C-Suite Leaders and Forward Thinkers that are Driving Change in Some of the Most Transformational Companies in North America

Javier Quiñones - Headshot

Javier Quiñones CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer IKEA USA

Eileen Fisher - Headshot
Eileen Fisher - Logo

Eileen Fisher Founder Eileen Fisher

Kate Brandt - Headshot
Google - Logo

Kate Brandt Chief Sustainability Officer Google

Jeff Hogue - Headshot
Levi Strauss & Co - Logo

Jeff Hogue Chief Sustainability Officer Levi Strauss & Co

Andrew Kassoy - Headshot
B Lab - Logo

Andrew Kassoy Co-Founder and CEO B Lab

Julia Collins - Headshot
Planet FWD - Logo

Julia Collins CEO & Founder Planet FWD

Steve Fechheimer - Headshot
New Belgium Brewing - Logo

Steve Fechheimer CEO New Belgium Brewing

Marc Engel - Headshot
Unilever - Logo

Marc Engel Chief Supply Chain Officer Unilever

Sophie Beckham - Headshot
International Paper - Logo

Sophie Beckham Chief Sustainability Officer International Paper

Elizabeth Sturcken - Headshot
EDF+Business - Logo

Elizabeth Sturcken Managing Director EDF+Business

Andrea Álvares - Headshot
Natura - Logo

Andrea Álvares Chief Brand, Innovation, International and Sustainability Officer Natura

Mindy Lubber - Headshot
Ceres - Logo

Mindy Lubber CEO Ceres

Tony Milikin - Headshot
AB InBev - Logo

Tony Milikin Chief Sustainability and Procurement Officer AB InBev

Jon Foley - Headshot
Project Drawdown - Logo

Jon Foley Executive Director Project Drawdown

Andrea Flynn - Headshot
Estée Lauder Companies - Logo

Andrea Flynn Vice President, Strategy, Governance and Citizenship; Global Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability Estée Lauder Companies

Ronald Copeland, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Headshot
Kaiser Permanente - Logo

Ronald Copeland, M.D., F.A.C.S. Senior Vice President & Chief Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Officer Kaiser Permanente

Ann Tracy - Headshot
Colgate Palmolive - Logo

Ann Tracy Chief Sustainability Officer Colgate Palmolive

Rahquel Purcell - Headshot
L’Oréal USA - Logo

Rahquel Purcell Chief Operations Officer L’Oréal USA

Halide Alagöz - Headshot
Ralph Lauren - Logo

Halide Alagöz Chief Product and Sustainability Officer Ralph Lauren

Joey Bergstein - Headshot
Seventh Generation - Logo

Joey Bergstein CEO Seventh Generation

Marcos Eloi - Headshot
Kraft Heinz - Logo

Marcos Eloi Chief Procurement Officer Kraft Heinz

Hugh Welsh - Headshot
DSM North America - Logo

Hugh Welsh President DSM North America

Amy Smith - Headshot
TOMS - Logo

Amy Smith Chief Strategy and Impact Officer TOMS

Jane Ewing - Headshot
Walmart - Logo

Jane Ewing SVP, Sustainability Walmart

Marc De Schutter - Headshot
Danone North America - Logo

Marc De Schutter Head of Cycles & Procurement Danone North America

Lisa Morden - Headshot
Kimberly-Clark - Logo

Lisa Morden Vice President of Safety, Sustainability & Occupational Health Kimberly-Clark

Ateli Iyalla - Headshot
CDP - Logo

Ateli Iyalla Head of North America CDP

Bill Weihl - Headshot
ClimateVoice - Logo

Bill Weihl Founder ClimateVoice

Euan Murray - Headshot
The Sustainability Consortium - Logo

Euan Murray CEO The Sustainability Consortium

Christine Diamente - Headshot
 - Logo

Christine Diamente Managing Director, Business Transformation BSR

Matthew Green - Headshot
Reuters News - Logo

Matthew Green Climate Correspondent Reuters News

Amit Bouri - Headshot
Global Impact Investment Network - Logo

Amit Bouri Chief Executive Officer Global Impact Investment Network

Elin Olson - Headshot
Schneider Electric - Logo

Elin Olson Senior Sustainability Consultant Schneider Electric

Mark Gough - Headshot
Capitals Coalition - Logo

Mark Gough CEO Capitals Coalition

L. Simone Washington - Headshot
BSR - Logo

L. Simone Washington Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion BSR

Zack Parisa - Headshot
SilviaTerra - Logo

Zack Parisa CEO SilviaTerra

Garry Cooper - Headshot
Rheaply - Logo

Garry Cooper CEO Rheaply

Wai-Chan Chan - Headshot
Consumer Goods Forum - Logo

Wai-Chan Chan Managing Director Consumer Goods Forum

Cyrus Wadia - Headshot
Amazon - Logo

Cyrus Wadia Head of Sustainable Products Amazon

Gerard Barron - Headshot
The Metals Company - Logo

Gerard Barron CEO The Metals Company

Kristen Lang - Headshot
Ceres - Logo

Kristen Lang Company Network Senior Program Director Ceres

Steve Schmida - Headshot
Resonance Global - Logo

Steve Schmida Chief Innovation Officer and Founder Resonance Global

Caitlin Leibert - Headshot
Chipotle - Logo

Caitlin Leibert Head of Sustianability Chipotle

Ben Dixon - Headshot

Ben Dixon Partner SYSTEMIQ

Sarah Dearman - Headshot
The Recycling Partnership - Logo

Sarah Dearman ‎Vice President of Circular Ventures The Recycling Partnership

Ignacio Gavilan - Headshot
Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) - Logo

Ignacio Gavilan Environmental Sustainability Director Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)

Ashima Sukhdev - Headshot
Ellen Macarthur Foundation - Logo

Ashima Sukhdev Programs Lead – North America Ellen Macarthur Foundation

Britt Harter - Headshot
Guidehouse - Logo

Britt Harter Sustainability and Large Corporates Lead (NA) Guidehouse

Luc Beerens - Headshot
Mars - Logo

Luc Beerens Global Sustainable Sourcing Director Mars

Erin Hiatt - Headshot
Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) - Logo

Erin Hiatt Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

Nigel Sizer - Headshot
Rainforest Alliance - Logo

Nigel Sizer Chief Global Alliances Officer Rainforest Alliance

Terry Slavin - Headshot
Reuters Events Sustainable Business - Logo

Terry Slavin Editor In Chief Reuters Events Sustainable Business

Helen Crowley - Headshot
Kering  - Logo

Helen Crowley Head of Sustainable Initiatives Kering

Keefe Harrison - Headshot
The Recycling Partnership - Logo

Keefe Harrison CEO The Recycling Partnership

Paul Snyder - Headshot
Tillamook County Creamery Association - Logo

Paul Snyder Executive Vice President, Stewardship Tillamook County Creamery Association

Carmel Giblin - Headshot
Ethical Toy - Logo

Carmel Giblin CEO Ethical Toy

Julia Silberman - Headshot
CDP North America - Logo

Julia Silberman Associate Director, Corporate Engagement CDP North America