Join the new order of strategic business advisers.

General Counsels unite to break news, set benchmarks and showcase legal leadership.
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Setting the corporate law agenda

Corporate legal departments are battling to navigate a state of uncertainty and flux.

Driven by individuals who are passionate to embed legal across the enterprise, navigate uncertainty and deliver strategic business advice, Reuters Events: Legal Leaders is the global meeting to unite General Counsels to take to the stage and define the role of the corporate legal department for the next generation.

Reaching a global audience, this event will shape the future strategies across business-critical topics including Leadership and Strategy, Resourcing and Talent, Regulation, ESG and Diversity and Transformation.

This is the most senior GC driven meeting of all time.

The world’s most senior General Counsel speaker line-up:

Donald J. Rosenberg - Headshot
Qualcomm - Logo

Donald J. Rosenberg Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Qualcomm

Julie Gruber - Headshot
Gap Inc. - Logo

Julie Gruber Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary Gap Inc.

Desiree Ralls-Morrison - Headshot
McDonald's - Logo

Desiree Ralls-Morrison Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary McDonald's

Ann Kappler - Headshot
Prudential Financial - Logo

Ann Kappler Executive Vice President and General Counsel Prudential Financial

Jennifer Zachary - Headshot
Merck - Logo

Jennifer Zachary Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Merck

Kelly Tullier - Headshot
Visa - Logo

Kelly Tullier Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer Visa

Join the most senior GC driven meeting of all time

5 essential themes for 2021

Reuters Events: Legal Leaders equips you with what you need to operate as a successful and trusted strategic business adviser in the new paradigm with a program covering five core areas which are driving or undergoing change across the legal industry.

  • Leadership and Strategy Collaborate strategically to embed legal across the enterprise, navigate the evolving crisis and risk management landscape and effectively lead your legal department.
  • Resourcing and Talent Cultivate the next generation of legal talent and understand the legal requirements for the hybrid working world of the future.
  • Regulation Ensure compliance with new and changing regulation, understand trends in corporate taxation and cope with evolving geopolitical tension and uncertainty.
  • ESG and Diversity Develop a comprehensive ESG strategy, get your reporting right and follow through on your diversity, equity and inclusion statements.
  • Transformation Define a legal tech strategy to digitally transform your legal department, vet legal technology vendors and stay secure with a robust cybersecurity plan.

Connect with senior in-house counsel and legal technologists from these organizations:

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Join the most senior GC driven meeting of all time

Are you joining the new order of strategic business advisers?

The past 12 months has have transformed how legal departments operate and deliver services.

Legal leaders must today grapple with increasingly complex social, environmental, business, and legal challenges whilst remaining a highly effective and efficient legal department in a distributed and disrupted post-pandemic world.

A new and untested working environment raises both operational and legal challenges, whilst highlighting the need to adapt management, learning and development strategies to energize, engage and retain staff and cultivate the next generation of legal talent.

Ever changing regulations and an increased focus on ESG highlights the importance of legal teams not just as a reactive force but as a proactive stakeholder in evaluating risks and opportunity, developing operational policies, and shaping go-to-market strategy.

This new and expanded role is being made possible as technological innovation promises to automate high volume, low value tasks; freeing up time to focus on higher value, more strategic work. But adoption remains slow, in an often tech averse industry.

Reuters Events: Legal Leaders will equip you with what you need to operate as a successful, efficient, and trusted strategic business adviser in this new and exciting paradigm. The program will cover the five core areas driving change across the legal industry:

  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Resourcing and Talent
  • Regulation
  • ESG and Diversity
  • Transformation

Agenda overview: delivering your guide to corporate legal leadership

This comprehensive industry driven agenda will shed light upon your biggest challenges and concerns, from across the following key areas:

Leadership and Strategy

  • Strategic Collaboration: Embedding Legal Across the Enterprise
  • The Evolving Crisis and Risk Management Landscape
  • Leading a Distributed Legal Department


  • Defining Your Legal Tech Strategy
  • Digitally Transforming the Legal Department
  • Vetting Technology Solution Vendors
  • Cybersecurity Strategies


  • Navigating Fragmented Data Security Regulations
  • Staying Compliant with New Data Security Regulations
  • Understanding Corporate Taxation Trends
  • Keeping Abreast with Changing Employment Regulation
  • Coping with Geopolitical Tensions and Uncertainty

ESG and Diversity

  • Developing a Comprehensive ESG Strategy
  • Getting ESG Reporting Right
  • Acting on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statements

Resourcing and Talent

  • Cultivating the Next Generation of Legal Talent
  • Legal Requirements in the Hybrid Working World of the Future

Join the most senior GC driven meeting of all time

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