The most senior and diverse speaker line-up

Katie Koch - Headshot
Goldman Sachs Asset Management  - Logo

Katie Koch Global Co-Head of Fundamental Equity Goldman Sachs Asset Management

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Peter Branner - Headshot
APG Asset Management - Logo

Peter Branner CIO APG Asset Management

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Sonja Laud - Headshot
Legal & General Investment Management  - Logo

Sonja Laud CIO Legal & General Investment Management

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Christian Nolting - Headshot
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management - Logo

Christian Nolting CIO & Head of Investment Solutions Deutsche Bank Wealth Management

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Sonal Desai Ph.D. - Headshot
Franklin Templeton Fixed Income - Logo

Sonal Desai Ph.D. CIO Franklin Templeton Fixed Income

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Ruchir Sharma - Headshot

Ruchir Sharma Head of Emerging Markets & Chief Global Strategist Morgan Stanley Investment Management

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Michael Strobaek - Headshot
Credit Suisse - Logo

Michael Strobaek Global CIO Credit Suisse

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Anne Simpson - Headshot
CalPERS - Logo

Anne Simpson Managing Investment Director, Board Governance & Sustainability CalPERS

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Steven Billiet - Headshot
BNP Paribas Asset Management - Logo

Steven Billiet CEO, Asia Pacific BNP Paribas Asset Management

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Pascal Blanque - Headshot
Amundi - Logo

Pascal Blanque Group CIO Amundi

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Eileen Murray - Headshot
FINRA - Logo

Eileen Murray Chair FINRA

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Chris Iggo - Headshot
AXA Investment Management - Logo

Chris Iggo CIO, Core Investments AXA Investment Management

David Bailin - Headshot
Citi Private Bank - Logo

David Bailin CIO Citi Private Bank

Karen Firestone - Headshot
Aureus Asset Management - Logo

Karen Firestone Chairman & CEO Aureus Asset Management

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Benjamin Deng - Headshot
China Pacific Insurance Group  - Logo

Benjamin Deng Group CIO China Pacific Insurance Group

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Darrell Cronk - Headshot
Wells Fargo Investment Institute  - Logo

Darrell Cronk President Wells Fargo Investment Institute

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Afsaneh Mashayekhi Beschloss - Headshot
RockCreek - Logo

Afsaneh Mashayekhi Beschloss CEO RockCreek

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Mark Haefele - Headshot
UBS Global Wealth Management  - Logo

Mark Haefele CIO UBS Global Wealth Management

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Erik Knutzen - Headshot
Neuberger Berman  - Logo

Erik Knutzen CIO - Multi-Asset Class Portfolios Neuberger Berman

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Seema Shah - Headshot

Seema Shah Chief Strategist Principal Global Investors

William Hobbs - Headshot
Barclays Wealth - Logo

William Hobbs CIO Barclays Wealth

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Fadi Abuali - Headshot
Goldman Sachs Asset Management International - Logo

Fadi Abuali CEO Goldman Sachs Asset Management International

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Ron Gonen - Headshot
Closed Loop Partners  - Logo

Ron Gonen CEO Closed Loop Partners

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Betsy Cohen - Headshot
FinTech Masala - Logo

Betsy Cohen Chairman FinTech Masala

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Steve Brice - Headshot
Standard Chartered Bank - Logo

Steve Brice CIO Standard Chartered Bank

Mike Novogratz - Headshot

Mike Novogratz CEO Galaxy Digital

Bob Michele - Headshot
J.P. Morgan Asset Management - Logo

Bob Michele Global Head of Fixed Income J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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Willem Sels - Headshot
HSBC - Logo

Willem Sels Global CIO, Private Banking & Wealth Management HSBC

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Peter Habermacher - Headshot
Aaro Capital - Logo

Peter Habermacher Chief Executive Officer Aaro Capital

Xavier Gomez - Headshot
INVYO - Logo

Xavier Gomez Founder & COO INVYO

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Investment Leaders Who Spoke in 2020

Nirmala Sitharaman - Headshot
Indian Government - Logo

Nirmala Sitharaman Minister of Finance, India Indian Government

Rick Rieder - Headshot
BlackRock - Logo

Rick Rieder Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income BlackRock

Gregory Davis - Headshot
Vanguard - Logo

Gregory Davis Chief Investment Officer Vanguard

Philip R. Lane - Headshot
European Central Bank - Logo

Philip R. Lane Chief Economist European Central Bank

Shannon Saccocia - Headshot
Boston Private - Logo

Shannon Saccocia Chief Investment Officer Boston Private

Desiree Fixler - Headshot
DWS - Logo

Desiree Fixler Group Chief Sustainability Officer DWS

Marc Lasry - Headshot
Avenue Capital - Logo

Marc Lasry Chief Executive Officer Avenue Capital

Bahren Shaari - Headshot
Bank of Singapore - Logo

Bahren Shaari CEO Bank of Singapore

Agustin Carstens - Headshot
Bank for International Settlements - Logo

Agustin Carstens General Manager Bank for International Settlements

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Krishna Guha - Headshot
Evercore ISI - Logo

Krishna Guha Vice Chairman Evercore ISI

Silvana Tenreyro - Headshot
Bank of England - Logo

Silvana Tenreyro External Member of Monetary Policy Committe Bank of England

Ziad Hindo - Headshot
Ontario Pensions Plan - Logo

Ziad Hindo Chief Investment Officer Ontario Pensions Plan

Joe Lubin - Headshot
Consensys - Logo

Joe Lubin Chief Executive Officer Consensys

Dmitry Polevoy - Headshot
Russian Direct Investment Fund - Logo

Dmitry Polevoy Chief Economist Russian Direct Investment Fund

Stephanie Link - Headshot
Hightower Advisors - Logo

Stephanie Link CIO Hightower Advisors

Paritosh Bansal - Headshot
Reuters News  - Logo

Paritosh Bansal Global Markets Editor Reuters News

Megan Davies - Headshot
Reuters News - Logo

Megan Davies U.S. Financial Markets Editor Reuters News

Pat O’Meara - Headshot
Inveniam - Logo

Pat O’Meara CEO Inveniam

Umar Farooq - Headshot
Onyx by JP Morgan - Logo

Umar Farooq CEO Onyx by JP Morgan

Didier Saint-Georges - Headshot
Carmignac - Logo

Didier Saint-Georges Managing Director, Member of Strategic Investment Committee Carmignac

Anna Irrera - Headshot
Reuters News - Logo

Anna Irrera Chief Correspondent Fintech Reuters News

Tom Jessop - Headshot
Fidelity Digital Assets - Logo

Tom Jessop President Fidelity Digital Assets

Dan Ivascyn - Headshot
PIMCO - Logo

Dan Ivascyn Chief Investment Officer PIMCO

Bill Schomberg - Headshot
Reuters News - Logo

Bill Schomberg Chief UK Economics Correspondent Reuters News

Justin Chang - Headshot

Justin Chang Chief Investment Officer Digital Colony Capital

Morris Chen - Headshot

Morris Chen Head of Global Commercial Real Estate Doubleline

Clint Coghill - Headshot
Backstop Solutions - Logo

Clint Coghill CEO Backstop Solutions

Dean Frankle - Headshot
Boston Consulting Group - Logo

Dean Frankle Managing Director & Partner Boston Consulting Group

Gabriel Azevedo - Headshot
IDB Invest - Logo

Gabriel Azevedo Chief of the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Division IDB Invest

Teresa Barger - Headshot
Cartica - Logo

Teresa Barger CEO Cartica

Scott Crowe - Headshot

Scott Crowe Chief Investment Strategist CenterSquare Investment Management

Bryan Donohoe - Headshot

Bryan Donohoe Partner & Head of Real Estate Debt Ares Management

Dr. Jim Wang - Headshot
Datayes - Logo

Dr. Jim Wang CEO and Co-founder Datayes

Howard Lee - Headshot

Howard Lee Deputy CEO Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Michael Ross - Headshot

Michael Ross Managing Partner & Founder, Altitude 7 Group Entrepreneurs’ Org

Mike Dolan - Headshot

Mike Dolan

Balazs Koranyi - Headshot
Reuters - Logo

Balazs Koranyi Chief Correspondent, European Central Bank Reuters