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October 27-29, 2021

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Jane Sun

Jane Sun

CEO, Group

Nigel Duffy

Nigel Duffy

Global AI Leader, EY

Glenn Fogel

Glenn Fogel

CEO, Booking Holdings and

Susan Doniz

Susan Doniz

Chief Information Officer, Boeing

Yuri Sebregts

Yuri Sebregts

EVP, Chief Technology Officer, Shell

Monique Morrow

Monique Morrow

President and Cofounder, Humanized Internet

Mike Froman

Mike Froman

Vice Chairman and President, Strategic Growth, Mastercard

Tarika Barrett

Tarika Barrett

CEO, Girls Who Code

2021 Agenda

Our mission is to deliver the insights and business intelligence technology leaders need to influence and deliver a safer healthier, happier, fairer and more sustainable future for all, now!

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Pillar Sponsor: Sustainability
Algorand Foundation
Pillar Sponsor: Society

Day 1: October 27, EST

8:45 – 9:15 (30 mins)
Fireside chat: Carbon-negative Blockchain: Accelerating sustainable development

Global, borderless, open-source technologies that aim to make the world a better place cannot disregard their impact on the environment. As blockchain will rapidly obtain mainstream adoption, there are increasing concerns about the expanding carbon footprint of this industry, Bitcoin as an example. This Fireside Chat provides insight into the environmentally friendly practices led by Algorand and how it serves as a vital tool to boost sustainability in the blockchain space.

  • Identify the underlying reasons of traditional blockchain projects regarding their high carbon footprint.
  • How can blockchain power sustainable development and even offset carbon footprint?
  • What opportunities are there in the blockchain space for the projects which are seeking a sustainable technology solution?

Sean Lee
Sean Lee CEO Algorand Foundation

9:15 – 10:00 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: Achieving net zero: How can technology accelerate the energy transition and circular economy?

Technology ranging from carbon reduction to solar panels can help us all live greener lives. This panel discussion gathers a diverse selection of world experts to discuss technology’s role in helping us achieve net zero.

Dr Arunabha Ghosh
Dr Arunabha Ghosh Founder, CEO Council on Energy, Environment and Water

Page Motes
Page Motes Head of Corporate Sustainability Dell Technologies

David Eyton
David Eyton EVP Innovation & Engineering BP

Nadira Tudor
Moderator: Nadira Tudor Broadcast Journalist Reuters Plus

10:00 – 10:20 (20 mins)
Fireside chat: The key to unlocking your sustainability goals: How to reimagine your operations through collaboration, technology & data

The uniquely complex challenge of meeting our collective sustainability obligations, whilst continuing to operate in a capitally efficient and profitable way, requires an equally ambitious reimagining of how businesses collaborate, utilise technology and data.

During this exclusive conversation with leading executives at the forefront of EY’s desire to make business work for sustainability whilst making sustainability work for business, you will discover:

  • How ecosystem business models can enable companies to better work together and foster the vital collaboration needed to meet our sustainability ambitions
  • The role of technology in enabling organizations to conduct business and collaborate in a sustainability-centric manner
  • The tools and processes required to unlock the potential of data, generate the insight needed to harness sustainable operations and enable secure analysis by multiple stakeholders in an efficient and timely manner  

Greg Sarafin
Greg Sarafin Principal & Global Alliance and Ecosystem Leader EY

Orlan Boston
Orlan Boston Americas ESG & Sustainability Markets leader EY

10:20 – 10:40 (20 mins)
Technology’s role in enabling the energy transition

The global energy transition will require accelerated deployment of new and emerging technologies. Technology historically has been a core strength of the oil and gas industry, but transformational capabilities won’t develop overnight. This discussion addresses strategies from Chevron and the industry to nurture innovation and leverage cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to enable a lower-carbon future.

Joe Geagea
Joe Geagea Executive Vice President Chevron

10:40 – 11:00 (20 mins)
Fireside chat: Achieving net zero: leveraging carbon reduction technology to accelerate the energy transition

Yuri Sebregts
Yuri Sebregts EVP, Chief Technology Officer Shell

Robert Armstrong
Moderator: Robert Armstrong Director MIT Energy Initiative

11:00 – 11:45 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: Transforming healthcare through technology

Technology can help us all live healthier, happier and longer lives. This diverse panel of healthcare organizations will discuss how technological innovation is revolutionizing drug development, patient care and telehealth.

Carissa Rollins
Carissa Rollins Chief Information Officer United Health Group

Vish Sankaran
Vish Sankaran Global Chief Innovation Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance

Darshak Sanghavi
Darshak Sanghavi Global Chief Medical Officer Babylon Health

11:45 – 12:00 (15 mins)
Fireside chat: Improving lives through tech

Roshan will discuss what the pandemic has taught us all about the importance of agile development, and about designing with a diverse customer base in mind. As part of this discussion, he will showcase insights and perspectives on lessons learned and how tech can shape our collective future moving forward.

Roshan Navagamuwa
Roshan Navagamuwa Chief Information Officer CVS Health

Blake Dodge
Moderator: Blake Dodge Senior Healthcare Reporter Business Insider

Trust & Ethics
12:00 – 12:45 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: Privacy and Information Security Trends

In a world of ever increasing cyberattacks and government regulation, privacy and information security have never been more important. This panel gathers leading experts from big tech to address the consumer and regulatory issues on rights we all have to control our personal information, how it's used and how it’s protected.

Andy Purdy
Andy Purdy Chief Security Officer Huawei Technologies USA

Emily Heath
Emily Heath Chief Trust & Security Officer DocuSign

Trevor Hughes
Trevor Hughes President & CEO International Association of Privacy Professionals

Nadira Tudor
Moderator: Nadira Tudor Broadcast Journalist Reuters Plus

Day 2: October 28, EST

8:40 – 9:00 (20 mins)
Presentation: The Inclusion Mindset: Building a Bridge versus Furthering a Divide

In so many areas, COVID has accelerated trends that have been underway for some time. As we adapt to new forms of interacting in our day to day lives – everything from how we work and how we learn to how we connect with each other - we are increasingly reliant on access to innovative technologies. Indeed, the pandemic has underscored just how important it is to be included in the digital economy – to connect with your colleagues, to get support from your government, to allow your small business to survive, to simply live and interact every day.

So, how do we ensure that the innovative technologies that make all this possible? Right now, about one in five people worldwide don’t have access to basic financial services. That makes it difficult for them to start new businesses, build up savings or send money to family. We need make sure that the accelerated shift to digital payments creates a digital bridge, not bolster a divide. In this session, Mike Froman will address building an inclusive, sustainable digital economy with a focus on innovation, insights and trusted partnerships that ensure people can reach their potential, economic growth is inclusive and the planet can thrive.

Mike Froman
Mike Froman Vice Chairman and President, Strategic Growth Mastercard

9:00 – 9:45 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: The city of the future: enhancing quality of life through technology

Technology has the potential to transform our urban areas into smart, sustainable and equitable spaces that enhance the lives of their growing populations. This panel will examine how various aspects of a city ranging from access to goods, services, mobility and energy can become smart through technology.

Jason Roos
Jason Roos Chief Information Officer King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Thomas Kiessling
Thomas Kiessling CTO Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Chris Snyder
Chris Snyder CEO Via Europe

Nadira Tudor
Moderator: Nadira Tudor Broadcast Journalist Reuters Plus

9:45 – 10:00 (15 mins)
Presentation: Delivering sustainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact: Combining the power of AI with human ingenuity

AI projects are often expensive, risky, and complex, with many failing to achieve a sustainable impact. To help mitigate and overcome these challenges AI can be used to augment rather than automate human work. Combining human talent with AI Augmented Intelligence reduces the costs and risks associated, accelerating and deepening its impact. Topics to be discussed, include:

  • The challenges to achieving a sustainable difference with AI
  • Discover the concept of Augmented Intelligence, and hear real-world examples of how EY is leveraging this tool on a number of projects
  • Learn how Augmented Intelligence, combined with Expertise Capture, provides an evolutionary path to create efficiencies at scale and improve the employee experience

Nigel Duffy
Nigel Duffy Global AI Leader EY

10:00 – 10:45 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: Tech for good: solving the most pressing societal problems through technology

Tech leaders at the forefront of innovation have a pressing responsibility to ensure that technological innovation improves the lives of everyone living on this planet, not just a privileged few. This panel gathers a selection of experts to discuss the intentional design, development and use of digital technologies to help us achieve our collective vision of building a more equitable society.

Dan Sutch
Dan Sutch Director CAST Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology

Karen Dolva
Karen Dolva Cofounder No Isolation

Jose Luis Nuno
Jose Luis Nuno CEO Unima

Payal Dalal
Payal Dalal SVP Social Impact, International Markets Mastercard

Monique Morrow
Moderator: Monique Morrow President and Cofounder Humanized Internet

10:45 – 11:00 (15 mins)
11:00 – 11:30 (30 mins)
Fireside chat: Technology in financial services

Financial services is an industry which is ripe for leveraging technology as a competitive advantage. Organizations able to provide faster, more secure, and customer-centric financial services through technological innovation will thrive. This panel gathers a range of expertise across financial technology and operations to discuss how technology is transforming this highly regulated industry.

Sreedhar Suragouni
Sreedhar Suragouni Chief Information Officer Oman Insurance Company

Gareth Ross
Gareth Ross Head of Enterprise Technology & Customer Experience MassMutual

Bryan Falchuk
Moderator: Bryan Falchuk Managing Partner Insurance Evolution Partners
11:30 – 11:45 (15 mins)
Fireside chat: Technology with purpose: creating customer-first experiences

Saul will share how disruptive technologies are being tested and applied at scale to transform employee and customer experiences in financial services.

Saul Van Beurden
Saul Van Beurden Head of Technology Wells Fargo

Stefan Mullan
Moderator: Stefan Mullan Project Director Reuters Events
11:45 – 12:30 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: Navigating the technology investment landscape

The tech sector spawns the most innovative, disruptive and successful companies in the world, but entrepreneurs must have big visions and be able to execute high growth plans. This diverse panel will reveal the high-quality business training and networking required for startups to successfully navigate the technology investment landscape.

Courtney McColgan
Courtney McColgan CEO Runa

Sebastian Vidal
Sebastian Vidal Chief Innovation Officer Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust

Mor Assia
Mor Assia Founding Partner, Co-CEO iAngels

Aly Madhavji
Aly Madhavji Managing Partner Blockchain Founders Fund

Anis Uzzaman
Moderator: Anis Uzzaman CEO Pegasus Tech Ventures

12:30 – 12:45 (15 mins)
12:45 – 13:00 (15 mins)
Fireside chat: The Future of Agriculture: Disruptive Technologies for Long-Term Sustainability

Sustainable food production can be a viable reality globally, even in the harshest of climates. Technology development is reducing the environmental footprint of modern agriculture and changing the course of global food security. Discover the primary forces driving innovation in AgTech today and explore the key pillars for long-term sustainability in the food sector.

  • What are the primary forces driving innovation in AgTech today?
  • How can the food sector contribute to circular economies? 
  • What are the key pillars to achieving long-term sustainability for global food security?

Ryan Lefers
Ryan Lefers Co-founder and CEO Red Sea Farms

Mark Tester
Mark Tester Chief Scientist Red Sea Farms

Derya Baran
Derya Baran Chief Engineer Red Sea Farms
13:00 – 13:45 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: Tech in Food & Agriculture

Technology has the potential to help humanity produce enough food for our planet’s population, support the restoration of our eco-system and facilitate regenerative agriculture. This panel gathers experts across food and agriculture to examine how we can shift to a circular business for a healthier planet and population.

Ranjeeta Singh
Ranjeeta Singh Chief Product Officer The Climate Corporation

Kristy Folkwein
Kristy Folkwein SVP, Chief Information Officer ADM

Scott Spradley
Scott Spradley Chief Technology Officer Tyson Foods

Aaron Magenheim
Moderator: Aaron Magenheim CEO AgTechInsight

13:45 – 14:00 (15 mins)
Fireside chat: Future of Travel
  • How can governments and companies work together to realize the travel recovery?
  • What is the timeline for the global travel recovery?
  • What is the future of travel?

Jane Sun
Jane Sun CEO Group

Nikita Dedik
Nikita Dedik Founder & CEO Road.Travel
14:00 – 14:15 (15 mins)
Fireside chat: The intersection of technology and travel in a post-pandemic world

The impact of the pandemic on the travel industry has been unprecedented. While travel has begun to rebound in certain parts of the world, the uncertainty of the virus continues to impact travel recovery - affecting millions of people around the world. Eventually, the pandemic will end, but COVID will likely remain a part of our reality indefinitely. In this conversation, Booking Holdings' CEO Glenn Fogel will discuss the role technology has played in the travel recovery, and the role it will continue to play as COVID becomes more and more a part of our daily realities in the future.

  • How did the pandemic transform the travel industry?
  • What role has and will technology play in the recovery of travel?
  • What role does technology have in ensuring vaccines are equitably distributed around the world, and not just to tourist hubs?

Glenn Fogel
Glenn Fogel CEO Booking Holdings and

Seema Mody
Moderator: Seema Mody Global Markets Reporter CNBC

Day 3: October 29, EST

9:00 – 9:45 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: Driving growth and efficiency through data & analytics

Companies across a wide range of industries are gathering exponentially increasing volumes of data but only a small fraction of this data is being analyzed to yield insights which transform into actionable insights to drive business decisions. This panel will discuss how data analytics can help businesses optimize their performance to drive growth and efficiency.

Susan Doniz
Susan Doniz Chief Information Officer Boeing

David Almeida
David Almeida Chief Strategy & Technology Officer Anheuser-Busch InBev

Eugene Becker
Eugene Becker General Manager of Global Data and Identity Products Acxiom

Robert Huntsman
Moderator: Robert Huntsman Chief Data Scientist Prudential Financial

9:45 – 10:00 (15 mins)
Fireside chat: How Strava and the Power of Sport Impacts Lives
  • Investing in the accessibility of sport is important to the health of this world and RISE and Strava are at the center of that investment
  • Tech can be leveraged to create greater equity and sustainability in society
  • The key to whether tech playing a role in sustainability and equity within society is based on who we give agency to

Mark Gainey
Mark Gainey Co-founder and Chairman Strava

Diahann Billings-Burford
Moderator: Diahann Billings-Burford CEO RISE
10:00 – 10:45 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: Cultivating the tech talent of tomorrow

It is the responsibility of today’s tech leaders to cultivate the tech talent of tomorrow, but underrepresented groups including women and girls are still being left out of the fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs in the tech revolution. Education and training is key to levelling the playing field. This panel will delve into interventions from tech leaders, entrepreneurs and NGOs who are working to close the connectivity gap by creating scalable, sustainable platforms and jobs for the youth and women in society.

Tarika Barrett
Tarika Barrett CEO Girls Who Code

Yung Wu
Yung Wu CEO MaRS Discovery District

Lynne Oldham
Lynne Oldham Chief People Officer Zoom

Leah Belsky
Moderator: Leah Belsky Chief Enterprise Officer Coursera

Trust & Ethics
10:45 – 11:30 (45 mins)
Panel discussion: AI strategies, narratives, and ethics

Artificial Intelligence is a commonly misunderstood yet hugely powerful technology which will transform our lives in the near future. It is crucial that the stories we tell ourselves and others about AI, as well as the strategies organizations implement to leverage this technology, are transparent, ethical and serve wider society. This panel will gather a range of experts to discuss how algorithmic decision-making systems can be used in a safe, sustainable and ethical way.

Matthew Kershaw
Matthew Kershaw VP Growth and Ethics D-ID

Sana Khareghani
Sana Khareghani Head of UK Government Office for AI UK Government

Catriona Campbell
Catriona Campbell Client Technology & Innovation Officer EY

Ayanna Howard
Moderator: Ayanna Howard Dean of Engineering The Ohio State University College of Engineering

Closing remarks

Pre-event / On-Demand

Fireside chat: Reinventing Consumer Spending

We have been discussing consumer behavior shifting to online for a long time, but nothing prepared us for the almost overnight shift that took place due to the pandemic. Now that everyone is online, the solutions and services needed to replicate and improve on familiar offline experiences need to match customer expectations, as well as elevate that experience with tools that can empower consumers and merchants alike. The future is a seamless experience that caters to users’ needs and wants in the right medium and at the right time.

  • Why did you launch a buy-now-pay-later solution for the region in 2020?
  • How can merchants improve their use of technology to optimize their customer experiences throughout the journey from exploration to repeat sales?
  • What new opportunities are there to elevate financial wellbeing for consumers through technology that was not possible in the 5 years?

Abdulmajeed Alsukhan
Abdulmajeed Alsukhan Co-founder and CEO Tamara

Fireside chat: Enabling health, growth and development through access

Michael Moreland
Michael Moreland CEO & Co-founder Field Intelligence

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji
Iyinoluwa Aboyeji Co-founder Future Africa
Fireside chat: Controlled-environment agriculture’s (CEA) role in helping to secure the future of food

The future of sustainable farming is here. Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA)is set to serve the underserved billions who have historically heavily relied on imports from other markets for 70%+ of their food needs. With fast-growing populations, growing middle classes, and climate change threatening traditional food production methods, the import-dependent, climate-challenged countries are exposed to potential future food shortages. CEA has a role to deliver these nations true and tangible food security, to conserve fresh water, to diversify their economies (often natural resource-driven wealth engines), and to offer more sustainable, higher-quality, safer, and tastier fruits and vegetables.

  • Discover how innovations in both technology and capital markets have made possible agriculture solutions that make economic food production possible virtually anywhere.
  • Identify the fundamental drivers that influence the competitiveness of CEA farming methods versus more traditional farming methods, and how will this change with time?
  • Uncover what can versus should be produced in CEA solutions in each region of the world, and what opportunities does this present to both investors and entrepreneurs

Sky Kurtz
Sky Kurtz Co-founder and CEO Pure Harvest Smart Farms

Dave Chen
Dave Chen CEO, Equilibrium WeAgri

Fireside chat: The future of hybrid work - what tools, technology and company culture will power the new way of working?

Aaron Levie
Aaron Levie CEO Box

Ina Fried
Ina Fried Chief Technology Correspondent Axios

Fireside chat: Staying connected in a digital world
  • Democratizing access to radio and how TuneIn is keeping people connected in a digital world
  • How technologically-driven processes are changing the world for the better 
  • The future of emerging technologies in streaming media
  • The golden age of radio: Delve into ways a digital audio streaming strategy can be incorporated into all radio offerings to achieve growth and ubiquity in a global marketplace
  • The future of the audio streaming space and how Covid-19 is changing the game for content creators

Rob Deichert
Rob Deichert Chief Revenue Officer TuneIn

Richard Stern
Richard Stern CEO TuneIn
Fireside chat: Rebuilding traveler confidence in a post pandemic world
  • Learnings during the most challenging year the travel industry has faced
  • What it means to be traveler-first and the role of meta in building trust and confidence as the world returns to travel 
  • The new travel experience, how Skyscanner is organizing ‘should know’ to ‘must know’ information

John Mangelaars
John Mangelaars CEO Skyscanner

Gordon Wilson
Gordon Wilson Chair Interactive Investor

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