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Agenda from Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2020

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  • Day One: Fixed-Bottom Offshore Wind Strategy Agenda
  • Day Two: Floating Wind Strategy Agenda
  • Workshops & On Demand Content
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Day One: Fixed-Bottom Offshore Wind Agenda

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9:00-9:45am (45 mins)

Live Panel: Reflection on 2020 and Plans Ahead

  • Understanding how major developers have been impacted by the pandemic and how they have adjusted, what this means for your business strategy going forward
  • The impacts of the oil price drop and whether this is speeding up energy transition, following positive signs of investments in the first half of the year
  • How developers have worked with the supply chain to keep projects on time and on budget with insight into latest operating costs and trends

Moderator: Gunnar Herzig, Managing Director, World Forum Offshore Wind
Lydia Schot, Managing Director - France, Eneco
Ryanne Burges, Head of Offshore Development, EDF Renewables UK
Nigel Slater, Managing Director, Development - Europe, Northland Power
Richard Sandford, Director - Offshore Wind Development Europe, RWE Renewables

9:45-10:05am (20 mins)

Number Crunching the Offshore Wind Market

  • The latest and up-to-date industry forecasts and projections including lucrative emerging markets, giving insight for developers and the supply chain to explore the next avenues for growth
  • Cost trends in development, construction and O&M to prepare your projects for the 2021

Tom Harries, Head of Offshore Wind Research, Bloomberg NEF

10:05-10:15am (10 mins)

OEM Interview: The Perspective of the Turbine Producers

  • An honest assessment on the year and how equipment providers can still thrive under challenging manufacturing conditions
  • Technology updates - onto 14 MW turbines and beyond, how Siemens Gamesa are continuing to transform Wind Turbines to generate more power more reliably

Martin Gerhardt, Head of Platforms and Portfolio Management Offshore, Siemens Gamesa
Lara Juergens, Senior Energy Analyst, EIC

10:15-10:50am (35 mins)

Live Panel: The Offshore Wind Investment Community: Open Discussion

  • How investors stay competitive within the Offshore Investment space and what this means in practical terms
  • Challenges in securing project finance and adapting to the rise of PPAs, an opportunity assessment
  • An overview of M&A activity and reaching financial close, has COVID-19 heavily impacted this?

Moderator: Ting Le Deng, Executive Director, Santander Corporate & Investment Banking
Danielle Lane, Director, Vattenfall
Alexandre Franceschini, Vice President, Green Investment Group
Stephane Tetot, Director, BlackRock Real Assets

10:50-11:05am (15 mins)

Developer Fireside Chat - In Discussion with Iberdrola

  • In discussion with leading Offshore Wind developer, Iberdrola, on their plans ahead and Offshore Wind's place in the Energy Transition
  • Project updates, a glimpse in East Anglia ONE and successfully developing a mega project

Jonathan Cole, Managing Director - Offshore Wind, Iberdrola
Lara Juergens, Senior Energy Analyst, EIC

11:05-11:40am (35 mins)

Live Panel: Re-thinking Contracting & Tendering Processes

  • How are developers and OEMs seeing the potential for changing 'business as usual' approach when it comes to tendering and contracting and prospects for lowering CoE?
  • Exploring whether the industry is ready for collaborative bidding and assessing the main obstacles, from a commercial, cultural and legal perspective
  • The next steps to ensure savings in the construction and operational phases

Moderator: Martin Juste, Partner, Lawfirm Poul Schmith
Alexander Severance, General Counsel Offshore Wind - Denmark, Siemens Gamesa
Anne Ulset, Leading Counsel Legal, Equinor
Pieter Marinus, General Counsel & Investor Relations Director, Parkwind

11:40-11:55am (15 mins)

Taiwan Market Overview and European Players Active in the Market

  • Focusing on the market opportunity in Taiwan and growth projections
  • Update on regulatory changes and challenges within the market

Tom Whittle, Country Manager - Taiwan, Offshore Wind Consultants

11:55am-12:35pm (40 mins)

Live Panel: Emerging Markets: Poland and Baltic Sea

  • Executive insight into the opportunities in Poland and the Baltic Sea, including how developers adapt to and win bids in these markets
  • Regulations and government actions that are required to attract the next wave of fleets

Moderator: Bart Dujczynski, Partner, BBM Offshore Poland
Michal Jerzy Kolodziejczyk, CEO, Equinor Poland
Holger Matthiesen, Head of Development Offshore Wind Scandinavia, Poland and Baltics, RWE Renewables
Rytis Kėvelaitis, Viceminister for Energy, Lithuanian Government
Cat Brown, Senior Development Manager Construction, Northland Power
Piotr Czopek, Director of Renewable Energy Department, Ministry of Climate

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12:35-12:50pm (15 mins)

How to Use Analytics to Automate and Improve Offshore Wind Turbine Operations

  • What if you could use analytics to automatically know the most probable corrective action on turbines, using your organization’s existing knowledge
  • Learn how RWE partnered with NarrativeWave to deploy a digital solution to reduce turbine visits and improve the accuracy of corrective maintenance, resulting in an automated solution that uses technician feedback to get smarter over time

Arwel Jones, Maintenance Manager, RWE
Alec Miller, VP of Product, NarrativeWave

12:50-1:30pm (40 mins)

Live Panel: Offshore Wind O&M - Obstacles and Innovation

  • Discussion on the key pain points for operators when managing fleets and which solutions are driving down costs
  • Automating services and the latest technical innovation, simplifying the management of Offshore Wind assets

Moderator: Imogen Brown, Research Analyst, Bloomberg NEF
Sam Strivens, Manager - Logistics and O&M, Carbon Trust
Alec Miller, VP of Product, NarrativeWave
Knut Ragnar Austreng, Leader of Digitalisation, Performance and Analytics, Equinor

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1:30-1:45pm (15 mins)

Lowering LCOE using a Digital Twin solution for Design and Operation of Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms

  • Discover the unique technical challenges of designing fixed and floating offshore wind turbine platforms and find out how to take advantage of comprehensive engineering analyses and interoperability
  • Explore how Digital iTwin technology, together with automated workflows, mitigates risk and improves effective collaboration when designing, constructing and safely operating offshore wind farms

Mark Upton, Senior Director Product Management, Design Engineering Analysis, Bentley Systems

1:45-2:10pm (25 mins)

Sharing the Ocean: Addressing Conflicts and Finding Synergies with Other Ocean Industries

  • The real and perceived conflicts between offshore wind and other sectors, such as fisheries, while assessing potential synergies for effective stakeholder engagement
  • What kind of structure and process for multi-sectoral engagement will best enable the conflicts to be understood?

Paul Holthus, Founding President and CEO, World Ocean Council

2:10-2:45pm (35 mins)

Live Panel: Moving forward: Working with the Local and Global Supply-Chain

  • Cost-benefit analysis, local or global?
  • Effective business models to successfully transfer expertise to local hubs, benefiting all stakeholders

Moderator: Søren Lassen, Senior Offshore Wind Analyst, Wood Mackenzie
David Stevenson, Head of Energy and Infrastructure, Scottish Government
Lars Svendsen, Head of Procurement, Red Rock Power
Lara Juergens, Senior Energy Analyst, EIC

Day Two: Floating Wind Strategy Agenda

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9:00-9:45am (45 mins)

Live Panel: Developments in the European Floating Wind Industry

  • How much of a hit has Floating Wind taken in midst of Covid-19? Analyse significant market updates and how they are impacting development opportunities
  • Regulatory updates and policies in emerging markets including Scotland, France, the Mediterranean and Ireland, explaining the opportunity to

Moderator: Mike Blanch, Associate Director, BVG Associates
Eddie O'Connor, Executive Chairman, Mainstream Renewable Power
Mikael Jakobsson, Managing Director, Cierco
Grzegorz Gorski, COO, OW Ocean Winds
Lord Nicol Stephen, Chairman, Flotation Energy

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9:45-10:00am (15 mins)

Wind Turbines Floating at Sea: From Principle to Reality

  • Floater: a serial product for competitiveness
  • Naval Energies, a strategic partner
  • Focus on the Groix & Belle-Île project - A global market, a local content

Laurent Schneider-Maunoury, CEO, Naval Energies

10:00-10:15am (15 mins)

Equinor Floating Wind Strategy Interview - Road to Net Zero

  • Translating lessons from the Hywind Scotland to Hywind Tampen
  • An insight into Equinor’s immediate and long-term floating wind strategy, including how the supply chain can be prepared for growth
  • Particular expertise from Oil & Gas that has been transferred to floating, assessing the costs and risks

Sebastian Bringsværd, Head of Floating Wind, Equinor

10:15-11:00am (45 mins)

Live Panel: Speeding Commercialization through Risk Mitigation

  • Exploring the key points of risk from the developer to minimise unexpected costs, such as in electrical connection and cabling, during the construction stage
  • Best practice for countering commercialisation risks, including substructure and wind turbine compatibility

Moderator: Gavin Smart, Head of Insights, ORE Catapult
Hannah König, Head of Wind and Maritime Technology, EnBW
Ignacio Pantojo, Floating Offshore Wind Department Manager, Iberdrola
Scott Gartschore, Head of Cable Sales, Osbit
Julien Marchal, Development Director, Naval Energies

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11:00-11:15am (15 mins)

Saitec Offshore - Deploying Concrete Floating Wind

  • Initial results from BlueSATH, first offshore testing using SATH technology
  • Scaling up from BlueSATH to full-scale DemoSATH
  • Saitec’s vision on industrial production of concrete floaters

David Carrascosa, CTO, Saitec Offshore Technologies

11:15am-11:30am (15 mins)

Principle Power - Executive Interview

  • Reflection on floating wind concepts into reality, exploring the key challenges and the points of success with projects across the globe
  • Keeping innovative in an increasingly competitive market, latest technology updates that are propelling commercialisation

Joao Metelo, CEO, Principle Power

11:30am-12:15pm (3450 mins)

Live Panel: The Secrets of Project Financing

  • Best practice for working with commercial banks, alternative investors and securing public funds to finance the development stage
  • Debating the risks to technology bankability and how to overcome these hurdles to get more projects online

Moderator: Clément Weber, Director, Green Giraffe
Jean Vercoutter, Vice President, Renewable Project Finance, MUFG
Lisa McDermott, Executive Director, ABN AMRO Bank

12:15-12:30pm (15 mins)

EFGL Pilot Project Case Study

  • Inside the EFGL Pilot project

Jean-Mathieu Kolb, Project Director - EFGL Project, ENGIE

12:30-12:45pm (15 mins)

Inside WindFloat Atlantic

  • Inside the WindFloat Atlantic, including project ins and outs

Jose Pinheiro, Country Manager - Iberia, OW Ocean Winds

12:45-1:00pm (15 mins)

EIB’s Floating Wind Project Plans

  • EIB’s commitments to Floating Wind projects, where and long-term strategy

Alessandro Boschi, Head of Renewable Division, European Investment Bank

1:00-1:15pm (15 mins)

Developing in the Celtic Sea

  • Simply Blue Energy developing with Total in the Celtic Sea

Christoph Harwood, Director of Policy and Strategy, Simply Blue Energy

1:15-1:30pm (15 mins)

Live Panel: Ask the Developers - Project Developer Q&A

  • Ask our panel of floating wind developers about their projects

José Pinheiro, Project Director - Wind Float Atlantic, EDP Renewables
Jean-Mathieu Kolb, Project Director - EFGL Project, ENGIE
Alessandro Boschi, Head of Renewable Division, EIB
Christoph Harwood, Director of Policy and Strategy, Simply Blue Energy

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1.45-2:00pm (15 mins)

Case Study: The Latest in Mooring Systems

  • The latest innovation in mooring systems and methods to minimise CAPEX and OPEX while reducing project risk
  • Optimisation methods for improving system reliability, monitoring and maintenance
  • How can Oil and Gas expertise for FOWT applications be transferred?

Wolfgang Wandl, CEO, Vryhof

2.00-2:15pm (15 mins)

Fixed vs Floating: Consenting Impacts, Risks and Opportunities

  • Consideration of how changes to the project design envelope to accommodate floating technology may affect potential project impacts
  • Advantages, disadvantages and opportunities arising from new technologies
  • Undertaken on a location- and consent mechanism- neutral basis

Rick Campbell, Head of Offshore Markets, Natural Power

2:15-3.00pm (45 mins)

Live Panel: Looking Ahead: The Recipe To Accelerate Towards Utility-Scale Power Plant

  • Session details coming soon.

Andrew McKeran,Commercial Director - Marine & Offshore, Lloyd's Register
Simon Potter, Marine Discipline Manager, KBR
Thomas Choisnet , Chief Technology Officer, Ideol
Maurits Ornstein - Business Development Manager, SBM

Workshops & On Demand Content

October 1st - 3:30pm

Workshop: Planning for Success - Delivering Offshore Wind Projects in a Changing Market

  • Getting Started: exploring the key financial, legal and regulatory issues in the early stages of a project and examining the landscape for off-shore wind in a merchant / non-subsidy world
  • Pitfalls: how to avoid or deal with common issues that can arise at the outset of or during the operational phase of a project and lead to disputes
  • Risks and Opportunities: adapting to the changing face of offshore wind, discerning real life risks from the theoretical and exploring the opportunities for integration of hybrid renewable energy and storage systems

Hosted by DLA Piper

October 6th - 10:00am

Workshop: Installation, Maintenance and Repair

  • Cable installation, technology transfer versus innovation
  • Floating wind specific technologies, integration and management
  • Implications for maintenance and repair

Hosted by Osbit

On Demand: What’s going on with Floating Wind?

  • Market overview and data sets for Floating Wind in Europe and globally

Erik Rijkers, Director Market Development & Strategy, Quest FWE

Floating Wind Supply Chain Update

  • Overview of the supply chain costs and trends

Tom Whittle, Country Manager - Taiwan, Offshore Wind Consultants

On Demand: Offshore Wind in Brazil

  • The Asa Branca Project
  • Offshore wind market in Brazil
  • Legal and regulatory frame for offshore wind in Brazil

Marcello Storrer, CEO, Asa Branca

On Demand: Southeast Asia Energy Pipelines Through COVID & Beyond

  • Size of current and future projects and the market at large
  • Soluble PPA issues, and an overview of FiT vs Auctions
  • The key supply and demand points - opening up the opportunities in the region, who does what, how a European wind energy consortium can unlock it, and what political powers need to do too

Alastair Jackson, Energy Analyst, Greenpeace
Energy Analyst, Greenpeace

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