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The RFI agenda will connect projects and capital in a series of industry leading discussion. Built on the back of 30+ hours of research, for stakeholders, by stakeholders.

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  • September 27th - Open Day
  • Day One, September 28th: Road Mapping a Maturing Market
  • Day Two, September 29th: Finance Beyond Core Markets
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September 27th - Open Day

Keynote Panel: The Future of Sustainable Power Financing

  • Receive top thought leadership on where the industry is heading and what steps need to be taken, providing you with a roadmap informed by some of the biggest names in renewable financing and investment
  • Explore the macro trends such as taking wind & solar merchant, financing a hydrogen economy and more, stressing potential verticals for you to enter or expand into
  • Understand how integrating the corporate sector may be the best way to reach Net-0 goals and get renewable projects financed, and in operation quickly and effectively

Renewity Wendy Mayall Chair & Former CIO of LV and Unilever Renewity

Keynote Panel: Europe: A Power Market Post Green Deal?

  • Discover what renewed support will be made available over the years of recovery, allowing you to adjust your operations to markets with government guarantors. 
  • Receive clarity on new and existing policies, eradicating doubt and enabling you to manage your capital securely and profitably
  • Hear how the priorities of policymakers have shifted, positioning yourself to lead the pack when applying for auctions

Keynote Panel: US Renewables and the Biden Effect

  • Hear how the new administration will stray from the old and what opportunities this will open up for native and foreign investment
  • Come to terms with what federal support mechanisms will be in place and for how long, enabling you to structure finance for projects further down the pipeline
  • Witness best practices to raise tax equity in a depressed economy, to qualify for precious tax credits and save capital to reinvest

Day One, September 28th: Road Mapping a Maturing Market

Presentation: Power Prices - Moving Forward in the Roaring 20s

  • Attention to detail is critical, this session will reflect on the driving factors behind power prices and how these can be leveraged to inform future strategies
  • Hear from experts to understand whether we are in an energy depression or at the start of new trend, increasing your knowledge of what level of stability lies ahead

Panel: Are the Days of Traditional Project Finance Numbered?

  • Tune in to discuss whether the financing model born under subsidies is still useful or if a move from a one size fits all model is needed
  • Analyse how bonds and hedging are changing the game, enabling you to mitigate risks and pursue alternative financing strategies
  • Educate yourself on the flexible strategies being adopted to meet the varying requirements of funding energy transition solutions

Eversheds Sutherland Michelle Davies International Head of Clean Energy and Sustainability Eversheds Sutherland

Mainstream Renewable Power Paul Corrigan Chief Financial Officer Mainstream Renewable Power

Aviva Darryl Murphy Managing Director Aviva

Presentation: Going All In - Financing on a Full Equity Basis

  • Discuss the benefits of forgoing debt financing and the risks that might arise should you take this route
  • Learn to successfully adopt this model, enabling you to reduce return payments and maximise returns on a project
  • Understand how this model may work best in a merchant world, facilitating the sale of power at its highest price point

Panel: Widespread Merchant Projects - Operating Without Subsidies

  • Hear from the first movers of a merchant world and the lessons learnt from their first foray
  • Obtain valuable insights in project finance without a supported offtake, and what alternatives are available when it’s time for you to undertake merchant projects
  • Familiarise yourself with the risks, ensuring profitability over time

Presentation: Floating Wind - The Journey to Non-Recourse Finance

  • Listen to lender sentiments around lending on a purely non-recourse basis
  • Grasp what level of government support will be needed to support this transition, helping establish the risk profile
  • Highlight when we can expect to see the first commercial projects coming online

Natixis Stephane Dubos Managing Director, Head of EMEA Power & Renewables Industry Group Natixis

Panel: Lending Habits - Assessing Bank’s Appetite for Merchant Risk

  • After a turbulent year for financial institutions, learn how much merchant risk lenders are willing to tolerate during the amortisation schedule
  • Assess the priorities of these financiers and tailor your project financing to gain optimal terms
  • Understand the standards being implemented by lenders to effectively manage merchant risk, preparing you to meet these and ensuring a successful financing process

Natixis Max Pollock Executive Director, Infrastructure and Energy Finance, Coporate and Investment Banking Natixis

Panel: Entering the US Market

  • For new entrants looking to capitalise on the US renewable boom, this interactive discussion will layout a guide to foreign investment in this rapidly expanding market
  • Meet with experts who can help facilitate your transatlantic operations and forge partnerships
  • Hear how policy and regulatory support will impact your ability to expand or invest into this market

RT: Forecasting OPEX Costs to Tackle Dwindling Returns

  • In response to prolonged project lifespans, learn how long-term operations & maintenance costs can impact returns on your investments
  • Understand the risks presented by mismatching the technical lifetime with the financial
  • Familiarise yourself with the due diligence required, enabling an effortless project financing process

Day Two, September 29th: Finance Beyond Core Markets

Panel: Institutional Capital & Renewables - Bridging the Gap

  • Institutional investment in currently a minority portion of capital flowing into the market, understand why and how this needs to change
  • Hear from the institutions themselves, exploring what barriers exist to their entry and what can be done to lower them
  • Discover how to unlock huge pool of investment for your projects by removing this barrios and bridging the gap

Carlyle International Energy Partners Pooja Goyal Partner and Co-Head Infrastucture Group Carlyle International Energy Partners

Presentation: Transferring from Investors to Partners - A Case Study

  • Understand the benefits of institutional investors partnering with developers and taking a hands-on role in renewables
  • Explore the ways in which to best forge these coalitions, recycling valuable capital for reinvestment and opening a largely untapped market

Panel: Corporates - The Great Untapped Resource

  • Corporations are underutilised in offtake solutions, understand how their ESG requirements translate into profit for you
  • Explore how these complex deals can be made bankable through their structure, providing you a clear roadmap to an alternative offtake agreement
  • Engage with experienced corporate procurement teams to uncover invaluable stories that unlock previously hidden tips and tactics to initiate the direct sourcing of clean energy on scale

Microsoft Adrian Anderson Senior Director - Renewable Energy Procurement Microsoft

Presentation: Utilities: The New Market Place for Sustainable Energy

  • Discover how utilities are pivoting from purely a middleman to a service provider of the energy transition
  • Explore the vast array of strategies being implemented to aid you in investing in the right sustainable solutions

Duke Energy Chris Fallon President Duke Energy

Panel: Alternative Investments across the Energy Transition

  • Competition for wind & solar projects is fierce, join this session to explore new horizons opening across the energy transition to expand your portolfio
  • Understand the existing opportunities in ancillary services such as the grid and electric vehicles, broadening your investments to techs with larger returns
  • Explore the next generation of renewable energy technologies to cash in on the energy transition

JP Morgan Vincent Juvyns Executive Director JP Morgan

Blackstone Bilal Khan Senior Managing Director & Head of Power Blackstone

Energy Infrastructure Partners Tim Marahrens Co-Head Investments Energy Infrastructure Partners

Presentation: Emerging Markets - Crossing Continental Borders

  • Understand markets such as Africa & LATAM, which represent considerable number of people requiring energy, and how to expand into these areas
  • Discover the opportunities that emerging markets have to offer and what this means for your investment strategy
  • Learn from those driving forward energy infrastructure to navigate safely the risks of investing into a more turbulent market

Scatec Solar Mikkel Torrud CFO Scatec Solar

Presentation: Innovative Financing - Is Hydrogen Ripe for Early Movers?

  • Uncover how mid-market businesses are taking the initiative to procure clean energy, and how you stand to profit from this
  • Understand what criteria purchasing consortia must comply with to meet lender’s terms easing the future  debt financing
  • Study how to structure and mitigate price, volume and credit risk

BayWa r.e. Andrea Grotzke Global Director of Energy Solutions BayWa r.e.

Presentation: Case Study: Corporate Renewable Aggregation Group

  • With corporate giants being the predominant source of CPPAs, hear from the pioneering minds of those involved in this historic deal
  • Observe how the VPPA was structured and executed, providing you with a template for future agreements

RT: Corporate PPAs - Creating an Industry Practice Standard

  • Discuss lessons learnt from past agreements, what worked well and what needs to change
  • Unearth what enables lenders to lend on the back of a CPPA
  • Streamline the complexities of existing structures

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