Set the Investment Agenda for the Year Ahead

Uniting Institutional Investors, Asset Owners and Financial Institutions
  • 10+Editor-Led Sessions
  • 5,000+Attendees
  • 40+Speakers
  • 25Live sessions
  • 2+Days of networking

The world has just been through an unprecedented economic paralysis. Stock market optimism is masking the fact that we are only at the beginning of the crisis created by COVID-19. With IMF projections recently noting that the global economy will regress by almost 5% in 2020, it is clear that the impact of the coronavirus on investors has yet to be fully apparent. Even the most dire economic projections may not fully account for the depth of the recession we are facing.

Reuters Events Investment Summit is the only place for Chief Investment Officers to unite and tackle the issues facing the investment community. This 2-day summit, strategically designed for Chief Investment Officers and anchored by Reuters News led sessions, will evaluate the investment community’s response to the current crisis by bringing industry leaders together to set the agenda for the year ahead. With a diverse range of international voices in attendance, join us for this exclusive end of year meeting as the world comes to terms with the events of 2020.

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Keynote speakers:

Eileen Murray - Headshot
Finra - Logo

Eileen Murray Chair of the Board Finra

David Bailin - Headshot
Citi Private Bank - Logo

David Bailin Chief Investment Officer Citi Private Bank

Benjamin Deng - Headshot
China Pacific Insurance Company - Logo

Benjamin Deng Group Chief Investment Officer China Pacific Insurance Company

Will Hobbs - Headshot
Barclays Private Wealth - Logo

Will Hobbs Chief Investment Officer Barclays Private Wealth

Shannon Saccocia - Headshot
Boston Private - Logo

Shannon Saccocia Chief Investment Officer Boston Private

Steve Brice - Headshot
Standard Chartered - Logo

Steve Brice Chief Investment Strategist Standard Chartered

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Delivered Through Four Key Themes

Investment has Evolved. Will You?
  • Market Drivers and Outlook: Learn how macroeconomics, geopolitics, China and market volatility have impacted investment outlook and how you can prepare for 2021 and beyond.
  • Asset Management Strategies: Go beyond data and learn the methodologies employed by the most successful managers to enhance their understanding of the market and extract financial rewards. Learn about the risks associated with different investment techniques as investors keep adapting to this increasingly volatile environment.
  • Leadership in a New Reality: A close look at how institutional investors and asset owners are driving change on a global scale through leadership.
  • Industry Specific Discussions: Dive deep into hot-topic investment opportunities in Technology, Biotech, Energy and beyond.

6 Ways Reuters Events Investment Summit Is Driving Change

CEO and Board Level News

Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on what progress has been made and what opportunities lie ahead

Reuters Editorial Interviews

Our editorial colleagues are keen to drive debate and will leave live fireside chats onstage with the biggest names in investment. Prepare for household names to take to the stage with direction-setting insights and industry leading analysis

All Stakeholders, One Place

Join leaders from across the investment spectrum to tackle the most pertinent issues head on.

Practical Case Studies

The ONLY forum to deep-dive into case studies from global financial institutions today.

Industry Driven Agenda

Our bespoke agendas are crafted by industry, for industry with carefully selected themes and discussions to provide a conclusive guide to your investment strategy

1:1 Networking Services

You cannot navigate the market alone. Join us for 2+ days of bespoke 1-2-1 networking through our matchmaking and meetings services for total interaction

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An Agenda For Institutional Investors

Market Outlook

  • A Market Outlook for Un-Precedented Times
  • Trade Wars
  • The Impact of Government Stimulus on the Market

Sector Outlook

  • No Safety in Bond Country
  • Passive vs Active Management
  • PE: Finding Opportunity in the New Normal
  • ESG: Is it Ready to Go Mainstream for Investors?

Industry Outlook

  • Biotech and Pharma Step into the Spotlight
  • Is Big Tech’s Day of Reckoning Coming?
  • The Future of the North American Energy Market

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C-Suite Leaders include:

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ares's Logo
ariel_investments's Logo
credit_suisse's Logo

harvest's Logo

legal_and_general's Logo
nn_investment_partners's Logo
pimco's Logo

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Chief Economist
  • Managing Director
  • Head of Trading
  • Head of Research
  • Senior Economist
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Executive Director

Uniting Key Decision Makers

Asset managers


Asset Owners




RSPV Today for Free & Unlimited Access to ALL Investment Business Intelligence Until December!

5 reasons why this is THE opportunity to set the agenda for 2021 and beyond:

  1. Plan your 2021 strategy with speaker keynotes sharing insights on how to generate alpha amidst economic calamity.
  2. Takeaway valuable lessons from the live panel and Q&A sessions on the latest strategies and innovations in the investment space.
  3. Learn from examples with confirmed case studies from institutional investors and fortune 500 companies tackling the fallout from COVID-19 head-on.
  4. Don’t miss a thing – your registration gives you access to all the sessions from the Investment Summit on demand. Make sure to connect with leading investment solution providers in the digital exhibition!
  5. Stay safe at home with all the business-critical insights free-of-charge to view at your leisure and help you plan your transformational business strategies

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