Accelerate US Offshore Wind

Unleash project development and supply chain expansion

Secure partners, win contracts and seize opportunities at America’s BIGGEST offshore wind event

Key themes: siting, permitting, leasing, supply chain, ports infrastructure, grid integration, policy, markets, construction and installation, project execution, marine logistics and vessels.

The US offshore wind industry boom, projected to generate nearly 35 GW of power in eight East and West Coast states by 2030, presents a $70 billion CAPEX revenue opportunity to businesses in the U.S. supply chain. An unprecedented 2000 GW of U.S. offshore wind resource remains untapped, waiting to be unleashed!

As this once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself to local and international businesses, the US Offshore Wind Conference and Exhibition returns to Boston with one mission - to accelerate the development of the existing project pipeline and unleash new development areas on the East and West Coasts.

Supply chain deals, joint ventures and policy making– this is the place where it all happens for US offshore wind businesses. You’ll meet every major developer, investor, contractor, supplier, manufacturer, policy maker, who hold they keys to thousands of imminent supply chain and service contracts.

Backed by a brand you can trust, the Reuters US offshore wind 2022 will deliver everything you need to know about US offshore wind markets and supply chain activity, helping you to resolve development bottlenecks and facilitate a multitude of supply chain matchmaking activity.

Very good networking and content discussions

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A convergence of the most influential Offshore Wind Leaders

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Nichola Groom Correspondent Reuters

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Necy Sumait Chief, Renewable Energy BOEM

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Join 2,000+ attendees!

Join the US Offshore Wind Trade Show Exhibition

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Five Reasons why YOU cannot miss the BIGGEST reunion in the history of offshore wind

  1. You’ll receive all you need to know about current and future OSW projects and lucrative supply chain opportunities from 60+ speakers: Executives from leading developers and regulators will share their plans for current and future projects, and supply chain requirements.
  2. You’ll meet serious industry collaborators to secure market share as a developer, supplier or advisor:
    This event is where the early commercial relationships are formed amongst OSW developers, financiers and supply chain players. Miss it and miss your best opportunity to build your US offshore wind business. Remember - only the early movers will reap the rewards!
  3. You’ll have access to All active and new market players in one place, at one time, to create partnerships for success: As North America’s largest-ever offshore wind event, you’ll meet 2000+ attendees, 60+ speakers, 60+ exhibitors, for focused learning, strategic insight, and business development opportunities. Along with a multitude of supply chain matchmaking activity, you will meet every major developer, operator, investor, EPCI contractor, supplier, manufacturer, consultant, policy maker, and more.
  4. You achieve all your US Offshore Wind goals in just 2-days: Find partners, meet clients, speak to key influencers, gather info, assess risks, and seize opportunities throughout your time at this conference & expo.
  5. You’ll learn how US OSW regulatory system is evolving and the evolution of policy in OSW states
    The event sets out the critical details of how the US offshore wind system will work in individual states. US OSW is an evolving very fast and needs to be understood if you are to be a successful market player.

The BIGGEST event for US offshore wind professionals

Before the pandemic, YoY the number of attendees grew exponentially to 1200 attendees! We have pulled out all the stops to ensure you experience another bumper year, with capacity for 2000+ attendees.

Who should attend?

Technology developers

State institutions


Project developers

Policy makers


Supply chain vendors

Advisory services (engineering, legal etc)

Transmission developers

Select your Attendee Profile below to learn how YOU will benefit

Top 5 benefits for Project Developer attendees


  1. Fast-track Permitting, Grid integration, infrastructure and remove development bottlenecks: meet and hear from industry leaders and solution providers to learn how to fast track permitting, grid integration and infrastructure planning
  2. Streamline the permitting process and get the permits you need: receive updates from BOEM about permitting and leasing activities on the US OCS and collaborate to create a streamlined and sustainable process
  3. Lock in your next US offshore wind Lease and grow your market share in US offshore wind: secure the right partners and suppliers, lock-in your investors, and beat the competition to win your next offshore wind lease.
  4. Build Partnerships and Joint ventures with international and local supply chains: identify serious industry collaborators, understand who they are, how they can support you to seal your next Joint Venture.
  5. Evaluate project risks and rewards across key geographical locations: get critical updates from BOEM, competing developers, supply chain and infrastructure planners to identify your next development project

Top 5 benefits for Supply Chain and Solution Provider attendees


  1. Win contracts and tenders in a rapidly expanding multi-billion-dollar OSW supply chain: In anticipation of 30+ GW of offshore wind by 2030. Meet with developers and state sponsors to plan pre-development and build new manufacturing sites, state-of-the-art installation vessels, and port facilities
  2. Receive the latest updates about developer choices for technology, construction & installation, manufacturing, and marine logistics, which will inform your near-term and long-term supply and service contract opportunities as project supply chain, infrastructure and local content decisions are made.
  3. Build Partnerships and Joint Ventures with leading offshore wind businesses. Identify serious industry collaborators. Understand who they are, what projects they are planning, and how you can support them to seal your next Joint Venture.
  4. Receive Local Content updates about state and project specific requirements. Identify how your products, services or solutions match up with existing project timelines and local content requirements.
  5. Demonstrate how you can help developers build successful projects. By attending you will have access to all decision makers from developer companies seeking your innovative products and solutions for pre-development, permitting, marine logistics, selection of major WTG components, installation solutions, manufacturing, O&M and much more.

Top 5 benefits for Policy Makers & Regulator attendees


  1. Collaborate with stakeholders to unleash wind energy areas in California and the East Coast to build a clean, responsible, and sustainable US offshore wind industry that supports local job creation, economic growth, and energy independence.
  2. Exceed 30 GW by 2030 Offshore Wind targets: meet and discuss the action plans with key federal institutions, departments, and industry stakeholders about how to make the stars align and turn decades of action into movement.
  3. Reflect, Reimagine and Redefine the Permitting Process. Collaborate with industry stakeholders to reimagine the permitting process and unlock the development pipeline and fast track new projects to meet the 30 GW by 2030 federal development target.
  4. Find solutions to your regulatory and policy challenges among thousands of local and international offshroe wind experts! Find solution providers, speak to all the developers, meet key influencers, gather info, assess risks, and solve your challenges throughout your time at this conference & expo.
  5. Drive economic opportunity throughout the heart of the USA: lock in the developers and supply chain to support America’s aggressive build-back-better infrastructure plan and clean energy agenda.

Who you'll meet at this event

Real decision-makers

Real diversity

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We organize collaboration at the highest level to tackle the industry's biggest questions

  • How to develop successful projects? Project Updates & Pipeline — Reliable Project Execution Strategies — Transmission Planning and Grid Connection Optimization — Streamlining Leasing Activity & Procurement Processes — Securing Permits — Financing, Partnering & Risk — Construction & Installation
  • How to build a US offshore wind industry? Federal and State Regulatory Updates — Regional Market Development Strategies — Economic Benefits and Job Creation — Tax Credits and Incentives — Sharing the Ocean — R&D Initiatives — LCOE Reduction
  • How to coordinate the supply chain? Supply Chain Opportunities — Regional Supply Chain Development — Local Content Planning — Workforce Skills & Development — Transmission & Distribution — Marine Logistics & Vessel Capabilities — Ports & Assembly
  • How to choose the right technology? Fixed Foundations Options — Floating Wind Systems (economic and engineering) — Vessel, Barges & CTVs — Alternative Demand: +Hydrogen +Storage +Desalination — O&M — Substations — Cables
  • How to build the workforce? Contracting in US Offshore Wind — Understand the Layers of the Supply Chain — WindLink Supply Chain Matchmaking Service — Partnering & Joint Venture Opportunities — Training & Safety Requirements — Infrastructure Assessments


Day 1

Breakfast briefing: Grid integration strategies

Breakfast briefing: Vessel capabilities

Registration and coffee

Presentation: USOW Market Analysis

Get an overview of the challenges ahead for Offshore Wind: from transmission to local content, with ports and vessel capabilities in mind, will it be possible to reach the targets set? With challenges also come many opportunities: what are the key takeaways for investors and developers? Where are we on the global timeline for Offshore Wind in 2022?

Keynote Interview: Federal plan for USOW

Interview with Reuters correspondent Nichola Groom.

Keynote Panel: The Evolution of Debt and Tax Equity Financing in US Offshore Wind

Gain an understanding on the Evolution of Financing for US Offshore Wind from Debt and Tax Equity experts. How can Offshore Wind farms be financed, what are the available structures for financing such big projects? What are the risks in financing projects like these – investing billions of dollars into brand new projects and new turbines.

Exhibition & Coffee

Keynote Presentation: California Unlocked

Presentation on the state of Floating Wind in 2022: updates on Morro Bay and Humboldt leases and auctions.

Panel: Keynote Panel: California Unlocked

Floating Wind is the future of Offshore Wind: it is the key to accelerating production of energy as well as using resources from deep oceans all around the globe. Starting with California in the US, this technology is predicted to start generating energy from 2030. Before then, many challenges need to be addressed: is it financially viable, economically sustainable? What are the implications for the environment both in terms of impacts on marine ecosystems and the impact of the environment on the wind farms themselves, with for instance hurricanes?

Lunch and Exhibition

Track 1 Infrastructure

Panel: Grid Integration: Perspectives from transmission developers and technology providers

Panel: Grid Integration Developments Northeast

Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Panel: Review of port upgrades and activities: what are the remaining challenges to tackle?

Panel: Grid Integration Developments Mid Atlantic: New Jersey State Agreement Focus: Lessons Learned for Applications to other Regions

Track 2 Construction and Installation

Panel: Construction and Installation Strategies Part 1

Panel: Construction and Installation Strategies Part 2

Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Panel: Construction and Installation Strategies Part 3

Panel: Supply Chain Accelerator
Coordinating project and project requirement

Day 2

Breakfast briefing: Construction & installation challenges

Breakfast briefing: Floating tech updates

Registration and coffee

Presentation: Regulatory Updates – federal leases and siting on the OCS

Hear from BOEM’s leaders on their siting and leasing updates on the East and West Coasts. How will their plan help reach the 30GW by 2030 goal set by the Biden Administration? What impacts will these leases have on producing greener energy in the US?

Panel: The global energy transition and role of Offshore Wind in the US

What is the role of Offshore Wind power in the global energy crisis and in the context of climate change? How will it help drive the US plans to build-back-better?

Keynote Presentation: Driving US Offshore Wind innovations with new technology

What are the new tools necessary to drive US Offshore Wind developments? Can we take lessons from Europe?

Exhibition & Coffee

Panel Expanding for New Development on the US East Coast: Developing the NY Bight

After a decade of momentum, the New York Bight will open unlimited possibilities for the US Offshore Wind industry with 8 new leases of projects. Attend to find out what are the next steps to prepare: from grid integration, to supply chain and port infrastructure.

Panel: Project synergies and supply chain risk

Risk mitigation in project synergies and the supply chain.

Lunch and Exhibition

Track 1 Permitting Accelerator

Panel: Permitting 30GW challenges into the Future : Procedural Organisation and Regulatory process

Panel: Sharing the Ocean

Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Track 2 Project Execution & Maintenance

O&M, onshore/offshore marine logistics

Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Panel: Local Content ‘How to Build a Domestic Supply Chain’

Join 2,000+ attendees!

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Join 2,000+ attendees!

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