biomass gasification to hydrogen and biogas steam methane reformation [SMR] to hydrogen pathways
  • Debate the value of bringing excess capacity into transportation, as well as the pros and cons of local use

SoCalGas Neil Navin Vice President, Clean Energy Innovations SoCalGas

10:00-10:15 (15 mins)

Session Available

  • Bespoke interview or presentation opportunity.
10:15-10:30 (15 mins)

Facilitating International Trade

  • Find out all you need to know about guarantees of origin and how they will influence the coherence and consistency of the policy system
  • Learn about regulatory requirements related to hydrogen tracking and certificates of origin
  • Discover strategies towards developing an accurate measuring system for guarantees of origin and building the infrastructure for international trade
10:30 -11:15 (45 mins)

U.S. Administration Investments in Hydrogen Jobs, Production Tax Credit [PTC] for Green Hydrogen and Large-Scale Demonstration Projects

  • Find out how scaling up for green hydrogen looks like and what that means for your role and your organization
  • Explore the South-East and North-East perspectives on taxonomy, industry competitiveness and new job opportunities
  • Access perspectives from different states rolling out low-carbon fuel standards [LCFS] and renewable fuel standards [RFS] such as California, New York, Washington, Texas, and Colorado
  • Discover lessons learnt from the EU and their relevance to U.S. projects from a policy and incentives perspective

California Assembly Dr. Bill Quirk State Assemblymember California Assembly District 20

Minnesota Legislature David H. Senjem Senator of Minnesota

Utah House of Representatives Melissa Ballard Representative Utah House of Representatives

11:15-12:00 (45 mins)

Cost Reduction Strategies to Reach Affordable and Decarbonized Hydrogen, De-risk Deployment and Ensure Commercial Viability of Projects

  • Explore the pros and cons of blue hydrogen and how reforming low-cost natural gas [NG] and building access to low cost renewables will impact hydrogen economy
  • Address global competition for capital investments and green jobs and what percentage is projected for the hydrogen industry
  • Debate whether renewable natural gas [RNG] represents the first step towards a greener transition
  • Tackle the risk of storing CO2 for long periods of time and how to find economic use to that
12:00-12:15 (15 mins)

Decarbonizing End-Use Sectors: Industrial, Heavy-Duty Transportation and Energy Storage

  • Discuss how to drive down cost in production and application whilst increasing durability in the heavy truck duty market
  • Find out how producers and their respective end-use sectors can collaborate to get cost competitive and lead the way towards an economy of scale

FTI Consulting Moderator: David Sanders Managing Director, Global Clean Energy Practice FTI Consulting

12:15-12:45 (30 mins)

The Role of Financial Support for Utilities

  • Explore the support available for regulated or rate-based utilities to allow for bigger moonshots in the hydrogen space
  • Debate whether utilities can find long-term commercial viability to hydrogen products
12:45-1:00 (15 mins)


1:00-1:45 (45 mins)

Hydrogen Clusters, Valleys and Demand Centres

  • Discuss the potential of clusters in accelerating the pathway towards a hydrogen economy of scale
  • How is the B2B partnerships ramp-up affecting the hydrogen movement in North America
  • Find out if clusters are projected to become the new “demand centres” for hydrogen

Gas Technology Institute Kristine Wiley Vice President, Hydrogen Technology Center Gas Technology Institute

Bloom Energy Tanya Peacock Senior Director, Government Affairs and Policy Bloom Energy

FTI Consulting Moderator: Jeff Bechdel Senior Director FTI Consulting

1:45-2:00 (15 mins)

Decarbonizing the Heavy-Duty Truck Market with Hydrogen

  • Learn how fuel prices will fluctuate and influence the fleet margin in the heavy-truck industry

FTI Consulting Moderator: David Sanders Managing Director, Global Clean Energy Practice FTI Consulting

Day Two: December 1, 2021

9:00-9:45 (45 mins)

Colors of H2 and Lifecyle Carbon Accounting

  • Explore if color agnostic is the way toward a smooth energy transition
  • Find out if blue and green hydrogen can be competitive with grey hydrogen
  • Understand the impact of Federal Hydrogen legislation going in the Carbon Intensity [CI] direction

EDF Renewables North America Chris Cannata Director - Hydrogen EDF Renewables North America

FTI Consulting Moderator: David Sanders Managing Director, Global Clean Energy Practice FTI Consulting

09:45-10:00 (15 mins)

Session Available

  • Bespoke interview or presentation opportunity.
10:00-10:45 (45 mins)

Decarbonizing Aviation with Hydrogen

  • Find out how hydrogen is expected to impact the aviation market in a context where net zero tech is still nascent in aviation
  • Discover the regulatory drivers for the aviation market to advance green hydrogen production and access to capital
  • Address cost challenges in both the distribution and demand side
  • How to engage end-use of the end-use: consumer education and incentives

NREL Keith Ropchock Strategic Partnerships Director - Integrated Energy Systems - Hydrogen & Sustainable Fuels NREL

NREL Michael Peters Engineer NREL

Hyundai Motor Group Yesh Premkumar National Partnership Lead (Urban Air Mobility) Hyundai Motor Group

FTI Consulting Moderator: David Sanders Managing Director, Global Clean Energy Practice FTI Consulting

10:45-11:00 (15 mins)

Session Available

  • Bespoke interview or presentation opportunity.
11:00-11:45 (45 mins)

Integrating Gas and Electric Grids / Exploring Potential for Synergy in Decarbonizing Existing NG Pipelines and Distribution Centres while Preparing for Transition to Hydrogen

  • Discover the opportunities to reuse U.S. gas pipeline systems and strategically co-locate large scale supply and demand
  • Understand the types of materials necessary for high blend and what their implementation would involve from an operational perspective
  • Address the environmental justice element in line with the priorities of the current administration

Southern Company Zac Lowe Director Southern Company

Hawaii Hydrogen Association Chuck Collins Board Member Hawaii Hydrogen Association

12:00-12:15 (15 mins)

Capitalizing on Hydrogen’s Versatility

  • Explore the current focus on application and whether it will allow for flexibility in production
  • Find out the biggest opportunities for the flexible molecule with various application points
  • Identify the existing energy source that is available for hydrogen production and the biggest needs that exists in the sector

Air Liquide Americas Dave Edwards Director and Advocate for Hydrogen Energy Air Liquide Americas

12:15-12:30 (15 mins)


12:30-1:15 (45 mins)

Hydrogen in North America in the Next Ten Years

  • Learn how to capitalize on the potential for cost reduction and scale
  • Identify how the future looks like for microgrid applications
  • Explore the role of storage and whether the gas and power sectors can be integrated for a smoother path towards net-zero

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