Providing Business-Critical, Actionable Insights

11:00am – 11:45am (ET)

Sustainability Transition Keynote: Reimagining the Business for Future Success

Sustainability is critical to every aspect of the business, and the businesses that do not realize that are jeopardizing their business survival. Business models need to be rethought, restructured and every area of the business needs to be on board with the sustainability transition. In our opening keynote, understand how the sustainability transition is finally upon us, what that means for your business, plus how companies are embracing and seizing this opportunity.

Andrew Kassoy Co-Founder and CEO B Lab

Steve Fechheimer CEO New Belgium Brewing

Mindy Lubber CEO Ceres

MODERATOR: Christine Diamente Managing Director, Business Transformation BSR

11:45am – 12:00pm (ET)

In partnership with: Guidehouse - Logo

Mobilizing Suppliers to Lead the Climate Transition

Supply chain greenhouse gas reductions are essential to slowing climate change, as they contain some of the most significant and difficult-to-reduce emissions. While organizations across the world are making bold commitments to curb climate change on a science-based pathway, many struggle to deliver progress, and the “Decisive Decade” clock is ticking. Join us to hear from Guidehouse and Mars about the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition (S-LoCT) collaborative launched this year with PepsiCo and McCormick. S-LoCT guides suppliers on the journey from GHG footprinting, science-based target setting, and scaling up emissions mitigation activities.

Britt Harter Sustainability and Large Corporates Lead (NA) Guidehouse

Luc Beerens Global Sustainable Sourcing Director Mars

12:00pm – 12:45pm (ET)

In partnership with: SilviaTerra - Logo

Biodiversity Keynote: The Win-Win of a Regenerative Business Model

The role nature plays in helping tackle the climate crisis is now further in the mainstream. Companies need to take a holistic look at its impacts, risks, and opportunities, to understand its current and future dependence on nature. This comes through a quantified, integrated and solution-led business strategy.

Andrea Álvares Chief Brand, Innovation, International and Sustainability Officer Natura

Zack Parisa CEO SilviaTerra

Helen Crowley Head of Sustainable Initiatives Kering

MODERATOR: Mark Gough CEO Capitals Coalition

12:45pm – 1:15pm (ET)

A Regenerative Business: The Case for Protecting Nature

From forestry loss and land degradation, to water pollution and biodiversity damage, business needs to step up and make these issues a priority. Join us as we explore what a regenerative business looks like and how this strategy can be commercially viable.

Lisa Morden Vice President of Safety, Sustainability & Occupational Health Kimberly-Clark

Jane Ewing SVP, Sustainability Walmart

MODERATOR: Wai-Chan Chan Managing Director Consumer Goods Forum

1:15pm – 2:00pm (ET)

In partnership with: Schneider Electric - Logo

Net-Zero Keynote: Developing an Innovative Roadmap to Decarbonization

Companies are tasked with setting more ambitious targets to accelerate the delivery of a net-zero economy. With much of a company’s impact in the supply chain, there is an increased focus on Scope 3 emissions. Hear how companies are embracing this challenge and delivering innovative and agile approaches to tackle these

Joey Bergstein CEO Seventh Generation

Julia Collins CEO & Founder Planet FWD

Elizabeth Sturcken Managing Director EDF+Business

MODERATOR: Elin Olson Senior Sustainability Consultant Schneider Electric

2:00pm – 2:15pm (ET)


2:15pm – 3:00pm (ET)

Engaging the Workforce to be Agents of Change

The past couple of years has seen a big uplift in employees’ willingness to live more sustainable lives. However, the biggest impacts are not found by removing plastic cups and cutlery from the canteen. In this session we will cover the innovative and effective changes being made to engage and empower employees to really own this challenge ahead, believe they can be part of the solution and drive change across the business.

Andrea Flynn Vice President, Strategy, Governance and Citizenship; Global Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability Estée Lauder Companies

Hugh Welsh President DSM North America

Marcos Eloi Chief Procurement Officer Kraft Heinz

MODERATOR: Bill Weihl Founder ClimateVoice

3:00pm – 3:15pm (ET)

Jon Foley in Conversation with Reuters on Scaling Proven Climate Solutions

As Project Drawdown denots,'more solutions are needed and emerging, but there is no reason—or time—to wait on innovation. Now is better than new, and society is well equipped for transformation today.' Jonathan Foley, Executive Director of Project Drawdown, speaks about the importance of rapidly scaling proven climate solutions – and avoiding the temptation of assuming that untested technologies will ride to our rescue.

Jon Foley Executive Director Project Drawdown

Matthew Green Climate Correspondent Reuters News

3:15pm – 4:00pm (ET)

Conscious Consumerism: How Corporate Brands are Rising to the Challenge

Marketing and Communications was once synonymous with the dark arts and in some instances greenwashing. But, with the influence of the ‘conscious consumer’ continuing to grow, and public, investor and employee pressure becoming increasingly more important, companies’ communications and branding departments have a big role to demonstrate real impacts and change. Hear how these companies are leveraging their marketing and branding influence to bring the conscious consumers on their journey of the sustainable transition, whilst also aiding a more general shift in people’s attitudes and practices. 

Amy Smith Chief Strategy and Impact Officer TOMS

Ann Tracy Chief Sustainability Officer Colgate Palmolive

Cyrus Wadia Head of Sustainable Products Amazon

Paul Snyder Executive Vice President, Stewardship Tillamook County Creamery Association

Moderator: Christine Diamente Managing Director, Business Transformation BSR

11:00am – 12:00pm (ET)

Circular Economy Keynote: Scaling up Circular Ambitions

Circularity is arguably the base on which to solve climate issues. Consumers are changing their behavior and products now need to fit sustainability standards to match with consumers expectations. There is a need to redesign products to be sustainable and affordable. To fully implement circular principles requires a complete transformation of the existing system, and collaboration with a vast range of teams. Learn how to scale up existing operations and start to make circularity the norm.

Javier Quiñones CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer IKEA USA

Jeff Hogue Chief Sustainability Officer Levi Strauss & Co

Eileen Fisher Founder Eileen Fisher

Tony Milikin Chief Sustainability and Procurement Officer AB InBev

Moderator: Ashima Sukhdev Programs Lead – North America Ellen Macarthur Foundation

12:00pm – 12:30pm (ET)

In partnership with: The Recycling Partnership - Logo

What’s Your Plastic IQ? Unveiling a Free Circularity Tool to Inform Your Plastic Packaging Strategy

The challenge of plastic waste is too big to ignore and too difficult to solve alone. In the U.S., companies are committing to transformative actions and uniting behind common measurable goals. However efforts fall short of science-based targets, with current commitments only reducing ocean plastic pollution by 7%. This session will address the challenges and opportunities around plastics packaging and unveil a science-backed tool that will help guide decision makers reduce plastic waste and reach their circularity goals.

Keefe Harrison CEO The Recycling Partnership

Sarah Dearman ‎Vice President of Circular Ventures The Recycling Partnership

Ben Dixon Partner SYSTEMIQ

Jane Ewing SVP, Sustainability Walmart

MODERATOR: Erin Hiatt Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

12:30pm – 1:15pm (ET)

Integrating Your Circular Plans into Your Climate Strategy

As the calls to move towards a circular model continue to grow and with an ever-increasing range of options available to facilitate a shift away from the linear system. In the forms of ‘product as a service’, rental, repair, and resale – how can you gauge the positive effects of circularity on the climate and in line with your net zero goals? Hear how leaders in this field are measuring and reporting on environmental impact and carbon emissions and integrating their circular strategies into climate.

Halide Alagöz Chief Product and Sustainability Officer Ralph Lauren

Sophie Beckham Chief Sustainability Officer International Paper

Garry Cooper CEO Rheaply

MODERATOR: Kristen Lang Company Network Senior Program Director Ceres

1:15pm – 1:30pm (ET)

In partnership with: The Metals Company - Logo

De-Risking the Clean Energy Transition

Ensuring the critical supply of battery metals is essential to the transition from internal combustion engines to EVs but various obstacles lie in the road ahead. A lack of new discoveries means shortages of key metals like nickel and copper are expected by 2025, and rising costs undermine cost-cutting efforts necessary for mass adoption, while the growing impact footprint of conventional metal production threatens both planet and people. The Metals Company has found a better way and will enable the battery-powered shift to EVs with the lightest planetary touch to kickstart a circular-resource economy.

Gerard Barron CEO The Metals Company

1:30pm – 2:00pm (ET)

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Keynote: Delivering Meaningful Change

The spotlight going into 2021 has firmly been set on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, with those without a well-thought-out strategy scrambling to put one in place. Companies need to educate employees and re-think recruitment processes, but that will not go far enough towards ensuring equality. What can business and industry do to ensure a more just and equal society?

Ronald Copeland, M.D., F.A.C.S. Senior Vice President & Chief Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Officer Kaiser Permanente

Amit Bouri Chief Executive Officer Global Impact Investment Network

MODERATOR: L. Simone Washington Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion BSR

2:00pm – 2:15pm (ET)


2:15pm – 3:00pm (ET)

Empowering and Engaging Suppliers to help Deliver a Net-Zero Business

For many industries, the most challenging area in delivering the Net-Zero transition is the need to decarbonize supply chains. Join senior business leaders to learn how companies are prioritizing, engaging, and empowering different areas of their supply chain to help deliver meaningful decarbonization impact both now and in the coming years.

Marc De Schutter Head of Cycles & Procurement Danone North America

Caitlin Leibert Head of Sustianability Chipotle

MODERATOR: Steve Schmida Chief Innovation Officer and Founder Resonance Global

3:00pm – 3:15pm (ET)

Deforestation in the Supply Chain: The Challenge Companies Can No Longer Ignore

As regulators and customers turn up the heat over embedded deforestation in corporate supply chains, Rainforest Alliance’s Nigel Sizer talks to Terry Slavin about why offsetting should only be a last resort for companies on the road to net-zero. He explains how companies need to establish closer relationships with farmers to ensure forest-positive outcomes, and why biodiversity loss may be even an even bigger risk to life on the planet than climate change.

Nigel Sizer Chief Global Alliances Officer Rainforest Alliance

Terry Slavin Editor In Chief Reuters Events Sustainable Business

3:15pm – 4:00pm (ET)

Closing Keynote: Putting Your Sustainability Pledges into Practice – Road Mapping for the Decade of Action

Your net-zero announcements have been made, climate goals have been set, and now the real hard work begins. You need to make an effective decarbonization roadmap that stands up to scrutiny and will deliver against reduction targets in the next 1-3 years’, 5-10 years’ time…all the way to becoming a net zero business. From Scope 3 suppliers and the manufacturing process to transportation and buildings. Hear innovative new approaches to deliver action across the value chain and transform their business on to a sustainable, net-zero footing – from investments in new technologies and infrastructure to identify pre-competitive collaboration opportunities with industry peers and out of industry partners.

Kate Brandt Chief Sustainability Officer Google

Marc Engel Chief Supply Chain Officer Unilever

Rahquel Purcell Chief Operations Officer L’Oréal USA

Moderator: Euan Murray CEO The Sustainability Consortium

Roundtable · May 4th · 4:30pm – 5:30pm (ET)

Increasing Business Resilience Through More Localized Supply Chains

2020 demonstrated the need to rethink and build greater resilience within business operations. For many, this resulted in a more localized supply chain. Businesses need to assess their place in long vulnerable supply chains. Hear how you can strike the right balance between localization, competitiveness, and responsibility to current suppliers and communities.

Host: Carmel Giblin CEO Ethical Toy

Roundtable · May 5th · 2:30pm – 3:30pm (ET)

Supply Chain Strategy: Addressing Scope 3 Emissions

Scope 3 emissions remain the biggest challenge for companies reaching their net zero ambitions, with traceability, accountability and supplier engagement continuing to be very difficult on a global scale. Do we need to completely reassess our approach to supply chain management, where its built around greater transparency, collaboration, and support? Hear from companies that are taking a renewed approach to their supply chain and find out how they are addressing Scope 3 emissions.

Host: Julia Silberman Associate Director, Corporate Engagement CDP North America