Supply Chains

How governments are giving to nature with one hand and financing extinction with the other

Christine Allen, (Dec 20, 2021)

COMMENT: Christine Allen of Cafod and Beccy Speight of the RSPB highlight how state-owned development finance agencies, such as the UK's CDC Group, are undermining international goals to solve the triple threat of climate change, nature and poverty

‘Will we see revenge consumption or a new frugality post Covid19?'

Fabian Echegaray, (Sep 28, 2021)

Analysis: In a new book, Fabián Echegaray and Philip Vergragt assess how pandemic-led changes to consumption and social behaviour will affect the transition to more sustainable lifestyles

Big food companies ‘failing dismally’ on both climate and human rights

Terry Slavin, (Sep 27, 2021)

Terry Slavin reports on the findings of the World Benchmarking Alliance’s first assessment of how the world’s biggest food producers, restaurants and retailers are performing on the SDGs

'As the climate crisis intensifies, violence against environmental defenders is on the rise'

Terry Slavin, (Sep 13, 2021)

Comment: Mining and logging were the deadliest sectors for activists seeking to protect their land and our planet in 2020, says Jago Wadley of Global Witness

Cities in front line of battle to cut emissions from buildings in U.S.

Sarah LaBrecque, (Sep 12, 2021)

With President Biden’s American Jobs Plan failing to deliver as promised, Sarah LaBrecque reports on how cities like Cincinnati are taking the lead on mitigating and adapting to climate change

Narrowing the funding gap for female entrepreneurs

Susann Tischendorf, (Aug 21, 2021)

COMMENT: The World Bank estimates that the gender finance difference is $1.7tn. One of the best ways to tackle this is to invest in funds that invest in women-led enterprises, writes Susann Tischendorf of iBAN

Brand Watch 1: One step forward, three back in fashion industry’s sustainability ‘journey’

Oliver Balch, (Jul 26, 2021)

In the first part of his monthly column, Oliver Balch looks at a series of damning reports on a sector that is trying to play up its green efforts, from plastics content to human rights

‘We must rise to the biggest economic challenge of our times: creating good jobs for everyone'

Dr. Nouriel Roubini and Anand Ramachandran, (Jul 15, 2021)

Comment: Dr. Nouriel Roubini and Anand Ramachandran argue that companies have a responsibility to ensure workers in their supply chains are paid a living wage

Businesses that prioritise social value will thrive as we build back better

Steve Butterworth, (Jun 21, 2021)

COMMENT: Steve Butterworth, CEO of Neighbourly, argues the case for localisation as a means to both recover from the pandemic and reduce the inequalities it exposed

To grow climate-smart agriculture, start by educating girls

Mark Hillsdon, (May 30, 2021)

Mark Hillsdon reports on how Zimbabwean farming pioneer Esnath Divasoni is championing the Campaign for Female Education

Brand Watch: Xinjiang forced labour allegations put brands and investors in hot seat

Oliver Balch, (Apr 28, 2021)

In contrast to their positioning on climate action, companies are struggling to get on the front foot with human rights risk, Oliver Balch reports

‘Tony’s Chocolonely deserves support for tackling the complexity of combatting forced labour’

Didier Bergeret, (Mar 24, 2021)

COMMENT: Didier Bergeret of the Consumer Goods Forum says the ethical confectionery company's transparent efforts to eradicate modern slavery are worth applause rather than brickbats

Finding the keys to unlock the potential of female entrepreneurs

Marianna Mamou, (Mar 8, 2021)

Comment: Marianna Mamou of UBS Global Wealth Management says in order to address the fact that only 2% of startup funding goes to women-led ventures, we first have to understand what’s causing the dearth of funding

Why rewarding companies that pay their fair share of tax is going global

Harriet Lamb, (Feb 25, 2021)

COMMENT: With Covid exacerbating poverty and trade inequality, many more companies should join the likes of SSE, Co-op, and Lush in adopting the Fair Tax Mark, says Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb

Polman: 'Amid rising vaccine nationalism, WTO's new director-general can't come quick enough'

Paul Polman, (Feb 15, 2021)

COMMENT: Many challenges await the global trade body’s new chair Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, but her appointment is a cause for celebration, writes Paul Polman

Three ways companies can become more inclusive in 2021

Susann Tischendorf and Alexandra Harris, (Jan 14, 2021)

Susann Tischendorf and Alexandra Harris of the Inclusive Business Action Network advise how businesses can respond to growing consumer demands to embed equality in how they operate

Investing in solutions to the growing problem of female homelessness

Keith Breslauer, (Dec 18, 2020)

COMMENT: Patron Capital’s managing director Keith Breslauer says impact investment vehicles that tackle challenging social issues while providing decent financial returns to institutional investors are key to post-pandemic recovery

‘The meat industry’s failure to protect workers at their time of greatest hazard will hurt us all’

Felicitas Weber, (Oct 19, 2020)

Comment: Felicitas Weber, project director at KnowTheChain, says its latest human rights benchmark exposes an epidemic of ill treatment, with suppliers to brands including McDonald's, Burger King and Walmart among the worst performers, in stark contrast to how they are rewarding shareholders

CBI calls for urgent action to tackle white male syndrome

Terry Slavin, (Oct 7, 2020)

With only 37% of FTSE 100 boards having any ethnic minority representation, and women faring little better, leading UK businesses have launched a campaign to scale up diversity and inclusion

Why diverse suppliers hold the key to business resilience

James Richens, (Oct 6, 2020)

While tightened budgets due to Covid-19 are causing some companies to row back on diversity and inclusion initiatives, some are reaping long term benefits by extending their programmes beyond their own workforces, reports James Richens