Demonstrate Leadership and Partner with Utility Executives

  • 3,000+Attendees
  • 65%Carrier attendance
  • 70%Decision makers
  • 1-2-1Networking
  • 2+Days of networking

Gain Unprecedented Exposure, Brand Alignment and Thought Leadership

Reuters Events Utility Transition program unites leaders and change makers from across the energy, business and government ecosystems to shed light on the defining issue of our time and help companies meet a uniquely difficult challenge.

Align with the world’s leading Utility Transition program, connect with 3,000+ senior decision makers and deliver on your net zero strategy.

Why Partner with Reuters Events: Utility Transition?

Brand Awareness

Timing will be everything if you are to stay on the right side of the transition. Build trust and develop your brands voice to educate your community about the future of energy, the climate and carbon reduction

Thought Leadership

Who will be the new disruptors and who will hold their share? The future energy systems will mark a radical overhaul of the current energy business ecosystem; where will you place yourself?


How can we deliver effective climate solutions to market? Move beyond rhetoric, turn net-zero targets into net-zero solutions and secure your share of the future energy ecosystem

Lead Generation

We are at an Utility Transition tipping point. Build partnerships, collaborate and generate leads from the energy companies of today to ensure that you will be one of the energy companies of tomorrow.

Deliver on your marketing and business development objects with value-driven thought leadership and lead generation packages


Exclusively sponsor live webinars on a topic area chosen by you, with global reach across Reuters Events platforms


Showcase your thought leadership through a collaborative whitepaper with Reuters events. Leverage our networks to promote your news


Be a part of the solution and deliver industry the facts and statistics they need.

Virtual workshops

Secure exclusive access to a targeted group of attendees, all with vested interest in your company offering


Leverage our global, European and North American Utility Transition Summits throughout 2021 to deliver your end-of year objectives and set the tone for transition in 2021

Branding & Partnership

Gain increased visibility for your brand through partnering with Reuters Events and demonstrate your commitment to the Utility Transition

Uniting Leaders to Deliver the Utility of the Future

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Chief Transmission Officer
  • Chief Architect
  • EVP Power Systems
  • VP Digital Integration
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Chief Information Officer
  • VP Grid Integration
  • VP Data Analytics
  • Head of Digital

What can you expect when you sponsor

  • Your brand in front of your prospects: We will work with you to get your brand in front of the prospects and clients that can transform your business and position you as a key element of their net zero strategy
  • Be seen as a thought-leader: With hundreds of energy leaders signing up for our virtual events, your company can be seen as a thought-leader in the space. Whether that be via a panel session, presentation or interactive workshop.
  • Showcase your solutions: More than ever, energy needs solutions and with the Virtual Exhibition you can share product brochures, the latest research and business cards with prospects who need you.
  • Kickstart sales cycles: Whether that be “cold” prospects or old acquaintances, the Networking at a Reuters Events Summit will enable you set up meetings with energy leaders and accelerate your business development efforts.

One-to-one Meeting and Networking Service

Connect with 3,000+ industry leaders and potential new partners through a dedicated digital meetings platform.

Our meeting platform enables you to search by industry needs, identify clients who are looking for relevant solutions, and set-up meetings directly.

Our video-conference meeting service allows you to continue to do business, and reach clients even when working from home.

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