The 2021 agenda, written by GCs, for GCs

Day 1


Opening remarks and welcome

Stefan Mullan Head of Legal Events Reuters Events


Masterclass: Collaboration at the top - Law firm leadership & the GC

This Legal Leaders exclusive session for law firms and in house counsel leaders discusses what motivates choice of external counsel, what firms can do to become more attractive to GCs and how the two can better understand each other to ultimately enable these two functions to work together in a more synergetic way.

  • Prepare your in-house team to benefit from the legal tech stack of your external counsel
  • Ensure that the ESG and DE&I policies of your external counsel align with those of your organization for harmonious cooperation
  • Understand and adapt to the GC’s evolution from a traditional legal function to a strategic business partner to enhance your value  

Jonathan P. Harmon Chairman McGuireWoods

Matthew W. Cooper General Counsel Capital One


LIVE Panel discussion: Strategic Collaboration: Embedding Legal Across the Enterprise

Legal is most valuable when involved from the outset of projects. Early stage involvement allows this sometimes undervalued and overlooked function to build full policy advocacy strategies and think creatively to solve problems to ensure projects are delivered more safely and quickly.

  • Identify and befriend the key stakeholders who will get you and your department heard
  • Overcome internal politics to ensure your organization benefits from interdepartmental strategic collaboration
  • Embed legal in different teams across the business to supercharge your added value

Ann Kappler Executive Vice President and General Counsel Prudential Financial

Cameron Findlay Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary Archer Daniels Midland

Thomas Kim Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary Thomson Reuters

Tia Sherringham VP, Head of Legal DoorDash

Moderator: Rebekah Mintzer Legal News Editor Reuters




LIVE Panel discussion: Cultivating the Next Generation of Legal Talent

Legal leaders of today must ensure that the legal leaders of tomorrow look and think differently which will help organizations continually evolve. However, lawyers often operate in silos and lack adequate opportunity to learn from each other which can lead to a disengaged, demotivated department rife with departures.

  • Discover how a legal department head coach can foster collaboration and development of professional skills to transform your lawyers into the legal leaders of tomorrow
  • Understand and accommodate what drives your colleagues to embed a positive work culture in your department
  • Equip your team with that they need to handle unforeseen challenges and capitalize on future opportunities

Desiree Ralls-Morrison Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary McDonald's

Terry Theologides Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary Fannie Mae

Caroline Tsai Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary Western Union

Amy Tu Chief Legal Officer and Secretary Tyson Foods

Moderator: Greg Lambert Chief Knowledge Services Officer Jackson Walker LLP


Cultivating the Next Generation of Legal Talent

Join Target Executive Vice President and Chief Legal & Risk Officer, Don H. Liu, as he shares his thoughts on the importance of creating a culture of professional development within corporate legal departments. Moderated by Joseph West, Partner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of Duane Morris, the two will spend time discussing building one’s professional brand, navigating moving between industries, and developing a career path in the legal industry.

  • Learn how to build your professional brand and network
  • Help the lawyers on your team develop professionally and personally
  • Position yourself to make a move between different industries
  • Establish the foundation for a successful career path

Don H. Liu Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Risk Officer Target

Moderator: Joseph West Partner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Duane Morris LLP


Fireside chat: Digitally Transforming Legal

Bjarne Philip Tellmann Senior Vice President and General Counsel GSK Consumer Healthcare

Michele DeStefano Founder LawWithoutWalls


LIVE Panel discussion: Digitally Transforming the Legal Department

Automation of manual processes offers the opportunity save time and track work in a time when corporations are demanding increased accountability, transparency and predictability from legal. Adopting new tech solutions is an urgent strategic priority for modern corporate legal departments.

  • Reveal how to use software to manage internal legal documents, workflows and electronic payments to save time on tedious admin
  • Understand how to leverage reporting and analytics to guide decision making to enable legal departments to focus on what really matters
  • Streamline and automate to save resources and boost efficiency

Bill Deckelman Executive Vice President and General Counsel DXC Technology

Todd Machtmes General Counsel Salesforce

Nishat Ruiter General Counsel TED Conferences

Stuart Fuller Global Head of Legal Services, KPMG Law KPMG International

Moderator: Robert Ambrogi Author and Owner LawSites


Fireside chat: Earning public trust amid heightened tech regulation

Data security, protection and compliance requirements are increasing as regulations come into force. There are now more than 120 jurisdictions with data protection laws and its projected that by 2030 nearly all jurisdictions around the globe will have some form of data protection regulation. While the free-flow of data continues to be critical to the success of the global economy, questions remain on how regulation is changing and what organizations, governments and industries around the world need to prepare for to continue to operate their businesses while earning the trust of their customers. Organizations doing business with the EU must comply with the GDPR and are feeling the fall-out from the 2020 Schrems II judgement, while industries at home in the U.S are now contending with renewed data protection activity at the state level.

  • Equip your organization with the know-how to comply with data regulations globally and understand how data protection regulation is shaping up in the U.S. and abroad to ensure compliance and continued business success.
  • Understand the national privacy legislative landscape to prepare for a new wave of privacy and data protection regulations
  • Perspectives on global data protection regulation abroad and in the U.S - What is the role of the GC and how can we you harmonize the various approaches across the globe to continue to earn the trust of customers and stakeholders?

Julie Brill Corporate Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer, and Deputy General Counsel Microsoft

Alan Charles Raul Partner Sidley Austin LLP


LIVE Panel discussion: Acting on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statements

Many organizations have made diversity, equity and inclusion statements but have yet to act on them. Regardless of good intentions, there is a risk of public pressure and internal disquiet if no action is taken or communicated.

  • Learn how to ensure that your company is creating a strategy to follow through on these statements and share updates with relevant stakeholders
  • Discuss how the GC can support the business in its diversity and inclusion goals by reviewing policies on a regular basis and fostering diverse and equitable staffing
  • Understand how you can ensure your external counsel meet your DE&I requirements

Julie Gruber Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary Gap Inc.

Chris Lewis General Counsel Edward Jones

Paul Gilbert Executive Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel Rite Aid

Sharon Ryan Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary International Paper

Moderator: Gordon Chung Trainee Solicitor Baker McKenzie Founder GlobalLawyersConnect


Closing remarks

Stefan Mullan Head of Legal Events Reuters Events

Day 2


Opening remarks and welcome

Stefan Mullan Head of Legal Events Reuters Events


In collaboration with: Lawyers for Net Zero

LIVE Panel discussion: Delivering on Net Zero: GCs taking climate action

Responding rapidly and effectively to the climate crisis is becoming increasingly important, as ESG issues shoot up the board agenda and there are increasing demands from investors, legislation, customers, media, and the public, as personified by individuals such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough. Many businesses are now making Net Zero carbon pledges but as many as 90% are not rigorous enough; leading to considerable risk of greenwash, cynicism and massive lost opportunity. This panel will discuss why it so important for in-house lawyers to take action on this critical agenda and how they are supporting their organisation to guard against greenwashing and achieve legitimate Net Zero.

Shawnte Mitchell Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Zogenix

Christy Baker Group Legal Director FirstGroup plc

Edward Bridge General Counsel Zurich Insurance UK

Moderator: Adam Woodhall Chief Executive Lawyers for Net Zero



Fireside chat: Capability Building and Cultivating the Next Generation of Legal Talent

Legal leaders of today must ensure that they are fostering collaboration, inclusion, and development of professional skills in order to transform lawyers into the legal leaders of tomorrow. Join Visa’s Vice Chair, Chief People and Administrative Officer in a discussion around how to prepare future generations of talent for the highest positions of leadership, how to organize the legal department of a large, complex, Global organization to be agile and responsive to uncertainty and change, and Visa’s approach to inclusion and diversity.

*Please note: This interview is conducted by Reuters editorial, which operates independently from the Reuters commercial operations. Reuters journalists have the sole right to determine who they interview and the questions they ask, with no regard to sponsorship and in keeping with the Trust Principles of integrity, independence and freedom from bias.

Kelly Tullier Vice Chair, Chief People and Administrative Officer Visa

David Bario Legal News Editor Reuters


Fireside chat: What do inhouse counsels want from their external law firms?

This Legal Leaders exclusive fireside chat features the Managing Partner of a top law firm and a Fortune 100 GC candidly exploring the relationship between the two and laying the path for a more harmonious relationship.

  • Uncover how to vet your external counsel for clear communication, specialized legal knowledge and access to technology to ensure you get value for money
  • Foster a productive relationship between external and internal counsel through correct task allocation and a developing a shared appetite for risk
  • Identify how external counsel can better understand their clients by becoming more integrated into their businesses

Thomas M. Moriarty Executive Vice President, Chief Policy and External Affairs Officer, and General Counsel CVS Health

Stephen D. Zubiago CEO and Managing Partner Nixon Peabody LLP




LIVE Panel discussion: Staying Compliant with New Data Security Regulations

Data security compliance requirements are increasing as existing regulations come into force and preparation for new regulation beings.

  • Equip your organization with the know-how to comply with data regulations which don’t exist in the US
  • Understand how to work with clients on contractual agreements to ensure security of systems

Kathlyn Card Beckles Chief Legal Officer Verisk

Rick Kulevich Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary CDW

Hossein Nowbar Microsoft Corporate Secretary and Corporate Vice President & General Counsel of Corporate Legal Affairs Microsoft

Michael Boxer Senior Vice President and General Counsel Thermo Fisher Scientific

Moderator: Stephen Powell Director, Enterprise Risk Management Relativity


Presentation: Lawyers as Leaders

Lawyers possess a unique skillset - a powerful combination of dealing with uncertainty, managing complex issues, and communicating clearly. As In-House counsel, there are numerous opportunities to display leadership, inside the legal department or within the company generally. Lawyers as Leaders takes you through the pillars of leadership and how to maximize the leadership skills you already possess.

  • Recognize and develop your leadership characteristics
  • Maximize the lawyer leadership skillset
  • Be “seen” as a leader

Sterling Miller Author and Owner “Ten Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel” Blog


Fireside chat: How Does a GC Drive ESG?

ESG is frequently a multi-disciplinary endeavor, with critical stakeholders both internally and externally.  For many companies, the general counsel and the legal team possess a uniquely holistic view of ESG-related activities within the company as well as ESG-related risks and opportunities, and thus are able to weave disparate ESG topics into a compelling narrative that resonates with multiple stakeholders and maximizes the impact of the ESG program.

  • Leverage existing networks to engage on ESG with multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • Build on that engagement to organize an ESG program internally
  • Set the foundation for ESG to be a part of the company’s business and strategy.

Jonathan Mothner Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary Synchrony Financial

Brandon Sutcliffe EY Americas Financial Services Sustainable Finance Leader EY


LIVE Panel discussion: Developing a Comprehensive ESG Strategy

Conceptualizing strategy around ESG issues relevant to your business with the same degree of clarity, specificity, measures, objectives and transparency that is done for other business issues can be challenging. In addition, boards and companies are increasingly expected to be more transparent and directly engaged in dialogue with key stakeholders around ESG issues including workplace diversity, inclusion and human rights.

  • Learn how to develop and implement a sound ESG strategy by examining current business strategy and the crucial elements which influence long-term value creation
  • Discuss how your shareholders and other relevant stakeholders can help you understand the regulatory environment to aid benchmarking against peer companies
  • Reveal how to collect data and think strategically and operationally about how to implement and communicate your company’s ESG strategy and related policies

Joanne Caruso Chief Legal & Administrative Officer Jacobs

Regina Bynote Jones Chief Legal Officer Baker Hughes

Lauren Thomas General Counsel dutchie

Alan Tse Global Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary Jones Lang Lasalle

Moderator: Angela Jhanji Director, ESG & Sustainability Services Grant Thornton LLP


Fireside chat: Developing lawyers into business advisors

Lawyers fill a crucial function for their internal business clients, but they can contribute even more as influential and trusted business partners who offer integrated advice across the legal department and across the company. Ellen Patterson provides her perspective on developing a knowledge of business, operations and technology and partnering with other functions to provide guidance.

Ellen Patterson Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel Wells Fargo

Jan Anne Dubin CEO and Founder Jan Anne Dubin Consulting


LIVE Panel discussion: Leading a Distributed Legal Department

Post-pandemic legal departments are more distributed geographically which brings operational advantages and disadvantages. Hiring and housing is cheaper but controls and distribution of information and materials must be reconsidered. It is the responsibility of the GC to create a set of data feeds, alerts and KPIs to enable the legal team to act as if they were together in the same physical space.

  • Leverage data & analytics to ensure that the right kind of information can be extracted up to the GC in real time
  • Mitigate risks of sloppy contract execution, compliance issues backlogs and localized decision making
  • Embed a consistent attitude towards risk and bolster synergy as teams communicate in unfamiliar ways

Sandra Leung Executive Vice President, General Counsel Bristol Myers Squibb

Jill Sutton Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary United Natural Foods

Heidi Stenberg EY Law - Legal Function Consulting Leader Ernst & Young LLP

Peter Ryan Chief People Officer & General Counsel SPX Flow

moderator: Jan Anne Dubin CEO and Founder Jan Anne Dubin Consulting

3:10 PM – 3:45 PM

Fireside chat: Why we need to balance IP regulation with innovation

Innovation is the cornerstone of the American economy and striking the balance between protecting IP and fostering innovation is something the US and others must get right if they are to lead in the next generation of technology. Join us as we discuss the policies necessary to create a robust and competitive innovation ecosystem.

Donald J. Rosenberg Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Qualcomm

Dr. Kirti Gupta Vice President, Economic Strategy, Chief Economist Qualcomm

3:45 PM – 3:50 PM

Closing remarks

Stefan Mullan Head of Legal Events Reuters Events