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Sponsor in 2022
Inger Andersen

Inger Andersen

Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme

Al Gore

Al Gore

Former Vice President, United States of America

Damilola Ogunbiyi

Damilola Ogunbiyi

CEO & Special Representative, UN Secretary-General, SEforALL

Sauli Niinistö

Sauli Niinistö

President of the Republic of Finland

Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson

Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson

President, Iceland

Tengku Muhammad Taufik

Tengku Muhammad Taufik

President & Group Chief Executive Officer, PETRONAS

Teresa Ribera

Teresa Ribera

Deputy PM for Ecological Transition & Demographic Challenge, Spain

Miyazono Masataka

Miyazono Masataka

President Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)

Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

Executive Director, Greenpeace

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg

Former F1 Champion & Sustainability Entrepreneur

Reuters IMPACT 2021 Highlights

Built Environment
11:10am BST
Better Tech, for a Greener Future

Catherine Chen
Catherine Chen Corporate Senior Vice President, Director of the Board Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Built Environment / Energy
2:00pm BST
The Big Picture: Transforming to the Low Carbon “Circular” City

The Circular economy is a requisite to a clean and low-carbon city of the future. This shift will create wholesale changes to how buildings are built – from the materials that are produced through to how they are used and equipped. The big question remains, how will this transition impact ‘City Life’ for both commercial and personal purposes, and how technology can enable this transformation?

Doug Wright
Doug Wright President & CEO Honeywell Building Technologies

Clare Newman
Clare Newman President & CEO Trust for Governors Island

Nan Whaley
Nan Whaley Mayor Dayton (President US Congress of Mayors)

Terry Slavin
Moderator: Terry Slavin Editor-in-Chief Reuters Events Sustainable Business

Food & Land Use
4:20pm BST
How technology can help companies across the food value chain deliver on climate change commitments

Where are food producers seeing technology help in maximising food production while reducing emissions and environmental damage? Which emerging tools and technologies can help CPGs better trace produce through their supply chains and meet their climate change goals? These are big questions that need to be front of mind in the race to net-zero. So where should investors be putting their money, and how can we accelerate the adoption of technology across the food system to create real scalable and sustainable impact?

Hernan Saenz
Hernan Saenz Partner & Head of Americas Performance Improvement Practice Bain & Company

Anuj Maheshwari
Anuj Maheshwari Managing Director of Agribusiness Temasek

Jim Andrew
Jim Andrew Chief Sustainability Officer PepsiCo

Louisa Burwood-Taylor
Moderator: Louisa Burwood-Taylor Editor AFN [AgFunderNews]

Food & Land Use
6:20pm BST
Fostering collective action on the road to net zero

Kristina Kloberdanz
Kristina Kloberdanz Chief Sustainability Officer Mastercard

Jon Harman
Moderator: Jon Harman Managing Director Renewables Reuters Events

Food & Land Use
6:30pm BST
Power of collaboration: how innovation can accelerate collective climate action

New solutions with practical applications are urgently needed to achieve global climate change goals. Hear how the private-sector is forging innovative partnerships and coalitions – powered by cutting edge technology – to inspire collective action for the planet.

Oli Cook
Oli Cook CEO and co-founder ekko

Mathias Wikström
Mathias Wikström CEO and cofounders Doconomy

Jorn Lambert
Jorn Lambert Chief Digital Officer Mastercard

Bruno Sarda
Moderator: Bruno Sarda Principal, Climate Change and Sustainability Services EY

Built Environment
09:00am BST
Sustainable Digital Infrastructure in Designing a Carbon-Neutral City

Redesigning urban infrastructure for interoperable, shared, and connected cities for sustainable zero emission buildings, transport, and industry is key to reducing emissions. Achieving this requires urban redesign, regulation and new policy setting to incentivize and change behaviour. How can increased physical and digital connectivity help to boost resilience to both health and climate shocks, whilst improving urban sustainability and liveability?

Dave Hopping
Dave Hopping CEO, Smart Infrastructure Solutions & Services Siemens

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Partner Foster & Partners

Elizabeth Hammitt
Elizabeth Hammitt Director Residential Energy & Environmental Solutions EPB

Jeanne Holme
Jeanne Holme Deputy Mayor City of Los Angeles

Terry Slavin
Moderator: Terry Slavin Editor-in-Chief Reuters Events Sustainable Business

Built Environment
09:40am BST
Creating Energy Efficiency and the Pathway to ‘Carbon Zero Buildings’

Youssef Mestari
Youssef Mestari Building Sustainability General Manager Honeywell Building Technologies

Liam Dowd
Moderator: Liam Dowd Managing Director Sustainable Business Reuters Events

3:00pm BST
Creating tangible routes to 2050 Climate Targets: how existing technologies and processes can accelerate the pathway to decarbonization

Michael Train
Michael Train Chief Sustainability Officer Emerson

Liam Dowd
Moderator: Liam Dowd Head of Sustainable Business Reuters Events

Food & Land Use
6:00pm BST
Can dairy become a renewable energy source, at scale?

Mike McCloskey
Mike McCloskey Co-founder and CEO, Select Milk Producers + Chairman of the Board Fair Oaks Farms

Krysta Harden
Krysta Harden President and CEO U.S. Dairy Export Council

David Darr
David Darr Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)

Dan Esty
Dan Esty Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy Yale University

Jason Clay
Moderator: Jason Clay Senior Vice President, Markets WWF

Food & Land Use
11:00am BST
Fireside Chat: Enabling end-to-end transformation for the food and land use value chain

Dalton Maine
Dalton Maine Partner & Head of Americas Energy & Natural Resources and Global Agribusiness Bain & Company

Liam Dowd
Moderator: Liam Dowd Head of Sustainable Business Reuters Events

2:20pm BST
What's our water trying to tell us. A global perspective

Gerry Brandon
Gerry Brandon Chief Executive DeepVerge plc

Ajay Popat
Ajay Popat President Ion Exchange India

Dr. Andrew Engeli
Dr. Andrew Engeli Deputy-Director for Innovation and Partnerships Environmental Monitoring for Health Protection (EMHP)

Jeanne Holm
Jeanne Holm Deputy Mayor of Budget and Innovation City of Los Angeles

Tian Zemin
Tian Zemin Deputy General Manager of China Resources Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Liam Dowd
Moderator: Liam Dowd Head of Sustainable Business Reuters Events

2:20pm BST
Fireside Chat: Technology, Collaboration and Innovation – How business can help deliver a low-carbon society

At the upcoming COP26 climate conference, governments will be asked to come forward with robust 2030 emissions reductions targets that align with reaching net zero by mid-century.

To achieve these targets, the public and private sectors must work together. Policymakers must remove obstacles and provide incentives to encourage the energy transition and the adoption of cleaner technologies. The private sector must provide the solutions to enable a low-carbon society.

In this frank and candid fireside chat, learn of the technologies – both existing and future – needed to bring about a low-carbon society, as well as some of the challenges involved in achieving the energy transition.

Theodor Swedjemark
Theodor Swedjemark Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer ABB

Liam Dowd
Moderator: Liam Dowd Managing Director Sustainable Business Reuters Events

5:00pm BST
Accelerating the Energy Transition Through Innovation

Globally, all countries have their part to play in ensuring a successful transition; no one can achieve it alone. Hear from a grassroots innovator on what is being done in high population density countries to accelerate drive to net zero worldwide.

Christopher Mowry
Christopher Mowry Chief Executive Officer General Fusion

Femi Adeyemo
Femi Adeyemo Founder Arnergy

Amina Hamidi
Amina Hamidi Chief Technology Officer ABB

Kingsmill Bond
Kingsmill Bond New Energy Strategist Carbon Tracker

Jon Harman
Moderator: Jon Harman Managing Director Renewables Reuters Events

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