Leaders confirmed to join us in November

Juvencio Maeztu - Headshot
Ingka Holding - Logo

Juvencio Maeztu Deputy CEO, Management Board Member and Chief Financial Officer Ingka Holding

Dave Ingram - Headshot
Unilever - Logo

Dave Ingram Chief Procurement Officer Unilever

Cristina Kenz - Headshot
Kraft Heinz - Logo

Cristina Kenz Chief Sustainability & Growth Officer Kraft Heinz

Steve Murrells - Headshot
Co-op - Logo

Steve Murrells CEO Co-op

Chris Daly - Headshot
PepsiCo Europe - Logo

Chris Daly Chief Sustainability Officer PepsiCo Europe

Vanessa Wright - Headshot
Pernod Ricard - Logo

Vanessa Wright Chief Sustainability Officer Pernod Ricard

Jim Townsend - Headshot
Walgreens Boots Alliance - Logo

Jim Townsend Chief Procurement Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance

Miguel Veiga-Pestana - Headshot
Reckitt - Logo

Miguel Veiga-Pestana Head of Corporate Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer Reckitt

Juliette White CBE - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Juliette White CBE Global Vice President, Sustainability AstraZeneca

Rachel Samrén - Headshot
Telia Company AB - Logo

Rachel Samrén Chief External Affairs, Governance and Trust Officer Telia Company AB

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer - Headshot
Carlsberg Group - Logo

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer Senior Director of Sustainability Carlsberg Group

Maria Mendulice - Headshot
We Mean Business - Logo

Maria Mendulice CEO We Mean Business

Catherine Howarth - Headshot
Share Action - Logo

Catherine Howarth Chief Executive Share Action

Ignacio Galivan - Headshot
Consumer Goods Forum - Logo

Ignacio Galivan Sustainability Director Consumer Goods Forum

Mark Griffiths - Headshot
WWF - Logo

Mark Griffiths Global Leader Climate Business Hub WWF

Ruth Rennie - Headshot
Rainforest Alliance - Logo

Ruth Rennie Senior Director, Standards & Assurance Rainforest Alliance

Sak Nayagam - Headshot
3Degrees - Logo

Sak Nayagam Senior Director, Energy and Climate Practice 3Degrees

Christine Diamente - Headshot
BSR - Logo

Christine Diamente Managing Director, Business Transformation BSR

Aris Vrettos - Headshot
CISL - Logo

Aris Vrettos Director, Centre for Business Transformation CISL

Mark Gough - Headshot
Capitals Coalition - Logo

Mark Gough CEO Capitals Coalition

Marcelo Behar - Headshot
Natura & Co - Logo

Marcelo Behar Vice President of Sustainability and Group Affairs Natura & Co

Sandra Schoonhoven - Headshot
ING - Logo

Sandra Schoonhoven Head of Global Sustainability ING

Leyla Ertur - Headshot
H&M Group - Logo

Leyla Ertur Head of Sustainability H&M Group

Helene Valade - Headshot
LVMH - Logo

Helene Valade Group Environmental Development Director LVMH

Sander Defruyt - Headshot
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Logo

Sander Defruyt New Plastics Economy initiative The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Maria Virginia Dundas - Headshot
Orsted - Logo

Maria Virginia Dundas Head of Strategic Environment Programme, Global Sustainability Orsted

Renata Scofield - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Renata Scofield Global Senior Director, Environmental Stewardship GSK

Aleix Busquets Gonzalez - Headshot
C&A - Logo

Aleix Busquets Gonzalez Global Director Sustainability C&A

Ulrike Decoene - Headshot
AXA - Logo

Ulrike Decoene Group Chief Communication, Brand and Sustainability Officer AXA

Anna Kruip - Headshot
UN Global Compact - Logo

Anna Kruip Manager, Environment and Climate UN Global Compact

Martin Baxter - Headshot
IEMA - Logo

Martin Baxter Director of Policy and External Affairs IEMA

David Wei - Headshot
BSR - Logo

David Wei Managing Director BSR

Anna Stanley - Headshot
WBCSD - Logo

Anna Stanley Manager, Climate Action WBCSD

Hannah Pathak - Headshot
Forum for the Future - Logo

Hannah Pathak Director, UK and Europe Forum for the Future

Inari Seppa - Headshot
Eastman - Logo

Inari Seppa Technology Innovation Director Eastman

David McGinty - Headshot
WRI  - Logo

David McGinty Global Director of the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) WRI

Sarah Mukherjee MBE  - Headshot
IEMA - Logo

Sarah Mukherjee MBE CEO IEMA

John Cant - Headshot
Diageo - Logo

John Cant Sustainable Solutions Lead Diageo

Erin Leitheiser - Headshot
BSR - Logo

Erin Leitheiser Manager, Climate BSR

Sarah Teacher - Headshot
Impact Investing Institue - Logo

Sarah Teacher Executive Director Impact Investing Institue

Bettina Reinboth - Headshot
PRI - Logo

Bettina Reinboth Director of Human Rights and Social Issues PRI

Terry Slavin - Headshot
Reuters Events - Logo

Terry Slavin Editor In Chief, Sustianable Business Reuters Events

We are still recruiting speakers for this year! If you would be interested in speaking at Transform Europe, contact Alexia Croft at alexia.croft@thomsonreuters.com

Here are some leaders that have recently joined us at Transform: