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  • Day 1 - Opportunities Globally and Gearing Up for Expansion
  • Day 1 - 60-minute Roundtables
  • Day 2 - Infrastructure, Projects and Technology
  • Day 2 - 60-minute Roundtables
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Day 1 - Opportunities Globally and Gearing Up for Expansion

9:00-10:00 (60 mins)

The Roadmap to Achieving 6 GW of Renewable Hydrogen in Europe by 2024

The targets have been set, but how can Europe achieve 6 GW of Renewables Hydrogen by 2024 and 40 GW by 2030? Government Ministers and key industry stakeholders set out their strategy for expansion, including government support, regulatory requirements, and private sector leadership to decarbonize Europe.

Portuguese Government João Pedro Matos Fernandes Minister of Environment Portuguese Government

Hydrogen Europe Jorgo Chatzimarkarkis Director-General Hydrogen Europe

Thyssenkrupp Dr. Christoph Noeres Head of Green Hydrogen Thyssenkrupp

10:00-10:15 (15 mins)

Showcasing the Global Green Hydrogen Opportunity

In their World Energy Transitions Outlook, IRENA predict hydrogen will make-up 12% of the energy mix with 66% of that share being green hydrogen. In this exclusive session, IRENA's Director-General will assess the challenges and showcase which markets globally are looking promising to achieve this growth.   

IRENA Francesco La Camera Director-General IRENA

10:15-11:00 (45 mins)

Private Sector Dialogue: Producing Hydrogen at Scale

In the past year, more than $150 billion worth of green hydrogen projects have been announced, meaning there are more than 70 gigawatts of projects in the development phase. So how are energy executive approaching scaling-up to ensure hydrogen competes with coal, oil and gas? Energy Executives discuss their projects and plans, focusing on how and where they will be producing clean hydrogen at scale to drive costs down.

ENGIE Michele Azalbert CEO - Hydrogen Business Unit ENGIE

Equinor Grete Tveit Senior Vice President - Low Carbon Solutions Equinor

Cummins Amy Adams Vice President - Fuel Cell and Technologies Cummins

11:00-11:15 (15 mins)

Interview / Presentation

11:15-12:00 (45 mins)

The Capital Needed to make Green Hydrogen Succeed

The European Commission could spend as much as $550bn on hydrogen production by 2050 and hydrogen stocks have flown high in the past year. Amid this influx of capital, where are the biggest risks? Banks, funds, and alternative investors share why they are delving into hydrogen what the immediate and long-term returns are.

Vinson & Elkins (Moderator) Eamon Nolan Partner Vinson & Elkins

IPHE Noé van Hulst Chair IPHE

EIB Shiva Dustdar Head of Division - Innovation Finance Advisory EIB

BNP Paribas Astrid Behaghel Energy Transition Expert - Hydrogen Coordinator BNP Paribas

12:00-13:00 (60 mins)


13:00-13:20 (20 mins)

World Bank Interview - Hydrogen in Developing Economies

How the World Bank's Energy Sector Management Assistance Program and other support programs can help low and middle income countries to achieve sustainable growth with green hydrogen, including insight into the benefits for national energy security amid volatile oil prices and supply chain disruption.

*Please note: This interview is conducted by Reuters Editorial, which operates independently from the Reuters commercial operations. Reuters journalists have the sole right to determine who they interview and the questions they ask, with no regard to sponsorship and in keeping with the Trust Principles of integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.

World Bank Group Demetrios Papathanasiou Global Director - Energy and Extractives World Bank Group

Reuters Nina Chestney Head of EMEA Power - Coal, Gas and Carbon Reuters

13:20-13:40 (20 mins)

Interview with Mitsubishi Power - Decarbonizing the Power Grid through Hydrogen

Power balance and energy storage are critical to integrate renewables at scale and decarbonize the grid. Reuters Events talk to Paul Browning, CEO Mitsubishi Power Americas, about their role in decarbonizing power through green hydrogen, including insight into the Advanced Clean Energy Storage project for storage in salt caverns and the Intermountain Power Project in Utah. 

Mitsubishi Power Paul Browning President & CEO Mitsubishi Power Americas Chief Regional Officer, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas Mitsubishi Power

13:40-14:00 (20 mins)

Interview with Lord Adair Turner - Hydrogen's role in the Energy Transition

Is the optimism surrounding green hydrogen merited? In discussion with Lord Adair Turner to understand the Energy Transitions Commission work in shaping the hydrogen economy and their global market outlook, including China and India.

Energy Transitions Commission Lord Adair Turner Chair Energy Transitions Commission

14:00-14:45 (45 mins)

Building a Hydrogen Business Model

The Hydrogen Council target a $2.5 trillion market for hydrogen and fuel cell equipment by 2050. So which sectors will be making up the bulk of the demand? And how producers align? Energy executives and thought leaders shed light on how to make hydrogen work from production through to end use. 

Hydrogen Council Daryl Wilson Executive Director Hydrogen Council

Shell Paul Bogers Vice President - Hydrogen Shell

Northland Power Wendy Franks Executive Vice President – Strategy & Investment Management Northland Power

14:45-15:00 (15 mins)

Chile - the most cost-competitive Green Hydrogen producer globally?

Chile plans 5GW of electrolysis capacity under development by 2025 with the aims of being an exporter with the world’s cheapest green hydrogen by 2030. However, is the infrastructure and delivery in place to achieve this? And, as countries are speeding their transition to net zero, who will make-up the key export markets?

*Please note: This interview is conducted by Reuters Editorial, which operates independently from the Reuters commercial operations. Reuters journalists have the sole right to determine who they interview and the questions they ask, with no regard to sponsorship and in keeping with the Trust Principles of integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.

Chilean Government Juan Carlos Jobet Minister of Energy Chilean Government

Reuters Aislinn Laing Senior Correspondent Reuters

15:00-16:00 (60 mins)

North America - Exploring Hotspots and What’s Needed for Expansion

How can hydrogen alter the energy make-up in a region with cheap and abundant natural gas? Energy executives and the DoE discuss projects and approaches to make hydrogen a success story.

Green Hydrogen Coalition (Moderator) Dr. Laura Nelson Special Advisor Green Hydrogen Coalition

Siemens Energy TBC Siemens Energy

Air Liquide Americas Dave Edwards Director and Advocate for Hydrogen Energy Air Liquide Americas

U.S. Department of Energy Dr. Sunita Satyapal Director - Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office U.S. Department of Energy

Day 1 - 60-minute Roundtables


Unlocking H2 Project Finance

Maximum 15 people roundtable between banks, funds, investors, and advisors the capital needed to ensure hydrogen projects get the pipeline.


Producing Hydrogen at Scale: Excellence and Innovation

Maximum 15 people roundtable between industry stakeholders on what is needed to ensure hydrogen projects go online.


Day 2 - Infrastructure, Projects and Technology

9:00-9:45 (45 mins)

Infrastructure Readiness: Ports, Oceans and the Supply-Chain

As more countries are counting on hydrogen to fuel their net zero ambitions, what does the path to transporting hydrogen safely look like? This panel discussion will cover the value chain can prepare for importing and exporting hydrogen globally. 

Global Maritime Forum Jesse Fahnestock Project Director Global Maritime Forum

Chiyoda Corporation Setsuo Iuchi Executive Director - Hydrogen Business Chiyoda Corporation

InterContinental Energy Alicia Eastman Co-Founder and Managing Director InterContinental Energy

9:45-10:00 (15 mins)

Australia - Becoming a Hydrogen Exporter

Reuters Events talk to Angus Taylor MP, Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, about hydrogen production in Australia and how this is transforming their energy plans.

*Please note: This interview is conducted by Reuters Editorial, which operates independently from the Reuters commercial operations. Reuters journalists have the sole right to determine who they interview and the questions they ask, with no regard to sponsorship and in keeping with the Trust Principles of integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.

Angus Taylor MP, Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, Australian Government
Matthew Green, Climate Correspondent, Reuters

10:00-10:45 (45 mins)

Infrastructure Readiness: Preparing the Gas Grid

Hear from Gas TSOs and experts about pilot projects and strategies to integrate hydrogen onto the gas grid, including deblending and capital requirements.

Soladvent (Moderator) Thierry Lepercq Founder Soladvent

ENTSOG Jan Ingwersen General Director ENTSOG

Snam Camilla Palladino Executive Vice President Strategy and Investor Relations Snam

10:45-11:00 (15 mins)

CCUS Project Case Study - Net Zero Teesside

Net Zero Teesside is the world's first full-scale energy plant to capture, use and store carbon emissions from the region's heavy industries. In this exclusive, explore the UK's first decarbonized industrial cluster and the consortium behind it.

BP Andy Lane Managing Director, Net Zero Teeside and Vice President - CCUS BP

11:00-11:15 (15 mins)

Neom Project Update - Inside the World's Largest Green Hydrogen Project

Explore the $5bn project in Saudi Arabia powered by four gigawatts of wind and solar power jointly owned by Air Products, ACWA Power and Neom, a new mega-city planned. 

Air Products & Chemicals Simon Moore Vice President, Investor Relations, Corporate Relations and Sustainability Air Products & Chemicals

11:15-12:00 (45 mins)

Hydrogen Technology - Safe, Secure and Scalable 

Developers and fuel cell manufacturers share how and why hydrogen technology is ready for affordable full scale deployment.

Soladvent (Moderator) Thierry Lepercq Founder Soladvent

Acciona Belén Linares Innovation Director of Energy Acciona

EDPR Ana Quelhas Managing Director - Hydrogen EDPR

12:00-13:30 (90 mins)


13:30-14:30 (60 mins)

Hydrogen Transforming Industrial Applications

How can hard-to-abate sectors come together to develop a low-carbon future through hydrogen? Industry discusses embracing hydrogen as a net zero solution.

LBC Energy Advisory (Moderator) Dana Novakovic Managing Director, M&A Energy, Infrastructure & RES LBC Energy Advisory

Linde David Burns Vice President - Clean Hydrogen Linde

Plug Power Sanjay Sharestha Chief Strategy Officer Plug Power

14:30-14:45 (15 mins)

In a Conversation with Advent Technologies 

Discussing hydrogen's role in the maritime, trucking and automotive sector.

Advent Technologies Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou CEO Advent Technologies

14:45-14:55 (10 mins)

Interview - Net Zero Aviation

In conversation with EasyJet on how the aviation sector can decarbonize through embracing hydrogen fuel cell technology.

(Interviewer) Kevin O'Donovan Technology Evangelist

EasyJet David Morgan Director - Flight Operations EasyJet

14:55-15:05 (10 mins)

Flying High - Enabling Zero Emission Air Travel at Scale

Discover engineering excellence with cost-effective hydrogen fuelled aircraft.

ZeroAvia Val Miftakhov Founder & CEO ZeroAvia

15:05-16:00 (55 mins)

Will Hydrogen Revolutionize the Mobility Sector?

Debate on how much of an integral role hydrogen will play in the future of mobility.

California Fuel Cell Partnership (Moderator) Bill Elrick Executive Director California Fuel Cell Partnership

Ballard Power Systems Randy MacEwen CEO Ballard Power Systems

BMW Group Dr. Juergen Guldner Vice President for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and Vehicle Projects BMW Group

Day 2 - 60-minute Roundtables


Engineering Excellence in Developing Hydrogen Projects

Maximum 15 people roundtable on the engineering challenges in developing hydrogen projects.


Hydrogen End-use Sectors Dialogue

Maximum 15 people roundtable on which sectors hydrogen will decarbonize, working on an ambitious timeline for decarbonization.


On Demand Content

24/7 Supply of Clean Hydrogen from Local Waste – the Key to Reducing Infrastructure Stress and Building Local Affordable Hydrogen Ecosystems

We can fundamentally change the way we look at waste – and transform it into the largest source of clean, affordable and available Hydrogen on the planet. Turning your average ton of non-recyclable waste into 1000 km of Hydrogen bus/truck and replace 500 litres of imported fossil diesel. This local potential for carbon-negative 24/7 Hydrogen can be unlocked with autonomous distributed technology that reduces infrastructure stress and builds local prosperity – while at the same time cleaning the air we breathe and keeping the water and soil we depend on clean. The source of the efficiency and cost advantage being that the photosynthesis has already done the work to split the Hydrogen from water and stored it in the energy-rich hydrocarbons that make up the waste. Waste that is available in abundance right where Hydrogen is most needed.

Boson Energy Heike Carl Zattestrom Chief Communications Officer Boson Energy

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