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October 27- 28, 2021

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Jane Sun
Jane Sun
CEO, Group
Glenn Fogel
Glenn Fogel
CEO, Booking Holdings and
Susan Doniz
Susan Doniz
Chief Information Officer, Boeing
Damien Kieran
Damien Kieran
Chief Privacy Officer, Twitter
Yuri Sebregts
Yuri Sebregts
EVP, Chief Technology Officer, Shell
Lori Beer
Lori Beer
Global Chief Information Officer, JP Morgan Chase
Bret Arsenault
Bret Arsenault
Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft
Tarika Barrett
Tarika Barrett
CEO, Girls Who Code

More Than Insights: Discuss, Debate, Decide

At Reuters Events, we are committed to providing insights both on and off the stage. Over the coming months, we will be delivering tech predictions from the most influential leaders and innovators. Our content library will deliver business critical discussions to thousands of tech executives globally, both live and on-demand.

Content Calendar
Week beginning 13th September
MOMENTUM Technology Series Part 3: 5G Webinar

Fifth-generation mobile networking is unlocking entire new areas of technological possibility ranging from accelerating the transition toward the industrial IoT – Industry 4.0 – and making ultra-realistic VR experiences a reality. 5G is up to 100 times faster than 4G and more reliable which means dramatically reduced latency resulting in extremely fast data sharing and real time responses. This webinar will gather experts to delve into the present and future possibilities of this exciting technology and examine how it will transform everyday life at work and at home.

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Week beginning 6th December
MOMENTUM Technology Series Part 4: Cloud Computing Webinar

Cloud computing provides enterprises with a wide range of benefits including lower operating costs and seamless scalability. This webinar looks at the future of cloud computing for 2022 and examines how this rapidly developing technology can benefit your business.

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Thursday July 22, 2021- 13:00 EST
Free Webinar: Building a sustainable future through technology

With the help of technology, humanity can take better care of the biosphere and develop an inclusive, circular economy based on sharing, leasing, reusing, and recycling existing materials and products. This webinar will explore technology enabled approaches which will ensure that we meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Key discussion points:

  • How is technology enabling the circular economy?
  • How can we produce food more efficiently to sustainably feed a growing population?
  • How can technology help us reach and surpass sustainable development commitments made by global governments and corporations?

Charlene Lake Charlene Lake Chief Sustainability Officer AT&T

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Thursday August 26, 2021 - 13:00 EST
Free Webinar: Technological innovations transforming our societies

Technology has wrought the most dramatic shifts in healthcare, education, and civil society for a generation. We must now capitalize on progress that has been made whilst ensuring that we don’t lose sight of our collective vision to build a more equitable society.

Key discussion points:

  • How is technology revolutionizing drug development, patient care and telehealth?
  • How can technology facilitate effective e-learning as part of a balanced education system?
  • How will 5G, new applications, utilities and transport transform our homes and cities?
  • How can we ensure that technology is a key driver in supporting diversity and equal opportunities throughout society?

Karen Dolva Karen Dolva Founder No Isolation

Sreedhar Suragouni Sreedhar Suragouni Chief Information Officer Oman Insurance Company

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February 9, 2021 - 7pm GMT
Workshop: The Big ROI For Banks: Application Modernization

Digital disruption is transforming the banking industry - innovative new FinTechs are launching daily and customer experience expectations at an all-time high.

For traditional banks, the accelerated pace of change makes it difficult to compete. Adherence to the old model and the burden of legacy systems which are costly and labour-intensive to maintain sees these banks fall further behind.

App modernization is a significant undertaking, but it's one that pays off when done right. By leveraging learnings from successful modernization approaches across industries, traditional banks can lay the groundwork for a successful app modernization strategy that fits their current needs and capabilities.

In this interactive workshop, attendees will work hand-in-hand with Leonardo Mattiazzi, EVP Global Innovation from CI&T to identify and uncover:

  • The most valuable use cases for application modernization.
  • The common 'blockers' for app modernization in organizations.
  • How business and tech teams can work together to remove these blocks.
  • Practices that deliver the best results, and practices that are difficult to implement.
  • How to get buy-in and gain traction in your organization.
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Week beginning 24th May
Workshop: Customer Centric Innovation

Organizations which prioritise customer satisfaction build solid foundations for success now and in the future. Technology can provide the solution to deliver convenient and more efficient products and services to customers and clients which allows organizations to adapt to and meet their changing needs. This workshop delivered by a selection of experts will provide participants with practical learnings on how to innovate both product and tech to adjust for the future of your industry as well as tips on combining powerful business acumen, technology know-how and leadership skills to make development plans happen.

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Week beginning 28th June
Workshop: Emerging Technologies

Businesses across all industries stand to gain enormously from the future development and practical application of technologies which are still in their early stages of growth. Such technologies include AI and 5G as well as robotics, drones and edge computing. This workshop delivered by a selection of experts will equip organizations with practical guidance allowing them to realize the benefits of this emerging new tech and become an enterprise of the future.

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Week beginning 23rd August
Workshop: Revolutionizing IT

IT professionals of 2021 are required to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn in order to keep up with a rapidly evolving technology landscape. This workshop will guide participants through the strategic technology trends shaping businesses today and provide know how on revolutionizing your IT strategy to drive efficiency and innovation.

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Week beginning 11th October
Workshop: Technology in Education & Work

Technology’s impact on the future of work and education is seen has a huge positive. With seismic shifts in global working and educational practices, now is the time to craft the future of the new world, explore new ways of working and talk educational tech. This workshop will lead participants through how technology can enable improvements in how we work and learn.

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Week beginning 8th November
Workshop Week: MOMENTUM Virtual Forum 2021

Following MOMENTUM Virtual Forum 2021 Reuters Events are running a series of workshops covering a range of technologies and industries.

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MOMENTUM Technology Series Part 2: Information Security Webinar

Identifying common IT security weaknesses and building a strong information security function is crucial to becoming a truly modern and robust digital organization. However, most companies overestimate their information security competence and are vulnerable to cyber criminals. With cyber-attacks having increased massively since the recent pandemic, organizations and individuals now face more threats to their information security than ever before. This webinar will gather cyber security experts to paint a picture of the current threat landscape, lay out a path to protect against data breaches and hacking as well as discuss the importance of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Howard Whyte Howard Whyte Chief Information Security Officer Boeing

Jim Cameli Jim Cameli Global Chief Information Security Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance

Kurt Lieber Kurt Lieber Chief Information Security Officer Wells Fargo

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Fireside Chat - The Future of Technology Supply Chains

During this conversation, brought to you in partnership with Huawei Technologies USA, our panellists will give their take on:

  • The impact of current global dynamics on the technology supply chain and wider economy
  • What the current state of play means for R&D, innovation and consumers
  • Fostering collaboration whilst balancing security and trust

Andy Purdy Andy Purdy Chief Security Officer Huawei Technologies USA

Glenn O’Donnell Glenn O’Donnell (Guest Speaker) VP, Research Director Forrester

Nadira Tudor Nadira Tudor Moderator Reuters Events

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MOMENTUM Technology Series Part 1: AI Trends & Strategies Webinar

Artificial Intelligence is set to radically improve our society and economy and has applications in every industry. By freeing up time for more fulfilling work, creating new jobs and allowing us to make smarter decisions this technology is truly transformational. This webinar gathers a selection of experts to delve into recent developments in AI, trends for 2021 and beyond as well as strategies organizations and societies should adopt to make the most of this rapidly growing technology.

Celeste Kidd Celeste Kidd Professor of Psychology, Director of Kidd Lab University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Danny Lange Dr. Danny Lange Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Unity

Sumeet Chabria Sumeet Chabria Head of Global Business Services Bank of America

John Biggs Moderator: John Biggs Editor in Chief Gizmodo

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Webinar: How Public Blockchains Will Reshape Industry Supply Chains & Competition

As businesses look to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance the traceability of their supply chain network, Reuters Events united industry-leading experts to explore: How Public Blockchains Will Reshape Industry Supply Chains & Competition. During this 1-hour webinar our expert panel explore:

  • How public blockchains and privacy tools enable low cost business networks
  • What blockchain technology can do for business and supply chain operations like traceability and procurement
  • The challenges and opportunities that leading companies are finding in this space

EY Paul Brody EY Global Blockchain Leader EY

ANSA Stefano De Alessandri CEO and Managing Director ANSA

University of Arkansas Mary Lacity Walton Professor and Director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence University of Arkansas

Microsoft Yorke E. Rhodes III Director Digital Transformation, Blockchain Microsoft

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Webinar: Customer-Centric Innovation: The Role of Technology

Organizations which prioritise customer satisfaction have always had their success based on solid foundations. New technology can provide the solution to deliver convenient and more efficient service to customers and clients.

Sign up to our webinar to find out:

  • How to link data to deliver a personalized experience for all your customers and clients
  • How to make the customer experience seamlessly efficient from start to finish
  • Examine how C-suite technology leaders combine powerful business acumen, technology know-how and leadership skills to make development plans happen.

Wells Fargo Chintan Mehta EVP, Group CIO - Digital Innovation and Strategy Wells Fargo

Travelers Mojgan Lefebvre EVP, Chief Technology & Operations Officer Travelers

Henkel Olivier Maugain Corporate Director, Analytics & Technology Henkel

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Shaping the new normal for tech post COVID-19

We are amidst one of the most dramatic societal shifts of our time and the next normal for businesses is going to be defined by two key factors: changing customer behavior and demand for new offerings.

The recent pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses and tremendously improved the digital dexterity of customers. Humans are now primed more than ever to adopt new technology.

This exclusive board level webinar featuring technology executives from Prudential Financial, Verizon Communications, Walgreens Boots Alliance and ServiceNow delved into what the recent pandemic means for the future of customer behavior, new digital offerings, and the development and application of technology across the enterprise and beyond.

Verizon Communications Shankar Arumugavelu SVP & Global Chief Information Officer Verizon Communications

Walgreens Boots Alliance Vish Sankaran SVP & Global Chief Innovation Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance

Prudential Financial Stacey Goodman EVP & Chief Information Officer Prudential Financial

ServiceNow Chris Bedi Chief Information Officer ServiceNow

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Enterprise & Entertainment XR: Tomorrow's disruption today

eXtended Reality (XR) is unique among a small group of emerging technologies in that it is set to transform businesses by streamlining workflows, turbocharging collaboration, and ultimately saving time and money.

Get exclusive XR insights from enterprise technology leaders and consumer entertainment in the Reuters Events Enterprise & Entertainment XR: Tomorrow's disruption today whitepaperfeaturing input from HTC Vive, SuperData, Volvo, UPS, Thermo Fisher Scientific and more;

  • Boost your business by exploiting significant growth opportunities for the XR in the enterprise
  • Get ahead in your role by staying up to date with new technologies or trends set to impact the immersive landscape in 2020 and beyond
  • Supercharge your revenues by identifying and overcoming barriers to adoption
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