The industry shaping agenda

Key Trends & Drivers Shaping Markets in 2022


Leaders Panel: 2022 economic & regulatory outlook

As we roll into 2022, all eyes are on developments within global central banks, growth levels across the world – and, of course, what it all means for the investment landscape.

  • Will we see momentum in 2022, and how will GDP growth be dispersed across the world?
  • Expected levels of inflation for 2022 and how investors should prepare their portfolios
  • Will the FED ease up on monetary stimulus, and how will this impact growth and earnings?
  • If 2021 was the year to own cyclicals, what sectors do you want exposure to in 2022?
  • Evaluating the impact of events in the South China Sea, Ukraine & Crimea, and economic destabilization in South America


Darrell Cronk President Wells Fargo Investment Institute

Erik Knutzen Chief Investment Officer - Multi-Asset Class Portfolios Neuberger Berman


Interactive Interview: Assessing the effects of prevailing narratives on the investment landscape

High levels of exuberance may indicate that we are at a tipping point in financial markets. How should asset managers and investors react when valuation indicators aren’t working, central banks are denying risks, and irrational forces are driving change?

  • Integrating narratives across inflation, growth and monetary factors into your portfolio construction
  • Finding value in a world of stretched absolute equity and bond valuations
  • Building an inflation-proof portfolio
  • Understanding the role of equities in your tactical- and strategic asset allocation
  • Mitigating higher rates with a focus on ‘real asset’ sectors


Pascal Blanque Group Chief Investment Officer Amundi


Leaders Panel: How to prosper in a reopening economy

  • To what extent will lifestyle changes persist after the pandemic?
  • How will long-lasting changes affect consumer- and corporate behavior?
  • How will the reopening of the economy affect growth and earnings?
  • Which companies and sectors will prosper (and which will flounder) in the new paradigm?
  • Do growth or value investments work best in the new world?
  • How can you integrate the new set of risk criteria into your investment decisions?
  • How will an increasingly remote society affect real estate values, education and pollution?


Karen Firestone Chairman & CEO Aureus Asset Management


Keynote Talk: Rewriting the code on tax and climate - US election, one year on

Nearly a year after Biden took office, it’s time to look at how much he has delivered on his campaign promises, and how the new administration is affecting global investment markets.

  • What campaign promises the Biden administration has complied with, and what is still left to do
  • How corporates and other countries will respond to Biden’s capital gains tax proposals
  • Evaluating the impact of progressive green taxes and structural changes on financial markets today, and into 2022


Leaders Panel: Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) – timelines & market impact

  • How central banks plan to protect local currencies against the move to digital currencies
  • How CBDCs will alter SWIFT’s role in the transfer of money
  • What are the timelines for digitalization of various central bank currencies?
  • How is the West looking at CBDCs vs. the East?


Keynote Talk: Examining the impact of innovation on productivity and systemic survival

The market is already pricing in productivity gains from the latest disruptor technologies – but there is debate around the extent to which the latest innovations will affect the economy.

  • How governments around the globe are supporting research and entrepreneurship to strengthen innovation
  • How industry participants can work collectively to drive innovations that mitigate systemic risks
  • Which new techs and business models hold the greatest promise for realizing productivity gains
  • The importance of having an operational resilience strategy in 2022

ESG, SRI & impact investing - moving the needle on carbon emissions


Leaders Panel: ESG – lessons from the investors leading the way in socially responsible strategies

Leading investors and managers will share how and why they started their ESG investments and what is driving their success.

  • Top methods for ESG investing – what Nordic and UK investors are doing well
  • Overcoming the lack of comparable data to integrate ESG into your investment process
  • How ESG regulation will affect asset pricing
  • ESG performance – linking your ESG investments to overall portfolio performance
  • Finding quantifiable data and cutting-edge tech to measure the impact of your ESG investments
  • Evaluating the role of passive management in a world focused on sustainability – how can passive managers develop sustainable products?


Steven Billiet CEO - Asia Pacific BNP Paribas Asset Management


Interactive Interview: Impact investing – uncovering the investments that will make the greatest impact

  • Where the industry needs to focus to realize transformative environmental- and social impact
  • Having conscience with your capital - identifying the best impact investing opportunities in the market today
  • Techniques and KPIs to measure and monitor the societal benefits of certain projects and programs
  • Quantifying reductions in carbon emissions when you invest in technologies such as sequestration, carbon removal and hydrogen


Afsaneh Mashayekhi Beschloss Chief Executive Officer RockCreek


Leaders Panel: Spotlight on greenwashing - ensuring your ESG investments are moving us closer to net zero

Amidst growing realization of the consequences of ecological damage, ESG investing has never been more popular - but we’re not on course for net zero, and there is ongoing debate that greenwashing is stopping us from getting there.

  • Is it responsible and impactful to invest in ‘dirty’ companies and use corporate engagement to transition them to greener pastures?
  • How should investors be engaging with companies transitioning to a lower carbon emission model?
  • How many asset managers have positively impactful ESG portfolios, and how much is just PR?


Eileen Murray Chair FINRA

Where to invest in 2022 – asset allocation across classes & geographies


Keynote Talk: Finding growth opportunities in key secular tech themes

  • Evaluating the total addressable market and growth potential for specific techs, e.g. AI, cloud, eCommerce, wearables
  • Finding higher returns through secular disruptive themes - backing the winners and avoiding the losers


Leaders Panel: Cryptocurrencies – exploring new trends & managing the risks

With the crypto world rapidly opening up, investors are jumping into the space. Understand how and why you should get into crypto, and how you can properly assess and mitigate the risks.

  • How ready are investors to invest in crypto structures, as an inflation hedge and to speculate?
  • How will cryptocurrencies be regulated going forward?
  • Accurately valuing cryptocurrencies when you have no real asset to compare prices
  • Tokenization trends – exploring new ways to invest via blockchain technology
  • Managing the risk of cryptocurrencies internally and operationalizing them


Leaders Panel: SPACs – where do we go after the inflection point?

Investors have driven a surge of SPACs deals over recent months, sending valuations through the roof. With regulatory scrutiny on the rise and activity slowing down, it’s time to evaluate what is driving the SPACs phenomenon, what are the risks, and how the space will develop.

  • What are the consequences of excess of liquidity from the SPACs phenomenon?
  • Where will trends go for SPACs valuations?
  • How will the SEC treat SPACs going forward, and how will efforts to expand SPACs into Europe and Asia be met by local regulators?
  • SPACs vs. IPOs – after the inflection point, where will SPACs sit in the IPO landscape?
  • Why should fundamental investors buy a blank cheque company?
  • Planning and execution – how can you source the best deals and negotiate with SPACs sponsors?


Keynote Talk: Asia outlook – understanding the dynamics underlying the predictions

Asian bonds and equities are widely predicted to thrive throughout 2022 - but investors need to understand why the predictions are there and what is driving them.

  • Why leading managers and investors are active in Asia
  • How Asian stocks and bonds can improve your overall portfolio
  • How the digitalization of sovereign currencies in Asia will impact global markets


Leaders Panel: Investment opportunities in overseas markets

  • Which overseas markets will win in 2022
  • Diversifying your portfolio through exposure to emerging markets
  • Risk management in emerging markets


Keynote Talk: Spotlight on China – how to allocate to the world’s fastest growing economy

It’s the second largest economy by GDP, the largest contributor to marginal global growth, and a major source of major disruption and innovation. Take a deep dive into the opportunities and the risks of investing in China.

  • Key trends in 2021, and likely developments for 2022
  • How global managers can differentiate in the Chinese market
  • How investors should allocate to China across stocks, bonds and alternatives
  • Overcoming challenges around access, governance and ESG

Attracting the Best People - Building a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace


Keynote Talk: Competing with BigTech to attract & retain the best talent

  • Top tips to find, engage and develop the best employees in the new paradigm
  • How will an increasingly remote society impact employer/employee loyalty, teamwork and salaries?


Leaders Panel: Next-generation governance – building a diverse & inclusive workplace

  • Knowing what constitutes ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’
  • Assessing the evidence-based impact of addressing inequality in the workplace
  • Looking at the numbers - what large firms are doing to change their top-level management structures and their C-suite, and bring more minorities into managerial positions
  • Understanding the breadth and impact of diversity washing
  • Transitioning out longstanding members of a management team and bringing in younger, more original thinkers