The industry shaping agenda

Day 1

Breakfast briefing: Grid integration strategies

Breakfast briefing: Vessel capabilities

Registration and coffee

Keynote Presentation: Federal plan for USOW

Presentation: USOW Market Analysis

Keynote Presentation: California unlocked

Keynote Panel Discussion: California unlocked following on Keynote Presentation

Panel: Expanding for New Development on the US East Coast

Exhibition & Coffee

Panel: Meeting 30-GW by 2030 goal: Milestone Strategic Planning for development, supply chain, workforce, and infrastructure

Panel: The Evolution of Debt and Tax Equity Financing in US Offshore Wind

Lunch and Exhibition

Track 1 Infrastructure

Panel: National Offshore Wind Grid Strategy

Panel: Grid Integration Developments Northeast

Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Panel: Grid Integration perspectives from Transmission Developers
What is needed to transmit 30GWby 2030

Panel: Grid Integration Developments Mid Atlantic: New Jersey State Agreement Focus: Lessons Learned for Applications to other Regions

Track 2 Construction and Installation

Panel: Fixed-Bottom Foundations

Panel: Jones Act and Vessel Capabilities

Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Panel: WTG and Turbines:
13 MW turbines and prototypes of 14 and 15 MW

Panel: Supply Chain: Coordinating Projects and Project Requirements

Day 2

Breakfast briefing: Construction & installation challenges

Breakfast briefing: Floating tech updates

Registration and coffee

Presentation: Regulatory Updates – Federal Leases and Siting on the OCS

Panel: Developing the NY Bight

Presentation: Driving US Offshore Wind innovations with new technology

Panel: Build-back-better: Energy Justice

Exhibition & Coffee

Panel: The Global Energy Transition and Role of Offshore Wind

Panel: Project Synergies and Supply Chain Risk

Lunch and Exhibition

Track 1 Permitting Accelerator

Panel: Permitting 30GW challenges into the Future Procedural Organisation and Regulatory process

Panel: Sharing the Ocean

Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Panel: Review of ports upgrades and activities: what are the remaining challenges to tackle?

Panel: Local Content ‘How to Build a Domestic Supply Chain’

Track 2 Project Development & Execution

Presentation: Developer Project Update

Presentation: Developer Project Update

Presentation: Project Update

Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Panel: Maintenance of equipment (Inter-Array Cables, Foundations)

Panel: Onshore/offshore logistics and marine logistics

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