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The future of O&M and Asset Management for Solar PV

  • Understand how the role of O&M and asset management is changing within the European Market
  • Discuss the current standard quality and role of a O&M provider to ensure that you're up to date
  • Explore the ways in which the Solar PV industry is adapting to have an integrated and digitalized O&M and Asset Management.

Enerparc Stefan Mueller Co-founder and board member Enerparc

Quintas Energy Declan O'Halloran Managing Director Quintas Energy

Alectris Constantinos Peonides Commercial Director Alectris

Standardising O&M contracts and service models

  • Understand the pros and cons of different O&M service models, such as full-service, multicontract and self-service
  • Discuss the latest quality O&M is and how it has evolved in recent years with competition growth
  • Learn about which elements of O&M can be standardised and what how this can benefit you

PSH Operations Nicola Waters Managing Director PSH Operations

Strategize your O&M master plan: independence vs. subcontracting

  • Understand what it means to become O&M independent and how it could benefit your plant
  • Learn from companies that are O&M independent plants and how their site performance was affected
  • Explore which aspects of O&M services should still be contracted out, in order to retain optimization and profitability 

The Digitalized world of Solar PV

  • Understand how the future of the Solar industry is incorporating technologies to boost yields and be the leading source for Solar
  • Discover the different technologies and data driven solutions which are on the market that can help your portfolio 
  • Learn from industry leading asset owners on how they have implemented technologies into their portfolios

Manage and optimize your asset’s revenue over a lifetime

  • Explore the costs trends for projects over a life time to accurately forecast costs and manage cashflow
  • Understand the asset life cycles (30+ years) and how to adopt a long-term strategic approach to ensure productivity throughout
  • Learn how to ensure that project remains profitable over it's life time by investing at different moments throughout

Wise Energy Rebecca Carter Global Managing Director Wise Energy

Jinko Roberto Murgioni Head of Technical Serives and Product Management Jinko

Toucan Energy Sheeraz Naqvi Contracts Manager Toucan Energy

Solar + Storage, a viable future

  • Understand what funding, insurance and contractual mechanisms and structures can be used to project finance a solar + storage project.
  • Understand how to incorporate solar + storage into your assets to ensure productivity and profitability
  • Learn from case study's of Solar+Storage project developments, and how to introduce it to operational phases

Agere Infrastructure Verena Batschkus Executive Partner Agere Infrastructure

Renegotiating PPAs and subsidy free solar models

  • Understand the implications of a subside free model and how it prepare best for it
  • Learn the best ways to deliver a subsidy free project to ensure you maximize profit and reduce costs
  • Learn how to renegotiate your PPA agreements in order to get the best deal for your assets

Encavis Martin Scharrer Head of PPA origination Encavis

Create a portfolio from a diverse range of assets

  • Understand how to efficiently bring acquired assets with different technologies together into one portfolio
  • Understand the technologies and solutions available for managing a diverse portfolio
  • Discover way to centralizing operations to prevent downtime and boost output

Obton Robin Hirschl Technical Director Obton

Clere Saul Lazzarini Operations Manager Clere

3megawatt Edmee Kelsey CEO 3megawatt

Managing newly developed assets

  • Understand the main difficulties with managing newly developed assets to ensure that you have the right solutions at hand
  • Explore the different strategies required for different asset types to minimize downtime, and boost yields within the first year
  • Use data capture and analysis to drive overall performance optimization and ensure profitability

Glennmont Partners Jordi Francesch Head of Asset Management Glennmont Partners

Routes to performance optimization and profitability

  • Explore the viable options for profitability in the solar PV market in order to ensure your assets thrive
  • Learn about the KPIs that are used in the most successful performance models and how are they evaluated to implement them into your portfolios
  • Understand which new technologies and data tools can help ensure performance optimization on your plant


Repowering Strategies - Overcoming Commercial and Technical Challenges

  • Repowering a site - centrals to string, timeline, costs, downtime associated with the project and challenges.

Bifacial panels and invertor systems


Incorporate preventative and predictive maintenance into your portfolio


Integrate digitalisation and analytics to your assets


Digital and remote solar asset management


A business case for Solar + Storage


Improving quality and reliability of your data


On Demand Presentations

Raise standards with O&M Best practices


Working through a bottle necked supply chain


Manufacturing standardisation and product quality improvements


Manage onsite asset security


Tackling distributed energy and the grid


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