Highlights from 2020

Create a culture of innovation to harness the potential of technology

  • Use AI to predict future patient conditions and create a new type of physician relationship
  • Introducing the concept of a digital twin to guide and inform the patient

Jovelle L. Fernandez Head Japan Medical Office Takeda

Deliver an exceptional customer experience using a multichannel design that tells a story

  • Redefine and combine all channels, both real and digital
  • Introduce activity planning based on the story, enhance synergy between departments and enable seamless providing of information
  • Promote activity by using predictive information and big data

Kyoichi Nishimoto Customer Engagement Innovation Head Amgen K.K.

Outlook on digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry in light of Covid-19

  • Examine the changes and challenges Covid-19 has brought to the pharma industry
  • Gauge the impact of digital tools on how the industry is organised and stakeholder management
  • Identify the keys for the success of the industry’s digital transformation and its future outlook

Masaru Otsuka Digital Accelerator Japan Head / Digital Unit Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Hear from the first company certified by the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act: Full-scale operation to create evidence

  • Hear from the first company certified by Next Generation Medical Infrastructure how they smoothly utilize anonymously processed medical information
  • Explore the possibility of further data utilization by learning about actual case studies including the number of partner hospitals, data items, exchanges with specific database users

Hiroyuki Yoshihara Representative Director Life Data Initiative, Japan Emeritus Professor Kyoto University and University of Miyazaki, Japan

Striving to create new value for patients: Hear case studies of GSK’s initiatives and GSK’s expectations for market access

  • Hear leading overseas examples of using ICT and collaboration across industry, government and academia, and learn about new efforts in Japan
  • Explore the new role and scope of market access moving forward in a data driven society

Mei Haruya Director & Head, Government Affairs & Market Access GlaxoSmithKline Japan

The Many Faces of Digital in Medical Affairs – How Digital is becoming an inherent part for Medical

  • Understand how digital technology is the key tool in enabling Medical Affairs teams to fulfil their mission of informing clinical practice, gathering insights and generating data
  • [Case study] Learn from MSD and other cutting edge companies about using digital technology for Medical Affairs: what is working well and what are the challenges faced day-to-day?

Daniel Junichiro Ruzicka Executive Director, Medical Affairs MSD K.K.

Pursue a new kind of commercial excellence in the precision medicine era

  • [Case study] Attempt a new Go To Market model that can address the differing business needs of both primary care and speciality care
  • Choose your Play to Win domains by knowing your company’s strengths and limits
  • Take an approach that effectively leverages global know-how in Japan

Toshihiro Maeda Head of Commercial Operations / Customer Experience
Commercial Operations & Customer Experience Unit
Bristol-Myers Squibb K.K

Patient centricity and bringing the voice of the patient into clinical trials

  • Merck’s approach to incorporating solutions to clinical trial design
  • Conducting patient advisory boards in Asia
  • Perspectives of Japanese cancer survivors on clinical trials and novel solutions to enhance patient experience

David Hernandez Head of Clinical Operations Japan, Global Clinical Operations Merck Biopharma Co., Ltd.

Advanced use cases of AI in a world where data can be produced online for/by patients outside of hospital

  • New initiatives using to AI to improve gathering, analysis, and return parts of the data lifecycle
  • Examples of using AI for outcomes and analysing complications in medical institutions (CNS, oncology, etc)
  • Examine data analysis case studies showing how to guarantee reliability through honest data entry

Taro Ueno CEO SUSMED Inc.