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Oil & Gas Majors in Hydrogen

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Industry experts speakers

Tomas Malango

Tomas Malango Hydrogen Director Repsol

Shirley Oliveira

Shirley Oliveira Vice President - Hydrogen and CCUS advisory services BP

Henrik Solgaard Andersen

Henrik Solgaard Andersen Vice President, Low Carbon Technologies Equinor

Simon Ellis

Moderator: Simon Ellis Head of Global Gas Analytics ICIS

There are huge challenges in developing the hydrogen economy, but that is not stopping oil & gas majors from entering the market at speed. The need to decarbonize has seen the likes of BP, Shell, Equinor, and Repsol ramp up their investments, counting on a hydrogen future and their expertise.

View Reuters Events hour-long discussion Oil & Gas Majors in Hydrogen.

Key discussion points:

  • Why energy majors are betting big on hydrogen, with gigawatt-scale announcements
  • Focus on the colours of hydrogen
  • Collaboration and support needed by energy majors to develop hydrogen ready infrastructure
  • Outlining the business case and where energy majors see the demand for hydrogen
  • Cutting costs and addressing the ‘greenwashing’ issue


  • Tomas Malango, Hydrogen Director, Repsol
  • Shirley Oliveira, Vice President – Hydrogen and CCUS advisory services, BP
  • Henrik Solgaard Andersen, Vice President - Low Carbon Technologies, Equinor
  • (moderator) Simon Ellis, Head of Global Gas Analytics, ICIS
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