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The most influential forum for Japanese pharma leaders in Marketing, Commercial, Medical Affairs, RWE, and Clinical.

We are at a turning point; the disruption caused by COVID-19 has proven that pharma can adopt digital technologies, transform long-standing business practices, and accelerate timelines to deliver value for HCPs and patients. We’ve set a new set of expectations for stakeholders across healthcare, reimagined the rules of engagement, and opened up new lines of collaboration across the lifecycle for so long previously out of grasp.

Now, instead of falling into a new status quo we must pledge to continue this momentum, embrace the power of community, and create a more sustainable healthcare system built around patient need. Returning for its 15 year, Reuters Events Japan is where our industry’s leaders come to further fuel change.

It’s the only event that brings together teams from across the lifecycle. So, whether you’re a leader in commercial strategy, marketing, medical affairs, clinical or patient engagement, this is the place you will find your vision of the future.

Reuters Events Pharma Japan is always at the forefront of the pharma industry’s next movement.

Corporate Officer & Business unit Head, GlaxoSmithKline K.K. GSK

Our essential themes for 2021:

  • A new era of collaboration, a new era of medical innovation: Ensure a more sustainable future by partnering with stakeholders across healthcare to better represent diverse patient populations, communicate the value of new medicines, and navigate regulatory pathways
  • Achieve unprecedented customer engagement: Integrate agile operating models to enable close-loop marketing, linking insights from all channels to better inform digital investment, personalize content for HCPs and patients, and define new hybrid-field team strategies
  • Empower Medical Affairs to deliver new stakeholder value: Meet evolving HCP and patient needs by honing the role of the MSL in external engagement, upskilling and capability building for new digital norms, and redefining performance measures they reflect the transforming healthcare environment
  • Scale digital-trials to ensure patient-preferred trials: Meet patient unmet needs and accelerate regulatory approval by creating an integrated evidence approach across your trials - use real-world evidence (RWE) in combination with AI advancements to discover new insights and support trial design, execution, and outcomes
  • Japan's contribution to the global pharmaceutical industry and innovations in life sciences: Foster a science ecosystem and improve Japan's ability of active collaboration across regions by building a healthcare platform to catalyse research and science innovation

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Speaker highlights for Pharma Japan

(65% coming from Top 50 pharma in Japan)

Daisuke Tanaka - Headshot
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Japan - Logo

Daisuke Tanaka Director, Venture Support Office
Economic Affairs Division
Health Policy Bureau
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Japan

Yasuo Iimura - Headshot
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - Logo

Yasuo Iimura Director for Policy Planning, Healthcare Industries Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Christophe Weber - Headshot
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Logo

Christophe Weber President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Representative Director Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Ole Moelskov Bech - Headshot
Novo Nordisk Pharma AG - Logo

Ole Moelskov Bech President and Representative Director Novo Nordisk Pharma AG

Tomohiro Kuroda - Headshot
Kyoto University - Logo

Tomohiro Kuroda CIO / Professor, Hospital Kyoto University

Susie Barnes - Headshot
GlaxoSmithKline K.K. - Logo

Susie Barnes Member of the Board, Country Medical Director
VP and Head of Japan Medical and Development
GlaxoSmithKline K.K.

Takafumi Horii - Headshot
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Logo

Takafumi Horii Senior Vice President, Head of Japan Oncology Business Unit, Global Oncology Business Unit Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Makoto Sugita - Headshot
Bristol Myers Squibb - Logo

Makoto Sugita Executive Officer, Vice President, R&D Japan Bristol Myers Squibb

Hiroshi Nishiura - Headshot
Kyoto University - Logo

Hiroshi Nishiura Professor, Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University

Naotsugu Oyama - Headshot
Novartis Pharma K.K. - Logo

Naotsugu Oyama Corporate Officer Head, Clinical Development&Analytics Japan, Global Drug Development Division Novartis Pharma K.K.

Hideko Ikeda - Headshot
Merck Vietnam Company - Logo

Hideko Ikeda Managing Director Merck Vietnam Company

Jovelle L. Fernandez, MD, PhD, FPOGS - Headshot
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Logo

Jovelle L. Fernandez, MD, PhD, FPOGS Head
Japan Medical Office
Japan Pharma Business Unit
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Eiji Aramaki - Headshot
Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) - Logo

Eiji Aramaki Professor, Social Computing Laboratory Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Kazuo Hasegawa - Headshot
Lung Cancer Patients Network ONE STEP - Logo

Kazuo Hasegawa Founder Lung Cancer Patients Network ONE STEP

Masahisa Jinushi - Headshot
AstraZeneca K.K. - Logo

Masahisa Jinushi Head of Oncology Medical, Medical Division AstraZeneca K.K.

Ko Ishiyama - Headshot
ExaWizards Inc. - Logo

Ko Ishiyama President & CEO ExaWizards Inc.

Donatas Grabliauskas - Headshot
Johnson & Johnson - Logo

Donatas Grabliauskas Marketing & Strategic Liaison Director, Oncology business unit Johnson & Johnson

Joeri De Haes - Headshot
Trilations - Logo

Joeri De Haes Director Japan & Asia Pacific, Market Strategies Trilations

Why Pharma Japan is the must-attend event for Customer engagement, Commercial, Medical, RWE, Clinical, R&D and Patient Centricity leaders

Innovation focused

Now more than ever, we need to be sharing insights and working together for our customers and patients. Join us now to discover the cutting-edge insights, panels and discussion groups and deliver brand new innovations to your team.

Meet your people

When it comes to virtual conferences it is imperative to be amongst your kin and the people who understand you, your business and how to envision the future – Reuters Pharma Japan provides that – don’t waste your time on distractors.

Unique voices, one united goal

Holistic customer engagement requires a cross-functional and collaborative strategy. Engage in executive discussions on marketing, digital, data, medical affairs, commercial, patient-centricity as we pioneer the future of pharma.

World-class online networking

Connect with like-minded attendees via a tried and tested, best-in-class platform, as well as interactive virtual workshops, roundtables and social events to facilitate those chance encounters.


You won’t find a better place to connect with pharma leaders since over 80% of the pharma attendees are director-level or above.

Get under the skin of the issue

Sometimes, issues need to be discussed and debated. Only then will you truly get under the skin of whatever is vexing you and achieve that aha moment. To facilitate this, interactive sessions run throughout the conference including roundtables, workshops and panel discussions.

Now more than ever, we need to share ideas and collaborate. Reuters Events Pharma's online solution is the answer.

Global Head of Digital, Ferring

As times change, Reuters Events Pharma Japan always captures the current and future trends to help us grow our business.

Ex-executive Pharma and Principle, GlobalMindset

Reuters Events Pharma Japan is where leaders gather and find direction, opportunities and partnerships.

Corporate Officer, Head of Medical Affairs, MSD

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Delivering an exceptional virtual event experience including:

technology/large/wifi Created with Sketch. Watch Live Watch presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions from top industry thought-leaders all day, every day!

user-interface/large/comment-add Created with Sketch. Interact Comment and question in real time. Spark conversations with your fellow attendees and build those relationships with instant chat, video calls and discussion groups.

files-folders/large/question Created with Sketch. Question Get in-depth answers in real-time with our live Q&A sessions with every presentation and panel speaker!

technology/large/player-19 Created with Sketch. On-Demand Missed a session? Catch-up in your own time through our on-demand service for 2 weeks. Imagine Netflix but the best of pharma thought leadership.

shopping/large/mobile-touch Created with Sketch. Personalize Create your own conference agenda and export it to your calendar, so you don’t miss business critical sessions.

business-finance/large/connect Created with Sketch. Connect Meet and build relationships with fellow attendees who share the same challenges and interests as you with our Intelligent Networking platform (pharma, biotech, sponsors and Premium Pass holders only)

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Register your Single Event or Premium Pass to gain access to:

Single Event Pass


  • C-Suite keynote sessions
  • Full 3-day live event
  • Interactive live chat, Q&A and polling
  • Messaging, meetings and networking platform (pharma only)
  • Access to virtual expo (including whitepapers, reports and articles from solution providers)
  • Interactive workshops (pharma only)
  • Discussion boards
  • Coffee chat interactive roundtable discussions (pharma only)


  • On demand event recordings until 31st Dec 2021

Premium Pass

(Access to all content from our Pharma events in 2021)


  • Access to exclusive speaker videos providing commentary on industry trends


  • C-Suite keynote sessions
  • Full 3-day live event
  • Interactive live chat, Q&A and polling
  • Messaging, meetings and networking platform
  • Access to virtual expo (including whitepapers, reports and articles from solution providers)
  • Interactive workshops (pharma only)
  • Discussion boards
  • Coffee chat interactive roundtable discussions
  • Speaker Q&A Green Room access


  • On demand event recordings until 31st Dec 2021
  • Strategic post-event report for Customer Engagement Europe


  • Access to all live virtual 2021 Reuters Events Pharma conferences, includes messaging and meetings platform
  • Access to our all our 2020 digital content through our on-demand hub
  • Strategic post-event report for all 2021 Reuters Events Pharma conferences

Reuters Events Pharma Japan is a thriving community of experts exchanging opinions and finding answers. You will meet peers who understand and will help to propel your ideas forward.

Global Head of Digital, Ferring

Now more than ever, society is looking to medicine developers for answers. Quickly moving important gatherings online is vital for innovation continuity and keeping us all making progress for delivering new medicines.

Former Head of Innovation at Pfizer

Reuters Events Pharma Japan Conference is a useful platform to be informed about recent trends in pharma industry.

Head, Japan Medical Office, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

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Continue to build your network – even in isolation*

Pharma and Biotech attendees, sponsors and Premium Pass holders only

We know that a virtual event doesn’t always deliver on the “chance encounters” that can be so valuable from a physical conference, but with the Reuters Events’ networking and messaging suite, you’ll be guaranteed a service that allows you to connect with and meet attendees who are relevant to your business, interests and challenges.

  • Connect with the right peers:  With 750+ attendees, it can be hard to know who to connect with on the virtual platform but with Intelligent Networking, you’ll be recommended peers to connect with, based on the same interests and challenges you face.
  • Build relationships: With instant chat, video calls and discussion groups all within the virtual platform, you can build relationships with speakers, attendees and sponsors,
  • Dig deep into the topics that matter to you: With private and public discussion groups on specific topic areas, you’ll be able to connect with attendees that care about the things you do and discuss solutions and future opportunities.

How it works

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Instant chat

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Video calls

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Roundtable discussions

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Searchable attendee list

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Schedule meetings

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Private group chats

Who you will meet:

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roche's Logo
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Representatives include:
  • VP Sales and Marketing
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Digital & Multichannel Lead
  • VP, Medical Affairs
  • Director of Strategic Marketing
  • Global Digital Marketing Leader
  • Head of Medical Affairs
  • Global Head of Digital Excellence
  • Head of Customer Engagement
  • Head of Innovation, Data and CX
  • VP R&D
  • Director, Clinical Operations
  • Director, Digital Health
  • Director, Clinical Trials
  • Director, Patient Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships
  • Director, Open Innovation

Real decision-makers

Other events say they attract senior executives - people with clout, budget, ideas and a mission. We really mean it.

Real diversity

Pharma Japan attracts a variety of job titles, cultures and opinions create a rich tapestry.

Here to help

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