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  • Day 1 - Exploring Key Markets and Expansion
  • Day 2 - Projects, Technology and End Users
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Day 1 - Exploring Key Markets and Expansion

European Commission Keynote

The Roadmap to Achieving 6 GW of Renewable Hydrogen in Europe by 2024

Australia – Becoming a Hydrogen Exporter

Live Interview with Mitsubishi Power

Opportunities in the MENA Region

Private Sector Panel: Building a Hydrogen Business Model

Investor Appetite: Who is Taking the Risk and Why?

Chile – the most cost-competitive Green Hydrogen producer globally?

North America, Advancing or Lagging Behind?

Infrastructure Readiness: Transportation and Logistics

Gas TSOs: Utilizing Existing Infrastructure

Day 2 - Projects, Technology and End Users

Green Hydrogen Project Case Study

CCS Project Case Study

Project Case Studies Q&A

Hydrogen and Heavy Vehicles: The Perfect Partner?

Hydrogen Fueled Cars: Innovation and Excellence

Overcoming Bottlenecks to Revolutionize Mobility

Hydrogen’s use in Decarbonizing Heavy Industry: Mining, Metals and Chemicals

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