US Offshore Wind Risk Management Virtual

Dec 9, 2021

Key themes: prospecting & leasing, investments/finance, permitting, policy, supply chain contracting

Overview: US Offshore Wind is unlocked; with the switch from momentum to action well underway, it is now time to think very carefully about how to mitigate potential project risks.

For a market with just 5 operating wind farms, establishing long-term capital-intensive offshore wind projects carries great uncertainty and risk for investors and project developers, due to lack of data regarding permitting, construction, and operations. From the very first stages such as investing and permitting procedures to later policy and supply chain concerns, managing risks and potential litigation is an overarching topic.

Join us for a virtual event and approach the mitigation of risks in US offshore wind, ranging from technical details (wind speed, cost, grid integration, supply chain contracting) to stakeholder engagement strategies (permitting and environmental impacts on maritime ecosystems) as well as political considerations.

Who should attend?

Primary job functions: Legal Counsel, Advisory, Risk, Permitting, Contracting, C-Suite, SVP, VP, Heads of, Directors

Technology developers

State institutions


Project developers

Policy makers


Supply chain vendors

Advisory services (engineering, legal etc)

Transmission developers

Why attend this virtual conference on Mitigating Risks in US Offshore Wind?

  • You want to invest in US Offshore Wind and need to understand and learn to mitigate risks associated with the Offshore Wind industry in the US.
  • With our focus on permitting, review all the necessary steps in the US procedural organisation from a legal perspective.
  • Learn all about development and site preparation and some of its technical challenges such as seabed installations, grid compatibility and ability to withstand 30 GW.
  • Mitigate risks continuously and hear all about Operations and Maintenance ongoing challenges such as sea corrosion, environmental (ie, hurricane and ice loads mitigations) and political factors that could come into play.

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